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How to Hang Bird Feeder from Tree

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how to hang bird feeder from tree

A tree is an excellent location for a bird feeder to hang because it provides easy access and safety to the birds. But do you know how to hang bird feeder from tree? If not, we have listed several ways to hang a bird feeder to a tree below.


Method 1: Through a Ladder

When hanging a bird feeder, the equipment that immediately comes to mind is the ladder. Using a ladder will allow the birder to reach a particular branch of the tree where the bird feeder will be hung, provided that the location is easily accessible and can be reached by the ladder. If the tree branch is too high, I do not think a ladder can be used in hanging the bird feeder.

Also, using a ladder will be difficult if the trees are denser and contain more branches. You will need an athletic climber to use the ladder and climb to the specific spot where you want the bird feeder to be hung.

hang bird feeder with clothesline pole

Method 2: Using a Swimming Pool Pole

Anything that can raise the bird feeder into the tree can be used to hang it, depending on your creativity in doing it. If you have a swimming pool pole, it can certainly be used to hang a bird feeder in the branch of a tree.

However, a swimming pool pole is built straight and does not have any hook at the end, making it more challenging during the installation. But you can be creative by creating a temporary hook to hold the feeder as you put it in the branch of a tree.

You can improvise yourself by making a temporary hook which will be attached at the end of the pole. But you need to have it secured tightly to prevent an accidental fall of the bird feeder during the installation.

Method 3: By Using a Clothesline Pole

If you like to have your laundry dried up outside, you are probably using a clothesline pole. This equipment in your home can also be used to hang a bird feeder to a tree, especially if you own those long poles.

The upside in using clothesline poles is the presence of a fold on the tip, which is usually used in threading the clothes and prevents them from constantly slipping off. This part of the pole can be used to have a hook in it, which can be used to hand a bird feeder on a tree or remove it if you want to refill it with bird seeds.

Using this method can have a lot of downsides, especially if the tree is a little bit high. But with its height, it can certainly be an excellent way to hang the bird feeder, provided that you can find ways to secure it when putting it on the tree or retrieving it during the refill of seeds.

Method 4: By Anchoring a Rope

hang feeder by anchoring rope

Using a rope is probably the simplest way to hang a bird feeder over a branch of a tree. But you need to have the right length of the rope for it to be effective. The size of the rope should be doubled or probably more to the distance of the bird feeder to the ground.

For example, if the distance between the possible spot of the bird feeder in the tree is 15 feet, you will need at least 30 feet of rope or probably more during the installation. The first 15 feet will connect the bird feeder from the branch to the ground. The other 15 feet is reserved for hanging the rope towards the ground.

This part of the rope will be used to pull up or down the bird feeder once it needs seed refill or even cleaning. Once the rope is positioned correctly, you will have an easier time refilling or cleaning the bird feeder if you want to do so.

Method 5: Using a Pulley System

Last but certainly not least, using a pulley system is probably one of the coolest ways to hang a bird feeder to a tree. Unique because a pulley system will let you hang the feeder systematically without making too much effort.

A pulley system works similarly when using a rope but uses a system through a wheel that will allow you to thread a rope or a wire to make the pulling very easy. This system works similarly with anchoring a rope but is more systematic since using a pulley system mechanism.

But you need to install the pulley system first to make it work the first time. Hanging the pulley on the tree will be your priority. You will need it to be safe and secured before using it full time.

Additional Tips in Hanging a Bird Feeder From a Tree

how to hang a bird feeder without a tree

When hanging a bird feeder from a tree, you need to select a safe location from the strongest winds in your area. Doing this action will help in protecting the bird feeder from constantly swaying, which in turn minimizes the chance of the seeds from spoiling.

You also need to ensure that the branch of the tree is sturdy enough to carry the bird feeder once it is hanging. You need to test it securely if it can carry the full weight of the feeder when it is full of bird seeds.

It is also beneficial to hang bird feeders on the tree which is shaded. This action protects the seeds and other bird foods from spoiling quickly. Nectar and suet, for example, can easily spoil if it is too much exposed to the sun.

You also need to check the feeders regularly, notably the hook and the cord. Check for any damage or wear so that you can immediately find a solution in fixing it. If you fail to do it, there is a chance that the feeder will fall in due time. Checking can be done during the refilling of seeds to the feeder.

However, if you do not have a tree that accommodates the bird feeder and lacks garden space, you also need to learn how to hang a bird feeder without a tree. For one, you can use the walls of your house when positioning the bird feeder.

You can use a wall bracket in hanging bird feeders as long as your house has a solid structural wall. If you have a space in your garden, you can use feeder poles and install them in your backyard. Windows can also be a perfect place for bird feeders to be installed if you do not mind seeing birds from time to time.


Hanging a bird feeder is an excellent idea, but you should know how to hang bird feeder from tree. There are many ways to do it, but the most important thing is to choose a method that works for you. It is also a must to secure the bird feeder thoroughly in the tree to ensure that it is well-protected from outside threats.

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