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I like to learn about bird habitats and their breeding and nesting habits, feeder facts, etc., and share for those who want to read birding articles from my website.

Feeders & Baths

what to feed fledgling birds

What to Feed Fledgling Birds

For experienced bird watchers, the summer and spring season is the time when they usually …

how to attract painted bunting

How to Attract Painted Buntings

One of the reasons why I like having birds visit my backyard is the color …

best feeder for blue jays

The Best Feeders for Blue Jays for 2022

When I’m out in the garden to frolic in the sun and enjoy the serene …

what animals eat bird seed at night

What Animals Eat Bird Seed at Night

As a passionate bird watcher, we often exert a lot of effort in providing our …

what birds eat oranges

What Birds Eat Oranges

Birds are known to be voracious eaters but usually differ in what they eat. Some …

how to make a bird feeder seed catcher

How to Make a Bird Seed Catcher Tray

There is no denying the importance of a birdseed catcher tray, especially in catching seeds …

Houses & Cages

Houses & Cages

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Houses & Cages

Where Do Birds Sleep in the Winter

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