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What Color Attracts Birds

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what color attracts birds

Apart from providing food, water, and shelter, landscaping your backyard with colors that birds like can possibly lure them into coming to your place. The reason behind it is that birds have this excellent vision as they see colors very well.

But what color attracts birds? Different birds are attracted to different colors. A particular bird species may treat every color differently, but most birds are generally attracted to bright colors. This article will tell what colours are birds attracted to and the color’s influence on the bird’s day-to-day habits.

Color Preference Birds Species
Blue Bluebirds, Jays
Orange Orioles, Hummingbirds
Yellow Goldfinches, Warblers, Hummingbirds
Red and Pink Hummingbirds

The table above indicates that some bird species are attracted to a particular shade or color, but as mentioned earlier, most birds like bright colors in general. But when learning what colours do birds like, there are various reasons for their preference.

Some bird species may like a particular color as it indicates a food source, while others may be attracted to the same color as their plumage because it can be a signal of a possible mate. Birds are known to be anxious and edgy like natural camouflage colors such as green, brown, and gray.


Majority of the common birds that visit our garden like the color red. These birds will likely be attracted to your garden because of the presence of red flowers and fruits. A good example are hummingbirds which love to feed on these flowers.

There are also some situations where birds protect their nest by flashing red while using the same color to attract possible mates. Some bird watchers add a touch of red colors to their feeders to attract seed-eating birds.


Some birds are attracted to the same colors of their plumage. This situation is the reason why goldfinches are attracted to the color yellow while other bird species are attracted to the color of their feathers.

On the other hand, nocturnal birds prefer to like this color because it is visible in the dark. As we all know, nocturnal birds are wide awake at night to hunt for food. Yellow is a bright color and has more visibility in low light or the dark.


In knowing what colors are birds attracted to, one probable reason for their preference is the liking of their own color. This situation is why bluebirds and jays like the color blue, which means some bird species are attracted to their own color.

So, if you want to attract more bluebirds into your backyard, you can start incorporating some blue colors into the ground. You can put some flowers with blue colors and use a bird feeder that is dominantly blue to attract these birds.


Orioles are birds that are addicted to the color orange. They can be easily attracted to this particular color while also liking to eat oranges, the fruit. So, if you want to attract orioles into your backyard, you can start using orange feeders around your backyard.

Neutral and Earthy Colors (Brown, Black, Gray, Green)

If you want to attract ground feeder birds, you need to incorporate neutral and earthy colors in your backyard. The colors brown, gray, black, and green attract birds with nervous temperaments, such as quail, doves, thrushes, and other ground feeders.

These colors symbolize protection and safety for these birds that will serve as cover for your backyard. If you make your yard full of these colors, it will likely be that you will attract these birds very soon.


What Colors Do Birds Not Like

what colors do birds not like

We all know the attraction of the majority of the birds to bright colors. However, there are some colors that birds do not like because of their different perception of the color. These animals see differently compared to humans, and they have different perceptions when it comes to interpreting the colors that they see.

One color that most birds do not like is the color white. For these birds, the color white symbolizes danger and aggression to other birds. Some birds also interpret the white color as a signal or an alarm for imminent danger.

Some bird species use their white-colored feathers to signal the other birds’ warning. A good example is the white patches of the northern mockingbird’s wings or the white flash of the tail feathers of the dark-eyed junco.

With all of these color preferences, it is essential to know that birds practically use the UV light to see what is around them, making it different from how humans see and how we interpret colors.

The intensity of the colors will probably make your bird decide whether they will be attracted to it or they will be afraid of it. Nevertheless, if you want to attract a particular bird species, the color preference of the bird is an essential aspect that you can consider when landscaping your backyard.


What color attracts birds? As mentioned in this article, birds are naturally attracted to bright colors, but some bird species have this color preference that they like due to some natural factors. While color can be an essential aspect in attracting birds to your place, providing food, water, and shelter is also essential for these birds to come into your place.

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