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What Toys Do Parakeets Like

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what toys do parakeets like

Parakeets make excellent pets because of the joy they bring into the house. However, they need toys to prevent them from being bored inside the cage. Toys will also stimulate their brain and keep them occupied all the time.

So, what toys do parakeets like? Parakeets like toys that can prevent them from being uneasy and bored inside the cage. A toy that lets them do their antics like a flying trapeze or a toy that allows them to create noise, such as the bellpull bird toy, are just some of the toys you can give to your pet. Please see our list below:

Toys Benefits
Foraging Bird Toy
  • Encourage foraging skills
  • Mental Stimulant Eliminate Boredom
Flying Trapeze Bird Toy
  • Eliminate Boredom Improve
  • Coordination Skills Enhancing
  • Balance and Healthy Muscles
Disco Ball Toy
  • Promote the Bird’s Vanity and Social Nature
  • Improve Balance and Healthy Muscles
  • Enhance Coordination Skills
Bellpull Bird Toy
  • Capturing Bird’s Attention
  • Encourage Foraging Skills
Foraging Star Bird Toy
  • Promotes Visual and Interactive Skills
  • Enhances Foraging Skills
  • Allows climbing and Other Activities in the Wild
Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy
  • Encourage Perching and Chewing
  • Keeps the Bird Fit
  • Eliminate Boredom


What Toys Do Parakeets Like

Foraging Bird Toy

foraging bird toy

What kind of toys do parakeets like? A toy that will encourage their foraging skills can help. A foraging toy is a complete package that can bring several substantial benefits to your parakeets. The first thing that it brings is it lets your bird use its foraging skills inside the cage. The presence of a secret place for treats will be responsible for that usage.

The foraging toy will also help copy the bird’s behavior in the wild, especially when looking for food. This feature will help stimulate the birds mentally, even if your feathered friend is inside the cage.

This bird toy will also keep the parakeet occupied for long stretches. This feature will prevent the bird from being bored inside the cage. It will also make the bird constantly move and make him work as the bird continues to search for food.

Flying Trapeze Bird Toy

If you are wondering what do parakeets like to play with, this particular toy is one of them.The flying trapeze bird toy is primarily built to eliminate the boredom felt by the birds inside the cage. It allows the bird to maximize their playing by enabling them to hang, swing, or do anything fun with the toy.

This toy also brings several substantial benefits to the birds. First, it helps improve their coordination skills while enhancing their balance and healthy muscles. This toy also promotes foraging behavior in the birds.

The moment you install this bird toy in the cage, expect the birds to use it immediately. You will see them hanging or swinging while maximizing what this toy brings to them. This toy also comes with additional accessories such as chains, beads, balls, and links.

Disco Ball Toy

disco ball bird toy

The disco ball toy is probably the most straightforward and economical bird toy you can give to the parakeets. This toy is very affordable but still provides several benefits to the birds. It offers excellent value for every pet owner and is easy to learn for the birds.

This toy will help in promoting the bird’s vanity and social nature. It will let the birds peck, thinking there is another bird inside the cage. It will also allow the bird to hang in the toy to promote balance and coordination skills.

This toy is also made of plastic, which is very easy to maintain and clean. And it is easy to learn too. The moment you put it inside the cage, expect the parakeet to figure out immediately how to play with it. This toy is indeed perfect for a parakeet.

Bellpull Bird Toy

do parakeets need toys

If you want to capture the attention of the parakeets, then using a bellpull bird toy will effectively do it. This particular toy is composed of colored balls and an acrylic ring that will surely grab the parakeet’s attention.

The bellpull bird toy is an excellent combination with the noise that a parakeet creates. It produces an excellent sound that will capture the bird’s attention right after installing it. This toy can also be installed easily inside the cage.

This toy will also allow the pet owner to put treats inside the toy. This feature will encourage the birds to maximize their foraging skills inside the cage. Apart from the vibrant colors, this bird toy is built with plastic, making it easy to maintain and clean.

Foraging Star Bird Toy

A foraging star bird toy combines visual and interactive benefits for the birds. This toy provides a lot of options in terms of playtime. But the primary usage of the foraging star is to allow the parakeet to use its foraging skills.

This toy will also allow the bird to climb and do other stuff the bird is doing in the wild. First, the toy comes with an appearance that will remind the bird of bark in a tree. In addition, it also creates noise that will capture the bird’s attention.

The problem with this toy is the price which is more on the expensive side. You will also like the various colors which provide brightness to the toy. It is also made in the USA, so expect quality in this bird toy.

Rainbow Bridge Bird Toy

rainbow bridge bird toy

The rainbow bridge toy is considered one of the most innovative toys for Parakeets. It provides a lot of substantial benefits to the birds while letting them enjoy all the activities it can provide inside the cage.

This toy is composed of various accessories such as pine blocks, wooden beads, hanging plastic chains, and colored wooden blocks. These toy parts will encourage the parakeets to perch, chew, and keep fit. It also helps in eliminating boredom inside the cage.

The different bright colors of the toy also benefit the bird’s mental health. It will uniquely attract them by providing physical stimulation and mental peace. This toy is also easy to use with no learning curve for the parakeets.

Do Parakeets Need Toys

A parakeet needs toys especially inside the cage to prevent them from being bored while in captivation. In fact, experts encouraged around 10 to 14 toys at a time inside the cage. These toys will bring substantial benefits to the birds.

When you use several toys, it provides variety in terms of colors, variety in texture, and features. If you use fewer toys, it may not be enough for the birds to eliminate their boredom. In addition, these toys also bring other benefits such as enhancing foraging skills, balance, perching, and proper coordination.


What toys do parakeets like? A lot. There are many varieties of toys that you can give your feathered pet. These toys will provide substantial benefits to the bird to enhance all their skills and eliminate boredom while inside the cage.

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