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I like to learn about bird habitats and their breeding and nesting habits, feeder facts, etc., and share for those who want to read birding articles from my website.

Feeders & Baths

what to put under bird feeders

What to Put Under Bird Feeders

One doesn’t really need to put anything under the bird feeders if you don’t mind …

what birds eat thistle seed

What Birds Eat Thistle Seed

Seeds are a common source of nutrition in nature for various birds. And seeds have …

how to keep away mockingbirds

How to Keep Away Mockingbirds: Simple Tips You Can Try

Mockingbirds are known for their singing and ability to mimic other animals’ sounds. Unlike other …

cedar waxwing vs bohemian waxwing

The Difference Between Bohemian and Cedar Waxwing

If you go to the western and northern portions of the United States, around Canada …

what does baby doves eat

What Does Baby Doves Eat

Baby doves need all the nutrients they can get for their proper growth and development. …

what to feed fledgling birds

What to Feed Fledgling Birds

For experienced bird watchers, the summer and spring season is the time when they usually …

Houses & Cages

Houses & Cages

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Houses & Cages

What Toys Do Parakeets Like

Houses & Cages

How to Build a Cardinal Birdhouse

Houses & Cages

The Best Bluebird Houses for 2022

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Where Do Birds Sleep in the Winter

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How to Attract Wrens

Houses & Cages

The Best Bird Cages for Cockatiels in 2022