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How to Keep a Parakeet Warm

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how to keep a parakeet warm

There are many reasons why a parakeet makes an excellent pet. Their cheerfulness and playfulness will make your home alive and fun. However, these birds are tropical, which means they do not like cold weather. In this article, we will discuss different ways how to keep a parakeet warm during the winter season.


Method 1: Put the Cage in the Right Location

The right place for a cage must be a draft-free room. Please note that a sunny room cannot be considered warm, especially during the night. When the temperature drops at night, expect the temperature to go very low, which is not suitable for parakeets.

The right thing to do is seal the windows using a plastic cover. Doing this action will prevent coldness from going inside the room. If you do not have plastic window covers, another option is to use a thick curtain because it can trap the heat inside the room.

You can also have the option to cover the birdcage at night to make the birds warmer. You can use a heavy blanket or a cover designed for birdcages. This action will somehow make the inside of the cage warm to protect the parakeets from the colds.

Method 2: Introduce a Personal Heating Device

Another way to keep your parakeet warm is to slowly integrate a personal heater that will benefit the birds during the winter season. There are many ways to do it, but the most important thing is to make sure that the bird is warm during the cold nights when it needs to be.

One unique way to have a heater is to use a thermo- perch on the cage. Installing this heating device will allow the parakeet to warm up its feet when the bird is feeling cold. A thermo-perch allows a bird to warm by hopping on the perch immediately.

Another heating device that can be used as a heater is a heat lamp. This heating device should be used with tremendous care. Meaning, you can use a heating lamp that is built for birds only. The lamp’s heat should only be enough to make the birds warm. If the temperature is more than what the bird needs, it can be fatal to the parakeet.

Method 3: Place an Air Humidifier in the Room

An air humidifier is an excellent way to keep your home warm without getting any further complications. This device can also be used for your parakeets to keep them warm during the cold season.

This device will blow steam in the place where it is installed. The steam will then produce moisture in the air to keep the environment warm. This device is perfect for the parakeet but ensures that the humidifier you are using is built for birds.

put the cage in the right location

Method 4: Using a Winter Warm Bird Nest

Another way to make the parakeet warm during the winter season is to use a winter warm bird nest. This artificial nest will be hanging in the birdcage to make the bird feel warm. This artificial nest is comparable to an insulated room which the birds can easily use when it feels cold.

The only issue with this method is that not all parakeets like to use this artificial nest. But you can make the birds try it until the parakeet realizes the help it brings to its needs. Give the birds about two weeks to acclimatize until the birds eventually like the nest.

Method 5: Through the Use of a Heated Rock

Another device that can be used to make the parakeet warm during the winter season is the use of a heated rock. It can be put under the food and the water of the birds. However, some risks need to be considered when using this device.

Since they only provide surface heat, make sure that the heated rock will only be put under the grate. Also, make sure that the bird’s feet will not touch it. Placing it one to two inches between the grate and the tray is ideal for this heating device.

Method 6: Putting the Birds Together

If you own plenty of parakeets, it will be better to put them together under a single location. It is a type of strategy that will let you group the parakeets together and create a warmer atmosphere inside the kids. This method should be temporary and must be done during the winter season.

Once they are put together, you can also have the option to put more toys inside the cage. Doing this action will let them do physical activities that will make their body warm. Putting so many toys should be done in the winter months to make the birds active most of the time.

If you keep your birds full, it also helps in their metabolism, which makes them warm. So, giving the parakeets extra food during the winter season, especially at night, can make them warm. Bird digestion will eventually result in a warmer body.


During the colder months, it is a must for you to learn how to keep a parakeet warm. Being a tropical bird, the parakeet does not like the winter season, where the environment is colder. This situation is where you want to help the bird by doing some of the methods presented above to help make the birds warm, especially at night.

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