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How to Keep Raccoons Away from Bird Feeders

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how to keep raccoons away from bird feeders

Are you wondering why the seeds from your bird feeders are gone, and nothing is left for your bird visitors? Well, these sneaky raccoons visit and forage your bird feeders.

It may be a problem for some homeowners. The birds won’t visit their homes anymore because there is no food available in the feeders. It is somehow worrisome that raccoons eat the seeds that are intended for their bird pets.

No worries as we will teach you how to keep raccoons away from bird feeders. There are some simple things to do, and indeed your unwanted visitors will never be seen again in your home.


Things that Draw Raccoons to Bird Feeders

Raccoons eat anything from frogs to insects, plants, and even the seeds from your bird feeders. The seeds are what they are after in your bird feeders.

And their most favorite food is the sunflower seeds. They raid your bird feeders looking for sunflower seeds and other seeds that birds love to eat. These include the nyjer or thistle, safflower, peanuts, shelled and cracked corn, white proso millet, sorghum or milo, flax, red millet, and golden millet, among others.

Yes, these wild animals empty your bird feeders at night. Whatever seeds they find, they will eat. So, be sure that you put your bird feeders in at night and then take them out in the morning. You will be sure that your birds have something to peck.

How to Keep Raccoons Off Bird Feeders (5 ways)

things that draw raccoons to bird feeders

The raccoons only attack and visit your yard to raid your feeder at night. So, some of the things you should do must be done during night time. Among these things to keep raccoons away from your bird feeders are the following:

Bring your bird feeders in at night

These tricky creatures are nocturnal and look for food at night. So, get your bird feeders and place them inside your house during nighttime.

In this manner, the raccoons have nothing to find in your yard and discourage them from visiting your place. You can bring out the bird feeders in the morning so your friendly bird visitors can eat.

Play audio sound of bears or tigers

The enemies of raccoons are bears and tigers. To draw them away from your bird feeders, you may record the growl or sound of bears or tigers. Then, play the audio at night. It will scare the raccoons, and they will not come near the bird feeders.

Make a noise

The raccoons are not used to any noise that is done during the daytime. It is because they roam around at night in which they are used to the quietness of the dark. You may turn on your radio around 25 to 85Hz to discourage the raccoons from entering your yard.

Use scents that raccoons hate

These animals have a strong sense of smell. Among the scents that they hate include the smell of garlic, onion, hot pepper, peppermint oil, spices, and ammonia.

You may spray or scatter these things to your yard or near the place your bird feeders are located. Indeed, these scents will repel the raccoons away.

Having a model of enemies of raccoons

You can scare the raccoons away from your yard. You may place models of the enemies of raccoons in your yard.

Among the predators of raccoons, predators include tiger, wolf, and bear. It will scare the raccoons thinking that these predators might eat them.

Also, combine it with the audio of the predators. The raccoons will run away from your home and will not hesitate to raid your bird feeders.

How to Maintain Bird Feeders to Keep Raccoons Away

Sometimes your bird visitors are making a mess in your yard. This attracts the crafty raccoons from visiting your yard and foraging your bird feeders.

Because of this scenario, you have to maintain your bird feeders by cleaning up your yard or the area that the seeds are scattered. Be sure that there are no seeds on the ground or else you will see raccoons roaming in your yard.

You may also buy a bird feeder that will not spill the seeds. It is available in some online stores now.

Also, do not hang your feeders on trees. The raccoons will cleverly reach out and put down your bird feeder. It is better if you nailed the feeder high up on the tree.


It is essential to protect your bird feeders from raccoons. Of course, if you want friendly visitors be in your yard.

You can do this by following some precautions and maintenance you should do. Any of the ways on how to keep raccoons away from bird feeders is effective.

We recommend spraying the scents the raccoons dislike and playing the sound of their predators. Indeed, these will ward off raccoons to your bird feeders.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to keep raccoons out of the bird feeders, you may share them in the comment box below. We surely appreciate them.

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