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The Best Finch Foods for 2022

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best finch food

In today’s article, we are listing ten of the best finch food you can use on this popular pet. If you are a passionate birder, you know that finch birds are energetic, friendly, and relatively easy to care with. But they need the right food for them to live and flourish in your home.

Our team recommends the best bird food for finches based on several factors. We take into consideration our experience feeding them to these birds and feedback from our friends who also have finches as their pets in their homes. Please see our recommendations below.


Best Finch Foods Reivews

1. Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Finch Foods

kaytee forti-diet pro health finch foods

When giving food to my bird pet, I always consider the nutritional value it provides to my beautiful pets. And this nutritional value is what this bird food provides to your finches while helping the birds to have excellent digestive health.

The first thing that impressed me with this finch food was its smell. I have tried other pet food before, which the birds do not like because of its unpleasant odor. But this product is different as it smells so sweet, making it one of the finches favorite food.

You also want the bird food to be fresh all the time, and this is what this finch food brings to you. It is actually preserved to have a natural freshness that helps this food last longer. But I always make sure that I remove the air from the package after opening the bag while resealing it tightly. This finch food is expected to last for 30 to 45 days which is impressive.

For finch food, you need to have bird food which gives lots of nutritional value. This bird food is rich in antioxidants that provide immune support and are excellent for the bird’s overall health. Since starting to use this bird food, my birds have been very healthy and were rarely sick.

Lastly, this bird food comes in a good mix and is small, which the birds love. The fact that it is a fortified bird food makes it protect small birds such as the finches, which are very fragile to diseases.

  • It was developed to be naturally preserved to maintain its original freshness for a long time
  • It contains Omega 3, which supports the bird’s brain and heart
  • It was developed to enhance the bird’s digestive health
  • It contains antioxidants to give birds excellent immunity and proper general health
  • It will last up to 30 to 45 days
  • Lots of germination when scattered on the ground

Overall, this product is one of the best bird seed for finches with all the nutritional value and other benefits it gives to the birds. It is an excellent dietary birdseed that the birds also enjoy eating. This bird food will make the bird happy and healthy all the time.

2. Wild Harvest Finch Daily Blend

wild harvest finch daily blend

The Wild Harvest Daily Blend will not only give your finches nutritional value but is also formulated to improve the well-being and the general health of the finches. My birds totally love this bird food as I have used it in feeding my finches for a long time now.

Giving this bird food regularly will provide a lot of nutrition to your bird. But, what is unique about this bird seed for house finch is its lovely smell. It is actually an orange essence that smells very nice. I feel that this smell is one of the reasons why the birds love to eat them.

Another essential factor that makes this food for finches perfect for my birds is its freshness. Keeping the food fresh is always a concern, but keeping it refrigerated will help keep the freshness for a long time. In addition, this finch food packaging comes with a resealable zipper that can be locked to maintain its freshness for a long time.

My birds used to refuse fruits and vegetables whenever I gave them. So, I have to find bird food for my finches which they like. Luckily, following a friend’s recommendation, using it with other nutritional supplements works wonders for my finches as they like it so much.

Apart from the nutritional value it gives, I really like the overall packaging of this bird food. I used to have bird food with open carton packaging that looked messy.l But this product is totally different as it is neatly packaged.

  • It comes with a high-quality seed blend
  • It has orange essence that smells great, and the finches truly like
  • With unique formulation to provide excellent nutritional value for the birds
  • It uses natural ingredients which provides the bird’s complete dietary needs
  • With a very friendly and neat packaging
  • Contains artificial coloring

This bird food is perfect for those people with finches in their homes. It comes with a high-quality seed blend and a pleasant orange scent which makes the birds like them. It also provides the finches with nutrients to complete their dietary needs.

3. Lyric 2647469 Finch Small Songbird Mix

lyric 2647469 finch small songbird mix

If you want to attract bright-colored finches in your backyard, you’ve got to feed the right bird food in your feeder to catch their attention. Using this bird food from Lyric will provide an excellent mixture of bird seeds which the finches like to eat all the time.

The finch birds are known to have bright colors, but they are also known for having those tiny beaks which limit them to eating large-sized bird foods. On the contrary, these birds like to devour tiny seed pieces, which makes this bird food perfect for them.

I like the mixture of this bird food to make it more attractive to finches. The main ingredient is the Nyjer seeds which are a good source of protein, fat, and fiber that will provide health benefits to the birds. It also comes with canary and canoly seeds as well as sunflower kernels and golden millet. In general, this bird food is made of natural food with no fillers.

It also comes with excellent packaging that makes them preserved and lasts for a long time. The packaging contains a ziplock which is perfect for storing the extra seeds. This feature will help keep the seeds fresh for a more extended period.

Meanwhile, since the size of these bird seeds is small, my suggestion is to use a bird feeder that holds tiny seeds. This action is to prevent the seeds from falling to the ground. A tube feeder with small feeding ports or a mesh feeder with tiny holes will perfect this bird food.

  • Excellent mix of birds seeds
  • Formulated with all-natural food with filler-free ingredients
  • It comes with tiny seeds that are perfect for finches
  • It comes with five natural ingredients that finch loves to eat
  • The package comes with a ziplock seal to maintain its freshness
  • Tendency to germinate too much once in the ground

In my experience, this product is one of the best food for finches you can put on your feeder. It is the cleanest feed that attracts the finches consistently. It comes with the right mixture of ingredients which all the finches like to eat.

4. Wild Delight Special Finch Foods

wild delight special finch foods

Attracting finches in your backyard is easy to do with the right food you put on the feeder. Placing the one that they like, such as this finch food from Wild Delight, will make your backyard the favorite destination of the finches.

Unlike other bird food containing seeds, this bird food was formulated to contain real fruits. Theoretically, birds like to eat fruits, so putting dried fruits on your feeder is an excellent way to feed them. But for this product, mixing the fruits makes it very attractive to finches.

I also like the nutritional value this product gives to the bird. I did some thorough research to find out that this product contains no fillers. This product is pure bird food with nutrients to ensure that the finches and other birds will have a high level of health.

When I started putting this bird food in my bird feeder, I saw the changes in how the finches and other birds eat. All these birds can practically eat half of the feeder in a single day. They love to devour it quickly, which is an excellent problem to have.

Its excellent essence or smell also adds to its attractiveness. It is a delicious smell that even I find the essence very lovely. I even mix this bird food with other ingredients, particularly the less attractive millet seed, to help control the birds’ aggressiveness.

  • It contains natural fruit to attract finch and other birds
  • Uses advanced formula to provide excellent nutritional value
  • Filler-free finch food
  • Ability to attract finches on the backyard
  • It comes with a very nice smell that finches like
  • Tendency to attract woodpeckers

This product is the most popular finch food to have if you want to attract more to your backyard. Putting this bird food on your feeder is an excellent way to attract those finches and other birds. This bird food will also provide amazing nutritional value to benefit those birds visiting your home.

5. Pennington Pride Wild Finch Blend Seeds

pennington pride wild finch blend seeds

A bird watcher always feels joy in seeing all forms of birds in the backyard. But nothing can beat the excitement of having a finch bird feeding in your bird feeder. But how do you attract this energetic and active bird? By feeding them Pennington wild bird seed.

I have personally used this bird food previously, and I can personally say that it attracts all forms of songbirds, especially finches. This songbird loves the special mix and wide variety of bird seeds it provides to the finches.

I can still remember when I started putting this bird food in my bird feeder, and the result was pretty amazing. The wild finches really love this bird food. It was exciting and relaxing to see all the birds gather around the feeders almost every day.

Apart from this bird food’s impressive look and packaging, it is also developed with a nutritious formula that benefits the finches and other birds. It is the top finch seed because it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the overall bird’s health.

The size and structure of this bird food also provide some flexibility in fitting different types of bird feeders. In fact, I have seen this bird food being used by my friends who are using all forms of feeders. This finch food is compatible with gazebo, hopper, and tube-style bird feeders.

  • It can attract several types of songbirds, including finches
  • Developed with advanced nutritious formula will bring health benefits to finches
  • With special mix seeds that finches and other birds like
  • It comes with vitamins and minerals for healthier finches
  • It can be used on many types of bird feeder
  • Tendency to attract squirrels and raccoons

This finch food is perfect for feeding wild birds like finch birds at home or in the backyard. It comes with an excellent mixture of bird seeds that attracts all sorts of birds. It is also fresh and tasty, making it ideal for the finches and the birds visiting your home.

6. Volkman Avian Science Super Finch Foods

volkman avian science super finch foods

Bird breeders and watchers need to provide the highest standard for the finch’s diet and housing. This action is to make the finches in excellent condition all the time to make them thrive and healthier.

Finches are very picky with their foods as they need fresh and moth-free seeds, which I always see from this finch food from Volkman. It is freshly packed with all the natural ingredients that look clean and natural. There is no reason why the finches will not like this well-made bird food for them.

Finches and all of those bird pets that I own must be healthy and full of vigor all the time. And I was willing to invest in this high-quality finch food nutritionally balanced and fortified with vitamins and minerals to make all the finches healthy.

I also liked the smell of this finch food once I opened its packaging. It is an orange scent which I think is an added factor that makes this bird food very likable to the finches. They love to eat this finch food compared to the other brands I used previously.

In fact, finches are messy eaters. They tended to waste a lot of seeds when I was using other brands as their food. But when I started using this finch food, I noticed that every time I fed the birds, there was a slight waste of seeds on the cage floor which is impressive.

  • Freshly-packed finch food
  • Develop with excellent mixes of bird seeds using all-natural ingredients
  • It contains vitamins and minerals to maintain the finch’s health
  • It comes with pleasant orange scents
  • Made with an easy-to-open and resealable package
  • Only available in one size

This product is a go-to bird food for finches and other birds. The orange scent is a nice feature that attracts the finches all the time. More importantly, it provides a lot of nutritional value, essential when feeding this type of bird.

7. CountryMax White Millet Bird Seeds

countrymax white millet bird seeds

As an experienced birder, I always feel that if you’re making the finches and other birds happy, they will come into your backyard consistently. One way to do it is to feed them right by giving them the best pet finch food, such as this bird food from CountryMax.

This birdseed is perfect not only for finches but for other birds as well. It is made with natural millet seed grown in the U.S.A. and rich in protein and oil. Giving this finch food to the birds gives me the confidence that I am giving them enough nutrients for them to thrive every day.

One thing that impressed me in using this finch food is the absence of fillers. The finches love this food because it’s filler-free which means all the birds can eat all of the seeds without scattering any leftover seeds. This situation is also favorable to me or the other birders because it will result in lesser waste to clean.

The seeds are also very clean, which is one of the reasons why the finches love it. It looks very fresh, and the millet seeds are the main reason the finches keep on coming back. It is tough to find affordable millet seeds in the market, but this product just fits the bill.

Overall, the seed is excellent and fresh. The only issue I have is the quality of the product packaged. It is actually packaged in zip-lock-type containers that tend to open easily. I feel that the product packaging can still be improved to protect the seeds from storage.

  • Formulated with naturally-grown millet
  • Perfect for finches and other wild birds
  • Rich in protein and oil to provide excellent nutritional value to the bird
  • Filler-free finch food, which means no waste after eating
  • Economical option in feeding finches in your backyard
  • Subpar packaging

This finch food is perfect for feeding the finches and other birds in your backyard all year round. This product is affordable and keeps the squirrels away from the bird feeder because they do not like the smell.

8. Valley Farms Wild Finch Bird Foods

valley farms wild finch bird foods

If you love finches and want them to visit your backyard frequently, you must put food they like to encourage them to come in your backyard. One of them is this finch food from Valley Farm, which provides an excellent combination of nyjer seeds, canary seeds, and golden finch millet. All of these ingredients are loved by finches.

What I initially noticed about this finch food is its excellent quality. It is freshly packed and has no husk or shells. It is a very clean feed to the finches visiting your backyard—no wonder these birds always keep on coming back to eat this bird food on the feeders.

As I mentioned earlier, this finch food also comes with an excellent mix of nyjer, canary seeds, and golden finch millet. These ingredients are naturally mini-sized seeds that will provide amazing nutritional value to the birds.

More importantly, this finch food is affordable, making it a perfect food for the finches. I usually noticed that the finches tend to consume less during late summer or early autumn because of the abundance of natural seeds during this time. Nevertheless, this finch food is the go-to finch food once these birds visit your backyard.

However, I want you to be reminded that this food is made for finches. This means that using wild finch feeders will work perfectly because this finch food is designed to fit bird feeders with small feeding holes.

  • Wth an excellent mix of bird seeds that finches loved
  • Excellent quantity at an affordable price
  • Develop with all-natural mini-size seeds that are perfect for finches
  • Freshly-packed finch food
  • Attracts other types of birds
  • Tendency to germinate once in the ground

This finch food is for birders looking to attract wild finches in their backyard. Wild finches will be coming in droves once they know you are putting this bird food on the feeders. This product is developed with an excellent mixture of seeds that the finches love to eat.

9. Hagen Finch Staple Vme Seeds

hagen finch staple vme seeds

The Hagen Finch Staple seed is one of those high-quality finch foods that can be offered to the finches visiting your backyard. Finch birds are difficult to feed since they only like tiny seeds, but this product perfectly matches its smaller size.

I really like the mixture of this finch food in terms of the bird seeds being used as ingredients. In fact, only high-quality seeds are being used to guarantee the freshness of the seeds, which in turn attracts those finches coming into your backyard.

Quality-wise, this finch food does not come with filler foods which are usually abandoned and thrown by the birds. So, expect all the seeds to be eaten by the finches and not leave wastes on the ground.

This finch food is also freshly-packed using high-quality packaging. It comes with specialized packaging that locks and seals effectively to prevent any air from coming into the container and prevent premature seed aging. Seed aging is usually a problem that keeps the seeds lasting long but with its high-quality container, expect this finch food to last long.

Lastly, this finch food also comes with a lovely scent, which helps attract those hard-to-pleased finches into the backyard. This finch food has a fresh and sweet smell that the birds usually like and enjoy.

  • Uses only high-quality seeds as ingredients
  • The seeds look clean and polished
  • Fresh-packed filler-free finch food
  • Provides excellent nutritional value to the birds
  • Using high-end resealable packaging that prevents early seed aging
  • Needs to use the suitable bird feeder

Without the filler seeds, this finch food is one of my preferred seeds for the finches. It is freshly packed and uses high-quality packaging, which is excellent for storage and long-term use. The lovely smell is a bonus and helps attract the finches.

10. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Finch Foods

vitakraft menu vitamin fortified finch foods

In general, finches are picky eaters, which means you will need to find the right food for them. High-quality seeds with the right mixture can attract the finches, just like this finch food from Vitakraft.

Looking at the seeds, I like the combination of seeds used in this finch food. It is a mixture of grains, seeds, tropical fruits, and vegetables. All of these ingredients attract finches as they like them a lot.

As picky as the finches are when it comes to food, these beloved songbirds really like this bird food a lot. I have seen them constantly eat everything that I put on the bird feeder together with the other birds visiting my backyard. Most of the first usually throw the seeds they did not like, but this finch food is different as the finches devoured them entirely without any waste.

If the birds like it, I am always confident that I am giving them the right food with all the nutrients they need to live and thrive. This bird food provides vital nutrients for the benefit of the finches, such as Omega 3, which makes the feathers look stunning with its color and brightness.

Finally, the smell of this finch food is also very nice, which helps attract the birds. It has no strong fake scent, which I smell from other brands. It is all pure freshness and sweet scent. Also, it comes with a high-quality resealable bag that helps in retaining its freshness during storage and keeping it clean and bug-free all the time.

  • Excellent mixture of high-quality seeds, tropical fruits, and vegetables that finches like
  • Developed with essential nutrients to support the health and well-being of the birds
  • Freshly-packed and filler-free finch food
  • It smells fresh; no strong fake scent
  • With a resealable bag that keeps it clean and bug-free
  • It tends to germinate too much once on the ground

The finches love this high-quality finch food. The birds will no longer toss it out on the feeder with the right mixture of bird seeds, which usually happens if they do not like the seeds. The resealable bag is a nice feature because it helps in keeping the seeds fresh, clean, and bug-free.

What to Look For When Buying a Finch Food

best bird seed for finches

What to Look For When Buying a Finch Food

The Right Mixture of Seeds

An excellent finch food should come with the right mixture of seeds which the finches like. Some of the seeds they want are nyjer seeds, canary seeds, and golden fish millet. These birds also like to devour fruits and vegetables.

So, when buying finch food, look for the bird food ingredients and see what is inside the product package. Also, when feeding those birds, you will know that they will not like it because they will just throw out the seeds on the ground, which will result in a lot of waste.

Nutritional Value

Another essential factor to consider is the nutritional value it gives to the finches. It is all about finding the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that finch food provides to the birds. Typically, commercial seeds lack the nutrients compared to the natural seeds in the wild, but some brands focus on giving the right amount of vitamins and minerals to make the finches healthy.

Absence of Filler Seeds

Filler seeds are usually found in low-quality bird food. These seeds are often used as fillers in packaged bird seed mixes. However, finches and other birds will not eat them. Filler seeds will also become waste seeds, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, contaminating the fresh seeds.

Lovely scent

You should also consider the scent of the finch food before purchasing them. All of the finch food that I use for my birds comes with a lovely scent that helps in attracting the birds. Usually, the orange and sweet smell of the finch food adds to the birds’ interest in eating the bird food.

High-Quality Packaging

It is also essential to look for finch food with high-quality product containers or packaging. Packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the freshness of the seeds once you store them. A resealable bag also helps maintain the cleanliness of the seeds and keep them bug-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

bird seed for house finch

What is the Best Food for the Goldfinch?

Goldfinches like to eat tiny seeds, just like most of the other finches. In particular, they like to eat nyjer and sunflower seeds. If you want to make them come back to your backyard consistently, give them finch food full of sunflower and nyjer seeds.

What to Feed Baby Finches?

If you take care of baby finches, you can give them wild bird seeds and finch food containing sunflower seeds, kernels, and millet. The baby finches also tend to eat insects such as meal and wax worms.

What do Finches eat in Nature?

When they are in the wild, these finches like to eat seeds. These birds want to devour different types of plant seeds, particularly those found in the grass. However, the availability of these seeds will depend on the kind of season. Finches also like to eat insects, fruits, berries, and vegetables.


The best finch food is a mixture of different types of seeds and other food that the finches like. But what is important is the nutritional value it gives to the bird. It is also a must for finch food to have the best product package and suitable feeders to keep it fresh during the storing process.

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