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How to Deter Birds from Porch

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how to deter birds from porch

Many homeowners considered the porch an essential part of their house. But, they are also the bird’s favorite destination during their visit, leaving all forms of dirt and mess that need to be cleaned. If you are annoyed by the constant cleaning, check our guide on how to deter birds from porch effectively.

Eye Deterrents Audible Deterrents Physical Deterrents
Light Deterrents Wind Chimes Bird Spikes
Fake Image Deterrents Ultrasonic Sound Units Baking Soda


Method No. 1: Using Eye Deterrents

Eye deterrents are those visual elements that can be used to intimidate the birds from coming into your porch. Reflective light is very effective in deterring the birds from coming, while a fake image of anything that a bird is afraid of has been proven to be very effective as well. Here are some deterrents that you can use to get rid of the birds from your porch:

Light Deterrents

Using light to deter birds on the porch has proven to be a very effective method. There are many ways to do it, but you need to be creative in maximizing the light to deter the birds away effectively. One suggestion is to use fake foil or pie pans to produce a light that will eventually deter the birds.

You can make a hole at the center of the pie plate to use a string to hang it strategically. But make sure that the reflective light it produces will go directly to that porch. This step will impact the birds’ desire to land on your porch.

You can even upgrade this method by attaching a pinwheel to any post near the porch. This step will give additional reflective light when it is windy. As the blades are spinning, the reflective light will reflect in different areas around your porch, which will make the birds afraid of the light.

There are also other things that you can use to produce reflective light to deter the birds. A small error and an old or used CD is also very effective to deter the birds from the porch. You have to look for a location where these materials will reflect their light directly to the porch to prevent the birds from coming.

Fake Image Deterrents

Using fake images can help in making the birds uncomfortable and eventually afraid of spending time on the porch. It is usual for the birds to be afraid once they see a possible prey on their side. With this situation in mind, using fake images of their prey can be very effective in deterring these birds away from the porch of your home.

One image that you can use is an owl that can be decorated near the porch of your home. Seeing the image will make the birds eventually stay away from the porch because they know the imminent danger that the owl brings to them.
It will be better to use a fake image with a bobbing head to make it more realistic. You can also try to relocate the position of this fake image for the birds to think that it has transferred to a different spot, making them realize that it’s legit.

Method No. 2: By Using Audible Deterrents

When it comes to learning how to scare birds away from the porch, you can also use sounds or audio to make the birds scared to stay on the porch. There are different ways to do it, which we have listed below.

Wind Chimes

Using wind chimes is found to be very effective in making the birds uncomfortable and uneasy. The sounds they produce can be annoying to the birds that are visiting your house. It may not be as effective as the pie pans but can still help in deterring the birds away.

You can strategically be positioned near the porch to make it more effective. You can place them on the corner of the porch or in the patio or deck, which has direct access to the porch. If your porch is bigger, then using multiple chimes is highly recommended.

You can also use metallic wind chime to use two deterrent methods in one single item. The metallic property of a wind chime can produce a reflective light while also producing a sound that will scare the birds away from your porch.

Ultrasonic Sound Units

An ultrasonic sound unit is a special tool that can be used to deter the birds from coming to the porch of your house and the other parts. This tool is designed to copy the distress calls of the birds to keep them away.

When a bird hears a distress call from other birds, they will think that it is a threat and staying away from the house will be a good idea. The problem with this tool is that you will need to identify what birds are visiting your porch to make it more effective.

Method 3: Using Physical Deterrents

Physical deterrents are those things you use to deter the birds from coming into the porch. There are two physical deterrents that we have listed since it has been proven to scare those birds away from the house.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are an excellent investment that you can use to deter birds from visiting your home’s porch. It can be installed in gutters and lights to make it very effective. It will be better to use the narrowest set of spikes because small birds will always be visiting your porch.

Baking Soda

Sprinkling a baking soda in and around your porch can be very simple but the most effective way to deter the birds. You have to spread the baking soda where the birds usually perch.

It can be on the railings or some other parts of the porch. Apparently, birds do not like the feeling of having a baking soda under their feet which means they will try to avoid landing on the porch. However, you need to replace it once it is wiped out constantly.

How to Get Rid of Birds Nest on Porch

how to get rid of birds nest on porch

Another annoying situation is when you find that the birds are nesting on the porch of your home. It can be a problem for the owners since it can damage the porch and even block the ventilation system.

But to prevent this situation from happening, you must scare these birds away from your home. The methods we have just presented above have proven very effective in deterring the birds from coming into your home.

You can also block potential nesting areas in the porch and other areas of your home. This action will discourage the birds from coming there. In addition, installing enough birdhouses in your yard will eventually prevent the birds from using any part of your house.


Learning how to deter birds from porch is necessary to prevent them from messing or damaging this specific part of your house. There are many ways to do it, as presented above. Most of the methods are easy and simple but have been proven to be very effective in preventing the birds from coming into the porch of your house.

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