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The Best Parakeet Food for 2022

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best parakeet food

This article is about ten of the best parakeet food you can give to these lovely feathered pets. As a bird breeder, I am always impressed by the long-tailed feeders, vibrant colors, and the cheerful chats that his birds do. Their ability to interact and play games make the parakeet an excellent pet.

In this review, we listed the best bird food for parakeets coming from our testing and research. We have also asked avian veterinarians and nutritionists to give us their recommendations of the most common parakeet food brand in the market today.


Best Parakeet Food Reviews

1. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Parakeet Food

kaytee forti-diet pro health parakeet food

It is a must for everyone to give healthy parakeet food for their birds. A bird food that is formulated by nutritional experts just like this parakeet food from Kaytee. This product is naturally preserved, which means it has natural freshness the moment you open its packaging.

I have personally experienced this food’s effect on my birds on hand. Once I started feeding them with this parakeet food, the birds were livelier, more vocal, and seemed happier compared to before. It’s probably because of the probiotic formula, which provides the birds with excellent digestion. The birds were healthy as ever.

I also like the overall effect of this bird food on the physical form of the birds. In fact, the bird’s skin was more enhanced, while the feathers seemed healthier and very vibrant. The plumage was very healthy and looked very impressive.

I am also impressed by the quality of the seeds found in this bird food. It involves lots of quality seeds and mineral additives. In fact, I am very impressed by the list of ingredients as it contains seeds that the parakeet loves to eat.

Also, this product has a very impressive, sturdy, and high-quality packaging bag. It helps in keeping the seeds fresh all the time. Its resealable feature will help in keeping the freshness even during storage.

  • Includes wholesome and natural ingredients to promote foraging behavior
  • Bird food is naturally preserved for ideal freshness
  • Enhances skin and feathers for healthier birds
  • With Omega 3, which supports the brain and a healthy heart
  • With a high-quality and sturdy packaging bag
  • The bag seal needs improvement

Overall, this product is a good parakeet food as it comes with an excellent mixture of ingredients that a parakeet loves to eat. It also smells good, and waste seeds will be significantly reduced when you start giving this food to the parakeets.

2. Wild Harvest Parakeet Seed Collection

wild harvest parakeet seed collection

Attracting small birds into your backyard, such as parakeets, is doable if you put the right bird food on your feeders. This parakeet food from Wild Harvest is formulated for small birds like parakeets. It comes with nutrient-rich blends, which is beneficial to small birds like the parakeets.

I am really impressed by the quality of this birdseed. I feel that this brand is one of the better seeds for smaller birds in the market. In particular, I really like the size of the pellets, which is small enough to trick the parakeets into eating them, especially when they think they are real seeds.

The combination or the mixture of seeds are also very impressive. It actually has a natural blend of premium seeds that the parakeets love to eat. The assortment includes canary grass seed, canola seed, flax seeds, nyjer seeds, and millet. It also involved fresh veggies, sprouts, and dried egg protein which are all parakeet favorite foods.

This product is also very fresh coming from the manufacturer. The moment I open the packaging, I immediately smell the freshness of the seeds inside. This quality should also help encourage the birds from eating once you offer it to them.

Also impressive is the packaging of this parakeet food. It is easy to open and comes with a resealable feature that helps in keeping the seeds fresh even during storage. It also comes with its own cardboard box and cardboard partitions which separates all the items.

  • Formulated with the right size that is perfect for small birds
  • With an excellent blend of seeds that the parakeets love to eat
  • Formulated with all the necessary nutrients for small birds like the parakeets
  • It comes with so much freshness and smells so good
  • With a sturdy packaging to keep the freshness of seeds always
  • Full of artificial colors

This product is the best food for parakeets that I have used. The parakeets really love these seeds. They come every day in the backyard and consume all the seeds in the feeder. And it is very fresh too and smells good.

3. Hagen Budgie Parakeet Bird Seed

hagen budgie parakeet bird seed

Let’s face it, your feathered visitors will not eat all the seeds you put on the feeder. The key is to put high-quality seeds for them to keep coming back and consume everything on the feeder. With that said, this bird seed from Hagen is the best diet for parakeets with its excellent blend of high-quality seeds with a complete source of nutrients.

Quality is top-notched with no fillers. I notice that the seeds are so clean and polished and without any dust. I have personally seen the birds consume almost everything with no waste being thrown. It’s probably because of the freshness and the taste.

I am also impressed by the smell of this birdseed the moment I open the package. If you find other bird seeds with a foul smell, this parakeet food is different. The scent is so lovely, which is probably the reason why the parakeets love to eat this bird food.

Also, bird food intended for parakeets should be clean and small so birds can easily crack it with their tiny little beak. This feature is what you get from this bird food. You will also find no artificial flavor and colored seeds that are not suitable for the birds.

This product also comes in excellent packaging. In fact, the air has been removed from the bag to enhance the seeds’ freshness and quality. You will not doubt the quality and the freshness of the bag the moment you receive it.

  • Formulated to contain only high-quality seeds and nothing else
  • Excellent source of nutrients and minerals for the benefits of the birds
  • The seeds are cleaned and polished
  • The seed size is a perfect fit for parakeets
  • With excellent and durable packaging
  • The vacuum pack has no resealable zipper

This product is one of the top-notch parakeet treats you can give to your backyard visitors. You will be impressed by the packaging, freshness, and overall benefits that this product provides to the parakeets. The birds will enjoy these high-quality seed mixes.

4. LAFEBER’S Parakeet Pellets

lafeber's parakeet pellets

Another essential factor to consider in a parakeet food is the quality of nutrients it can give to the bird. For this parakeet food from Lafeber, it is all about being natural. This product is formulated only with human ingredients. It features non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors.

For birds with digestive difficulties, this product is one of the best pellets for parakeets you can give to the birds. The birds will thrive and will become healthier the moment the parakeets start eating this bird food. Plus, the fact that the parakeets like them mean it is an excellent food for them.

I also like the shape of pellets which, for me, is formulated for an excellent fit of the parakeet and other small birds. From what I saw, the parakeets can munch them easily without putting water to soften the pellet. The parakeets can google it easily and eat all the pellets on the feeder.

Apart from having a really lovely taste that the birds like, I also like the effect of this food on the bird’s overall health. Their feathers molted and grew very quickly, and they look beautiful. I also noticed that they are more active and sing more since I started giving it to them.

I also like the balanced nutrition it gives to the birds. In fact, this parakeet food is superbly rich in antioxidants. It is also an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 for the bird’s immune system and healthier digestion.

  • Includes all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colorings, and preservatives
  • Excellent source of antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6
  • Formulated and developed by top avian veterinarians and nutritionist
  • Formulated with freshness and a lovely scent
  • Made and prepared in the USA
  • The size is too big for parakeets

The parakeet food is in excellent condition, and the quality is exceptionally high. It’s nutritious and will bring so many benefits to the birds physically. This bird food provides a complete diet to parakeets and other small birds.

5. Living World Premium Parakeet Mix

living world premium parakeet mix

Variety is what this parakeet food will give to the birds in your backyard. As you can see, this parakeet food from Living World blends several ingredients to satisfy all the birds which will eat them. This parakeet food combines oils, fruits, and vegetables while also being supplemented with tropical egg granules.

I can still remember very clearly the very first time I gave this food to them, I could really tell that the birds liked them a lot. I can see in their faces that they were so intense as they gobbled away everything I put on the feeders. They eat every bit of the seeds with very little waste on the ground.

And it looks very fresh the moment you take it out on the packaging. And it smells lovely too. It’s probably the reason why the birds are tempted to devour this parakeet food. In fact, the bag smells like juice papaya, which is very impressive for this parakeet food.

I also like the mixture of the seeds, which is basically all high-quality seeds. This parakeet food has no ingredients and no unnecessary food coloring or artificial preservatives. Even the fruit bits are perfectly sized so that the parakeets can consume them quickly.

I am also impressed by the quality of the packaging bag that this parakeet food is using. It is actually a resealable bag that uses a stand-up zipper. This feature is essential to keep the seeds fresh for a long time, even during storage.

  • Formulated with an excellent blend of seeds with oil, fruits, and vegetables
  • Excellent source of essential nutrients to make the bird healthy
  • Seeds are packaged fresh and clean
  • It will promote vibrant feathers and stronger bones
  • Package with high-quality packaging bag
  • Some seeds will not be eaten by parakeets

Overall, the parakeets love this bird food. The lovely smell and the freshness all contribute to the taste of this parakeet food. And it is also well packaged so that it retains its freshness during storage.

6. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Parakeet Food

higgins sunburst gourmet parakeet food

This parakeet food from Higgins takes pride in being natural. Meaning, the blend of this product or the seeds being used are all-natural with no artificial colors or preservatives. It is the best seeds for parakeets with its well-balanced and natural ingredients.

The moment you first open the bag of this parakeet food, you will immediately smell the pleasant, fruity, and sweet scent. This bird food is so fresh that the birds are always excited when the bird feeder is full. This bird food is probably the reason why the birds are consistently coming back in the backyard.

This parakeet food is also an excellent source of nutrients enriched with DHA and well-balanced omega fatty acids and digestive probiotics. Giving this bird food will make the birds healthy, beautiful, and live long and happy lives.

I also like the blend of the different ingredients, which is loaded with natural goodness. The ingredients of this parakeet food are formulated with natural fruits, vegetables, wholesome seeds, grains, nuts, legumes, and so much more. This natural blend will be an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for the benefit of the parakeets.

The packaging is also very impressive as the bag looks very durable and of high quality. The pack also comes with a resealable feature which is very important to keep the seeds fresh all the time, even during storage.

  • Excellent blend of natural seeds with assorted fruits and veggies
  • Formulated with no artificial colors and preservatives
  • Enriched with Omega 3, probiotics, and other nutrients
  • Includes protein egg food
  • High-quality packaging bag
  • Some seeds are too big for parakeets

This parakeet food is impressive with its all-natural ingredients and no artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives. It is also packed very fresh and smells very lovely, which should entice the parakeets and other birds from constantly visiting your backyard.

7. Vitakraft Vitasmart Parakeet Food

vitakraft vitasmart parakeet food

One aspect which is very important in looking for parakeet food is the quality of nutrition it gives to the bird. This bird food from Vitakraft takes pride in providing complete nourishment to the birds every time you put it in the bird feeder.

Personally, I feel that this parakeet food is an excellent and well-balanced product. It contains all the nutrients that the parakeets need to thrive every day. In fact, it has all the nutrients that support the bird’s overall mental health and well-being. It is also an excellent source of Omega 3, which helps in keeping the bird’s feathers colorful and bright.

It also has DHA, which helps keep the parakeet’s brain, heart, and respiratory function healthier. This bird food stands out in giving complete nutrition to your feathered friends to make them healthy and free from sickness.

I am also impressed by the healthy blend and mixture of ingredients of this parakeet food. It is actually a healthy combination of natural seeds, grains, tropical fruits, and even vegetables. The variety of tastes and textures of all the ingredients make this bird food perfect for parakeets.

This product also comes very fresh and well-packed. The bag is durable and high-quality. It also has a resealable feature that helps maintain freshness all the time. You can also seal it during storage which helps in keeping the seeds fresh until all of them are given to the birds.

  • Excellent mixture of seeds, grains, vegetables, and tropical fruits
  • Excellent source of nutrients to give the parakeets complete nutrition
  • Formulated with Omega 3, DHA, and essential vitamins and minerals
  • Pack very fresh and smells lovely
  • With high-quality and resealable packaging bag
  • Some seeds are big for parakeets

Parakeets will love this bird food the moment you start giving it to them. The freshness and the lovely scent will make the birds eat all the seeds with less waste. The resealable packaging is essential in keeping the seeds fresh during storage.

8. Sweet Harvest Parakeets Mixed Vegetables

sweet harvest parakeets mixed vegetables

If you want to give a vegetable treat to your parakeets, this product is an excellent option. The Sweet Harvest Mixed Vegetables Treat combines carrot, cabbage, and spinach as primary ingredients to give the parakeets the vegetable treat they need.

This parakeet is actually an answer to the treat that I was looking for so long. I was planning to give them variety in their foods by providing an all-vegetable treat. This product helps me introduce the parakeets with vegetables without needing them to adjust the wetness and texture of the fresh vegetables.

And it smells like fresh veggies too, which makes the parakeet eat everything served to them. The scent of this mixed vegetable treat is so good it feels like human food, which is quite impressive. This feature will make the parakeets interested in this food and eat whatever is put on the bird feeder.

Another feature of this parakeet food is the size of all the ingredients. It is actually formulated small, which means it is the right fit for the parakeet to eat easily. The small and easy-to-eat pieces will also limit the waste or the seeds being thrown outside the feeder.

Meanwhile, this parakeet food also comes with a high-quality resealable bag which keeps the freshness of this food during storage. Speaking of storage, there is no refrigeration needed when storing this parakeet food.

  • Formulated with top vegetables: spinach, carrots, and cabbage
  • It comes in small and easy-to-eat pieces
  • An excellent vegetable treat to the parakeets
  • No refrigeration is needed during storage
  • It comes with a high-quality resealable bag
  • The bag is too small

I can say, based on experience, that the parakeet loves this vegetable treat. The freshness and the scent are also exceptional, making the birds eat it every time they visit the feeder. This bord food is a healthy treat to the parakeets.

9. Volkman Avian Science Super Parakeet Seed

volkman avian science super parakeet seed

This parakeet food from Volkman is formulated with a perfect balance and mixture of ingredients that the parakeet loves to eat. The ingredients include natural seeds, fruit mixes, and some natural preservatives, which will provide excellent treats to the parakeets.

The first thing that I noticed with this parakeet food is the balanced mix and a nice variety of bird seeds. At first, the birds were eating very few types of seeds. But once they get to like the food, they quickly switch to eating all the varieties. This bird food was probably the reason why many birds are going into my backyard every day.

I also like what it brings to the parakeets in terms of health benefits healthwise. The birds are healthier and doing better every day. The skin and the feathers are very healthy, and the feather loss was significantly reduced. The birds were happier and more active.

This parakeet also comes very fresh. It smells so fresh, which is probably the reason why the birds like it. The seeds are very clean, and the size is just enough for small birds, just like the parakeets. You can really see the quality the moment you open the bag.

I am also impressed by the quality of the packaging. It actually comes with an easy-to-open packaging bag which heals in keeping the seed’s freshness. And it is resealable too, which is an excellent feature to keep the seeds fresh during storage.

  • With a balanced mix and excellent variety of ingredients
  • It contains all seeds and other ingredients that the parakeet loves to eat
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Packed fresh and smells so lovely
  • Uses high-quality packaging bag
  • Subpar reseal feature

This parakeet food comes with well-balanced ingredients. The overall quality, freshness, and cleanliness of the seeds are top-notched. And it smells very lovely, which helps attract the parakeets and other birds to your backyard.

10. Sun Seed Vita Prima Parakeet Food

sun seed vita prima parakeet food

A good quality diet is essential if you have a parakeet as a pet in your household. The Sun Seed Vita Prima is an excellent parakeet food that contains all the essentials needed for the birds to have a healthier and happier life in your home.

I was totally impressed by this bird food and what it brings to the birds. Since feeding the parakeets, all of the birds are in excellent physical shape. They looked very healthy, looked good, and were very active.

This parakeet food is also an excellent source of nutrients which plays an essential role in keeping the birds healthy. In fact, this bird food is enriched with essential vitamins A, D, and E. All of these vitamins and other nutrients help in making the birds healthier and have a healthy life.

This bird food also comes with natural antioxidants to help the birds free from sickness and improve the overall immune system support. Meanwhile, I am also impressed by the blend and mixture of ingredients, which will naturally encourage the parakeets of foraging. This parakeet food is formulated with natural-rich ancient grains.

Also, the packaging is quite impressive, although it’s pretty tiny. But it comes with a resealable feature that will help in keeping the seeds fresh all the time. The bag can also be sealed during storage to keep the seeds fresh.

  • It comes with natural antioxidants for excellent immune support
  • Vitamin fortified; excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Highly digestible with balanced nutrient absorption
  • Excellent mix of ingredients that encourages foraging
  • Without artificial flavors, colorings, and preservatives
  • Some seeds are bigger for small birds

This parakeet food is an excellent source of vitamins and other nutritional value. It will help in keeping the birds healthier and happier. And it is all made with natural ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

What to Look For When Buying a Parakeet Food

best bird food for parakeets

Giving the right foods for your parakeet can be difficult with all the options available in the market. But there are certain factors that you need to consider to guide you in choosing the right selection of bird food for the parakeets. Please see below.

Excellent Mixture of Ingredients

Parakeets eat a mix of seeds, fruits, pellets, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. All of these ingredients will help in keeping the birds healthy one way or the other. These ingredients also provide vitamins and minerals for their daily needs.

The most important thing is the mixture should contain ingredients that the parakeets love to eat. With the right ingredients, fewer seeds will be thrown on the ground as waste as all the seeds will be likely consumed by the birds.

Bird Food Quality

Quality is also an important factor when choosing a parakeet food. It should be fresh all the time from the moment you open the packaging until it is consumed. Fresh also means it should have an excellent scent as it helps in attracting the birds to come to your backyard.

Quality is also about having all the seeds with natural flavors. Meaning, the seeds should be free from artificial flavors, colors, and even preservations because none of these factors will bring health benefits to the birds.

Bird Food Size

Parakeets are small birds which means they all need food that is small in size. Anything larger will make it difficult for the birds to eat properly. The key is to find bird food that is specially made for parakeets. This bird food is formulated to match what the parakeet needs including the texture and size.

Overall Packaging

Packaging is very important for every bird’s food. It will help keep the seeds fresh the moment it is packed until it reaches your position. High-quality packaging will also help protect the seeds from being rancid or stale.

High-quality packaging also comes with a resealable feature. This feature will help keep the seeds fresh all the time, even after opening the bag. It will also help in keeping the seeds fresh even during storage until such time that the seeds will be consumed.

Frequently Asked Question

best bird food for parakeets

How much Food Should a Parakeet Eat a Day?

Parakeets are small birds, and the exact amount of food should be given to these birds to meet their daily needs. For small adults parakeets, at least half to one teaspoon of seeds and pellets can satisfy their hunger. For larger parakeets, you can give one to one and a half teaspoons of seeds and pellets daily.

How much does Parakeet Food Cost?

In general, parakeet food has one of the cheapest pets that you can purchase on the market. On average, you can buy a 4-pound parakeet food for $12, while a bigger 25 pound can cost around $25 or less.


The best parakeet food should have an excellent variety of fresh seeds and other ingredients. It should also provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to help the birds have a healthier and happier life.

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