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How to Keep Crows Away from Bird Feeders

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how to keep crows away from bird feeders

If birds are your passion, then having a bird feeder around your backyard can be fun and exciting. There is a sense of fulfillment in having to see those birds in your backyard while consuming their food. However, the bird feeder can also attract unwanted animals to your home, particularly crows. These types of birds are large and can dominate the other small birds for food. They are aggressive and can be a headache to you as a birder.

But how to keep crows away from bird feeders? It can be complicated and challenging since crows are known to be intelligent and social, which means it can be difficult to scare them away. But with all the negative things they bring to your backyard, there is no choice but to find ways to prevent them from coming to your bird feeder. One of them is to buy a crow-proof bord feeder or make your own system to keep them away for good.


The Importance of Keeping Crows Away

Crows are always searching for food, and they can practically eat anything without even caring what it is. These animals have large appetites, which means they can invade your bird feeder and consume all the bird seeds inside. Also, since they are social birds, they can also call their friends to join the invasion and give additional headaches to you.

Apart from quickly locating bird feeders, this aggressive bird can also bring chaos and carnage into your home. They can destroy the orderliness of your lawn, scatter the garbage, and even frighten your beloved pets. Much worst, they can leave dirt and messy droppings that can possibly spread disease into your neighborhood.

All of these reasons stated above are good enough to challenge every birder to find ways to prevent or at least minimize the crow from invading not only your bird feeder but your home in general. Many people have attempted to developed methods and techniques to keep this aggressive creature away with varying levels of success. But the most important thing is to start from the basics, focusing on preventing crows from invading your bird feeder.

Different Ways to Keep Crows Away from Bird Feeders

the importance of keeping crows away

Finding a solution to this problem can be tricky with the intelligence and street smarts of this bird. But, there are techniques that you can employ to prevent or at least minimize this creature from taking away the food of your bird. Please check our list below:

Removing and Keeping the Trash Secured All the Time

Constantly removing or keeping the trash at home and securing it all the time can help control the crow’s presence in your home. After all, these birds are very opportunistic when it comes to food, especially those found in the trash bins. If they cannot find anything in the trash can, they will probably relocate to another location.

In dealing with your garbage, make sure that you have enough trash bins in your home. All of your waste should be put in the trash bags and once it is full, put it in well-secured trash bins. The key is to have well-secured trash bins covered and enclosed enough to prevent the crows from going inside. Also, it is essential to locate your trash bins in a place that is not easy to access with these opportunistic birds.

Scaring Them Away

life-sized scarecrow

One way to prevent them from going into your backyard is to scare them away yourself. You can do anything humanely possible, like threatening them verbally or waving aggressively at them but make sure not to do things that may hurt them. Since they are intelligent birds, they can recognize a human face and might be scared once you do your own theatrics in scaring them away. But, be careful as your action can backfire, and they might fight back, which you do not want to happen.

Another way is to design a life-sized scarecrow that looks like an actual human. It should be given with the appropriate clothes with bright colors to make them easily recognizable. Using this technique provides different levels of success. Some have successfully kept the crows away while others don’t because this bird has its own intelligence that can probably help them recognize an actual individual.

Using a Fence

A fence can also help in preventing the crow from invading your precious bird feeder station. You can protect this structure by creating a fence surrounding the feeder station. Doing this action will delimit the available space around the feeder station, making the crows uncomfortable. You must build the fence with small halls where only small birds can gain entry and not the large ones like the crow.

Locate your Bird Feeder to a Safe Place

Changing the location of the bird feeder can be an excellent way to keep the crow away. But make sure to keep the surroundings always clean and free from trash to eliminate any form of an invitation to the opportunistic bird. You must also make sure to find ways to eliminate the birdseeds from spilling to the ground to not give any additional sign for this bird to come into the area.

Protecting your Bird Feeder

crow-proof bird feeder

There are many ways to protect your feeder station from crow invasion. For example, you can use two domed wire hanging baskets while enclosing the feeder inside. Then, you can tie the two baskets together and install them on a table pole. Or you can use a hanging cable to surround the feeder station.

Another way is to use a crow-proof bird feeder station available in the market. Doing this action can be costly, but this should not be an issue if you have the money and resources. There are many products for bird feeder protection that you can buy directly or in online stores.


The crows can be a nuisance and annoying especially if it is frequently visiting in your home. It can create chaos and invade your bird feeder station and take away all the bird seeds intended for your beloved birds. But, learning how to keep crows away from bird feeders is the ultimate solution to prevent this bird from disturbing the birds visiting your place. After all, it is all about developing different techniques that can effectively prevent this bird from invading the feeder station and your home.

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