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What Birds Eat Oranges

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what birds eat oranges

Birds are known to be voracious eaters but usually differ in what they eat. Some birds are carnivores and insectivores, which love to eat meat and insects, respectively. Omnivorous birds eat almost anything, including insects, animals, and fruits. However, some birds like to eat oranges because it is sweet and tasty.

So, what birds eat oranges? To name a few, the Baltimore Orioles, house finch, and the northern mockingbirds love to eat orange fruit. Other bird species also love to eat oranges when they are hungry, as shown in the list below:


House Finches

This bird species is known for having small bodies and colorful feathers. They are usually common in North America and some parts of Hawaii. These small but beautiful birds love to eat insects, seeds, nuts, and fruits in their diet.

You will usually find these birds eat more fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, and berries during the fall. These birds will eat orange fruits when it is available, or it is being fed to them. But more importantly, these birds are omnivores and will likely eat anything you will provide for them.

Baltimore Orioles

If you want to know what birds are attracted to oranges, it should be the Baltimore Orioles. These birds are known to be very beautiful but tend to shy away from people. However, you can still attract these birds by putting bird foods that they eat in the bird feeder. And one food that can be used to attract them is oranges.

You can use this fruit as a decoy to lure these shy birds into the backyard. To make it easy for the birds to eat this particular fruit, you need to cut it open and make some slices. You can put the oranges in the feeder to let the birds consume them.

Western Tanagers

Western Tanagers are known to be insectivores but also love to eat fruits when they are available in your backyard. These birds are migratory, so expect the Western Tanagers to be in America around April.

Apart from eating insects, they also like to eat fruits, mainly oranges, if it is available. Western Tanagers are wild birds, so there is no need to peel or cut the oranges before giving them. This bird species have the ability to digest unpeeled oranges when they eat them.

Red-Bellied Woodpeckers

what birds are attracted to oranges

If you want to learn what birds like oranges, you should not miss the red-bellied woodpeckers. These birds are usually found in North America and eat nuts, insects, and berries. However, they also like to feast on fruits, particularly oranges, when available.

This type of woodpecker loves to eat oranges most of the time. Because of this trait, they are called by experts as orange juice woodpeckers. So, if you want to attract them, putting oranges in your bird feeder can lure them into your place.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar waxwings are common in North and Central America and are known to have waxy red tips in the feathers. More importantly, this bird species is known to eat fruits and can survive for a long time by just eating fruits alone.

It is no surprise that cedar waxwing likes to eat oranges if it is provided to them. Birders usually put sliced oranges in the feeder to easily attract these birds to their homes. These birds also like to devour other fruits such as grapes, bananas, and apples.

Eastern Bluebirds

They say that a bluebird visiting your home is a sign of happiness. But, to attract and hear their melodious songs in the backyard, you must provide them with the food they like, such as mealworms and oranges.

The eastern bluebirds have a natural liking for eating oranges. The fruit’s smell and natural bright color will help lure these birds into the backyard. Putting sliced oranges in the feeder starting from March until July will make these birds come into your place.

Northern Mockingbird

They say that seeing a northern mockingbird means you have been expressing yourself in all your life dealings. But what is unique about these birds is their ability to copy the sounds of other birds.

As far as food is concerned, these birds are generally omnivores in nature and usually eat insects and fruits. There have been many sightings of these birds eating oranges in the wild if it is available. So, to attract these birds to your home, putting some sliced oranges will help lure these birds inside your premises.

Common Grackle

The common grackle is not your typical blackbird. These birds are taller, lankier, and longer compared to the common blackbird. These birds’ favorite food is insects such as caterpillars and beetles, but they also love to devour fruits, particularly oranges and berries.

However, the common grackle’s favorite fruit is orange. So, if you put this particular fruit strategically in your place, it is likely that you will attract them. You can hang those oranges under the trees for the grackle to have an excellent view. Once they see the fruit, they will easily eat it and finish it immediately.

Gray Catbird

These birds have the ability to produce unique vocalizations by copying the sounds of other birds. These birds can also mimic the sound of a frog and other mechanical sounds. Its ability to make different sounds is documented, but the bird’s liking for oranges is also well-known.

There are many ways to attract these birds, such as putting their favorite food in the feeder. However, you can also hang some oranges in tree branches to lure them. Their natural liking of oranges will make these birds come into your place.


So, what birds eat oranges? There are plenty of them, as discussed in this article. It is likely that the birds like the smell, taste, and color of the orange fruit. For the birds on the list, you can easily attract them by putting oranges in the feeder or other strategic places in your backyard.

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