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How to Clean Bird Cage with Bird Inside

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how to clean bird cage with bird inside

There are a lot of benefits to keeping a bird in the house, but it also comes with so many responsibilities, including maintaining and cleaning the bird cage. A clean cage and accessories can make the bird happy and healthy. But the biggest challenge is cleaning the bird cage with the bird still inside.

The bird can often stay in the cage during the cleaning and maintenance not unless you are doing general cleaning or the bird is considered a flight risk. So, this article will give you tips on how to clean a bird cage with a bird inside easily.


Always Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning a bird cage with the bird inside the cage is not a problem, but it also depends on the type of cleaning you are doing. I have been following a schedule that requires me to clean the bird cage regularly. Meaning, there is a type of cleaning that can be done daily, weekly, and even monthly.

The table below shows a sample of a cleaning schedule that can be done to maximize the cleaning of the bird cage. This step is to ensure that the cage is properly clean and regularly maintained for the benefit of your pets.

Schedule Type of Cleaning
  • Liner Replacement
  • Cleaning Bowls and Dishes
  • Sweeping and Vacuuming Dirt
  • Extensive Cleaning
  • Disinfection and Scrubbing of All Accessories
  • Cleaning the Surfaces
  • Deep Disinfection

There are cleaning activities where the birds will not be removed inside the cage, such as liner replacement and cleaning bowls and dishes. It will be better to make your bird safe and remove it from the cage for cleaning that requires disinfection.

How to Keep a Bird Cage Clean

how to keep a bird cage clean

To keep a bird cage clean, there are several cleaning activities that you can do to your cage to keep it properly maintained and clean. Please see below:

Cleaning Out the Dishes

One cleaning activity that you can do on a regular basis is cleaning out the dishes. The food and water dishes must be clean daily. But what is safe to clean bird cages with? Using hot water and harmless cleaning soap is secure and can be used for this cleaning activity.

You can rinse the dishes before lathering with soap. Then, you can rinse the soap off under the hot water to maximize the cleaning. Once the bowls and dishes are clean, use a clean towel to dry thoroughly.

It is highly recommended to use dishes that are dishwasher safe. If you are using a dishwasher, you need to make sure that your dish is safe before using the dishwasher to clean it. It is also essential to use pet-friendly detergents and soaps, which are usually available in a pet store.

Another recommendation that I can give to make it easier for you to clean the bowls and dishes is to maintain two or three sets of dishes in your position. This action will allow you to easily replace the dirty bowls and dishes and minimize the constant daily cleaning if you do not have the time to clean it at that frequency.

Cleaning the Bird Cage Accessories

If you are using a birdbath, toys, ladders, swings, and other toys, you will also need to clean it regularly. Cleaning the accessories is basically the same as cleaning the bowls and dishes. If there are perches in the cage, you can scrape the droppings and then rotate them to make sure that the perches wear evenly.

If you are putting new toys, you can consider moving them around to give birds different views and variety that helps stimulate the birds.

Changing the Liner

changing the liner cages

It is highly recommended to change the bird cage liner every day. You can use old newspapers and those paper linings bought in the pet stores as an excellent material for your cage. These types of linings are safe, affordable, and can be easily checked for the presence of droppings.

You can remove the old liner completely using a damp rag or sponge when cleaning. This step will remove the paper that sticks on the surface. You can place the new paper lining down in several thin layers. These paper linings must be free from colored ink since they can be toxic to birds.

It is recommended to have at least seven layers of paper down to scratch and absorb all the debris and droppings.

Cleaning the Surrounding Area of the Cage

cleaning the surrounding cage

You can also clean the surrounding area of the cage by sweeping all the dirt. This dirt includes food, feathers, droppings, and other debris that fall out outside the cage. You can also wipe the water that may spill into the surrounding area of the cage.

An excellent alternative is to use a cage apron that will make your life easier when collecting debris and dirt that falls out in the cage. This special accessory will let you clean debris and dirt so easily.


Learning how to clean bird cage with bird inside is easy. It is a part of your maintenance and cleaning schedule to keep the cage clean and make the bird happy. Cleaning the bowls, dishes, accessories, paper liner, and the surrounding area of the cage does not need you to remove the bird from the cage. You only need to regularly do them to ensure that the cage has proper maintenance.

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