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The Best Conure Food for 2022

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best conure food

There are many reasons why a conure bird makes an excellent pet. Aside from being colorful and active, these birds are known for their engaging personalities. These wonderful little birds have the ability to speak several words to entertain themselves and their owners.

But how do you feed these beautiful birds? What is the best conure food? This article listed the best bird food for conures based on our experience and the recommendations from prominent aviculturists and veterinarians.


Best Conure Food Reviews

1. Higgins 466125 Safflower Gold Natural Conure Food

higgins 466125 safflower gold natural conure foods

Conure birds like to eat seeds, nuts, fruits, and even berries. With this essential information, a bird pet owner must provide a similar conure seed mix when giving a commercial bird food. One such conure food is this product from Higgins, which I have previously used on my conure birds.

I can still remember the very first time I used it for my birds for the first time. The moment I opened it, the smell immediately caught my attention. It smelled so fresh, and the pleasant odor was obviously coming from the seeds and the pellets inside.

I was also impressed by the seed mixture of this conure food. The product is blended with all the seed varieties and pellets that the bird loves to eat. As a pet owner, I am meticulous in reading the ingredients of a product, but this bird food provides the right mixture of seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

The nutrients it gives to the bird are also essential since they make them more active and healthier. This bird food is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which help improve the birds’ immune system. It contains nutrients that help improve its digestive system.

Meanwhile, this product also does not contain artificial colors and preservatives. It is an all-natural ingredient that brings substantial benefits to the bird. The only issue with this product is the packaging which tends to open easily. The company can still improve it to secure the seeds and prevent spoilage during storage and delivery.

  • Excellent blend of ingredients
  • It comes in a delicious smell
  • It does not contain artificial ingredients and colors
  • It contains nutrients for a healthier bird
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Subpar packaging

This conure food smells so lovely that the birds want to eat it all the time. The quality of the product is top-notch and delivered fresh the moment you ordered it. It is a perfect choice for a healthier and happier conure bird.

2. Sun Seed Vita Prima Conure Food

sun seed vita prima conure food

The nutrients are also essential in looking for the best food for conures. You want a meal that the birds like while also providing the much-needed vitamins and minerals. In my experience, this conure food from Sun Seed has what it takes to be an excellent supplemental food for your conure birds.

This bird food was the right choice for my sun conure because they love eating it all the time. It also helps that this product is probiotics which means it is very healthy. Probiotics can help boost the immune system and help birds improve when having diarrhea.

I also like the quality of the seeds in this product. It is so fresh that the moment you open the container, you can really tell the difference between this product and other cheap commercial bird food. The fragrance is so lovely as it combines the smell of fresh scent and fresh fruit.

I also like the mixture of ingredients in this conure food. All of the seeds, grains, vegetables, and fruits are all food for sun conure which they want to eat. The ingredients also come in different shapes, textures, and flavors, encouraging the conure birds to use their natural foraging skills and instinct.

Apart from the excellent mix of ingredients, this conure food comes from all-natural sources, which are pretty impressive. I have not seen any artificial ingredients, flavors, and even coloring, which is very good for the birds.

  • Formulated with fresh and wholesome ingredients
  • Excellent source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Ingredient’s unique size, texture, and flavor encourages the foraging instinct of the birds
  • It comes very fresh and smells nicely
  • It does not contain artificial flavors and coloring
  • Some seeds are too small

This product is the best food for sun conures as it smells so fresh and healthy. The birds look forward to getting their bowl filled with it. It is clean food and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It also comes in all-natural sources, which will benefit the birds and their overall health.

3. Sweet Harvest Kaylor of Colorado Conure Food

sweet harvest kaylor of colorado conure food

Conure birds, in general, are not really picky eaters, but there are bird foods that they do not want to eat. With this situation in mind, giving a conure food they like and love to eat is essential, just like this conure food from Sweet Harvest.

This product has the right mix of seeds and ingredients that conure birds like. I am talking about safflower seeds, canary seeds, white prose, wheat, oat groats, papaya, carrots, raisins, and so many more. The bird will get a lot of variety, but none of them are filler seeds which always remain because birds will not eat them.

Most bird food comes with added ingredients that the birds do not want to eat. This conure food is entirely different. There is no waste when giving this food to your conure birds. The seed mixture will make the birds want more food in their bowl.

I am also impressed by the quality of this bird food. The food is extremely clean and looks so fresh once you open the packaging. It looks so fresh, which means it also comes with a lot of nutrients that a bird needs in its body.

It also comes in an excellent package. The ingredients are very secure and fresh because the packaging is of excellent quality. It comes with a resealable feature that helps make the seeds fresh during storage.

  • Uses natural ingredients enriched in vitamins and minerals
  • Seeds and other ingredients look very clean and fresh
  • It uses all-natural ingredients
  • No filler ingredients which prevents waste
  • Well-packaged and comes with a resealable feature
  • Some seeds are too big for conures

Overall, I really love the variety of seeds in the mix of this conure food. It smells very fresh and does not get too much waste because the birds will eat almost all of them. And it comes in durable packaging, which helps maintain the freshness and make it last longer.

4. Birds LOVE Natural Garden Blend Conures Food

birds love natural garden blend conures food

In every bird food, the quality of the ingredients will largely determine its overall taste and also influence if the bird likes it or not. This conure food from Birds Love is all about having a natural mix of ingredients, which makes the conure eat them easily.

The ingredients include all-natural seeds, vegetables, nuts, and even natural fruits. All of these ingredients are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates which are beneficial for the overall health of the birds.

I also like the freshness of this conure food. It comes in several varieties of color and nutrition. You will not find any artificial coloring and even added preservatives and sweeteners. You will get a natural bird food that the conure will always eat once you put it in front of them.

It also smells very nice. It is really because of the freshness of the ingredients. You will not find any dust or filler seeds because they are packed tightly. The bag is also resealable, which will help in keeping it fresh even in storage.

  • Developed with all-natural ingredients which the conure birds love to eat
  • It does not come with [preservatives, sweeteners, and even artificial coloring
  • It smells very nice and looks so fresh
  • An excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and even carbohydrates
  • Pack tightly and securely to maintain its freshness for a long time
  • The packaging bag is a little bit smaller

If you are looking for freshness and quality, these conure food pellets are an excellent choice. It is well-packaged, and the ingredients are all-natural. Absolutely, there are no fillers and other unnecessary seeds in this conure food which the birds will not eat.

5. Higgins Vita Seed Conure Food

higgins vita seed conure food

Choosing food for conures is influenced by several factors, such as quality and the right mix of ingredients, among others. But selecting a bird food that the birds will eat is also essential since it minimizes the waste left after eating.

With that said, this conure food from Higgins has the natural blend and taste, which has given my green cheek conure the right food for their everyday needs. It is the best green cheek conure food based on quality and how my birds devour all the seeds during mealtime.

I like the combinations of dried seeds and fruits, which look very fresh and new. The moment I opened the packaging, the scented smell of the ingredients was very evident. It is probably one of the reasons why the birds like this conure food and leave almost no waste after eating.

The less waste they leave, the less problem for anyone because fewer seeds will germinate in the ground. Also, the more they eat, the more nutrients they will take on the body, which is good for the bird’s health. This conure food is rich in vitamins and minerals and is enriched in probiotics.

Lastly, I was also impressed by the packaging of this conure food. This product is very well-packaged and comes with resealable properties. This feature is essential in keeping the seeds fresh during storage.

  • Developed with the right combination of dried seeds and fruits
  • Made with natural blend enriched in vitamins and minerals
  • No preservatives and artificial flavors
  • Protected with probiotics and enriched with DHA
  • It comes with a durable and high-quality packaging bag
  • Too many large seeds

This product is the best food for green cheek conure due to its right combination of dried seeds and fruits. It looks so fresh and does bring vitamins and minerals to your conure birds. This conure food is one of those types that leaves less waste because the birds love to eat everything.

6. Volkman Avian Science Super Lovebird Diet Food

volkman avian science super lovebird diet food

Traditionally, conure birds are not picky eaters, but they know what seeds and fruits they like to eat. If they do not like it, they will just kick it, and the seeds will just be a waste on the ground. With this information, you must find a conure food which is made specifically for them just like this product from Volkman.

This conure food is developed specifically for conure birds and their taste. It is the right conure food with its exceptional combination of ingredients; all picked for the taste of the conure birds. Personally, I have seen my conure birds not eat 100% of the seeds, but this product is the closest I got to zero waste after eating.

This conure food is one of the few brands that my birds love to eat. They like it so much that they eat almost everything. There are very few seeds that go to waste because all the seeds are for their taste. The blend is made for these cute little birds.

Meanwhile, the birds are also glowing, which is a good indication of the nutrients it gives to the birds. All of the birds come with fine feathers and vivid colors, which shows how healthy they are. This conure food is an excellent alternative for the fresh food you give to the birds.

I also like the freshness of this bird food. It’s probably because of the packaging which secures the seeds inside. It also comes with a resealable feature which helps in keeping it fresh for a long time, especially during storage.

  • Specially developed for conure birds
  • Fewer seeds go down to waste after eating
  • Excellent source of nutrients to make your birds healthy
  • It comes very fresh and has a pleasant smell
  • It comes in a secured and resealable packaging bag
  • Some seeds are too small

This conure food is the brand that most birds like the most. The variety of seeds is picked specifically for conure birds, making them eat almost everything with close to zero waste. This bird food is also an excellent pairing to your fresh bird food.

7. LAFEBER Conure Tropical Fruit Gourmet Pellets

lafeber conure tropical fruit gourmet pellets

Apart from different types of seeds, conure birds also like to eat fruits as part of their meal. You can alternately use this fruit gourmet pellet from Lafeber as part of their meal in the absence of fresh fruits. I am so impressed with the quality of this conure food, and it should bring a lot of upsides to your conure birds.

This product is one of the best pellet food for conures for the simple reason that it is made with real fruit. While some of my birds hated pellets, this conure food was completely different. It was probably because of its excellent taste and the natural flavors that make them satisfied when they eat them.

Since it comes with natural flavors, it is expected that there are no artificial flavors, colors, and even preservatives in this conure food. There is also no added sugar or fructose, which is beneficial to the bird’s overall health. The birds will get an all-natural flavor that promotes a healthy immune system and the much-needed energy for a more active life.

My bird used to hate pellets, but they actually liked it from the moment I started giving them to them. Furthermore, you can make this conure food as an alternative to your other bird food. Sometimes, it is better for your birds to have a variety of foods to avoid boredom.

Also, this conure food exudes freshness the moment you open it in the packaging bag. It smells so good and looks so fresh you can really tell the quality. The packaging bag is also very thick and durable. It also comes with resealable features that help keep the pellets secure all the time.

  • Made with natural flood
  • No added preservatives, flavors, and artificial colors
  • Developed with no added sugar and fructose for a healthier pellet
  • It improves the immune system and gives the much-needed energy
  • Enhanced healthy skin and feathers
  • It comes in excellent packaging
  • It needs to be frozen to prevent moth larvae from thriving

This conure food comes in excellent quality and is the best pellet food for your conure birds. The fact that this is developed with all-natural fruits makes it perfect for conure birds. This bird food is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that will keep you healthy and active all the time.

What to Look For When Buying a Conure Food

best bird food for conures

It is a fact that there are many types of conure found in the market. They all come in different brands, types, and sizes, making it difficult to choose the right one for your bird. But in looking for conure food, there are things that you need to look at as a guide to choose the right one for conure birds.

The Right Mixture of Ingredients

Traditionally, conure birds like to eat seeds, fruits, berries, and vegetables in the wild. With this information in mind, you also want to find something similar in looking for conure food in the market. It will be better to find a conure food made specifically for them.

Peanuts and sunflower seeds are some seeds that conure birds like to eat. So, it will be better for you to look for these seeds and the others that the birds prefer. In doing so, you find the right mixture of ingredients that fits perfectly for your conure birds.

Taste and Palatability

It is also essential to ensure that the conure food you choose comes with an excellent taste that the birds like to eat. Meaning it should be palatable enough for them to eat most of what you put on the bowl.

Once the food you offer them will not meet their taste, it will be a big problem for you because they will just throw it away. The seeds they throw on the ground can be a problem because they will germinate if not properly removed. So, look for conure food that the birds like not to leave or throw to the ground.

Quality and Freshness

The moment you open the packaging of the conure food, and it emits a pleasant and scented smell, that is a sign of being fresh and new. Most often, the nice smell of the seeds can also add to the desire of the birds to eat them, which means freshness is also important in looking for conure food.

In addition, the lack of quality and freshness can result in the birds not eating the food. I have seen bird food which comes in low quality and staleness. The problem with this bird food is often you will see bugs, larvae, and other unwanted organisms mixed on the bird food, which is not a good situation for your birds.

Nutritional Value

In every conure food you consider, the nutritional value is an essential factor because it helps keep your birds healthy all the time. So, you need to check on the labels of every product and look for all the nutrients it gives to your birds.

You must also look for the actual results when you start giving the food to your birds. Look for signs on their body. Are the bird’s feathers more colorful? Are they very active and do not get sick? If the answer to these questions is all affirmative, then you have excellent conure food that provides exceptional nutritional value.


Packaging is also essential in choosing conure food because it helps keep the food fresh when packed from the manufacturer and goes to the market. The packaging bag should provide security to maintain the seeds fresh even during storage. The resealable feature is also essential to still close the pack even after opening it.

Frequently Asked Questions

best food for sun conures

What is the Healthiest Food for Conures?

Healthy food for conures comes in different forms and combinations. A good option for the bird;’s base diet includes a variety of dry foods or seed mix which we have listed in our recommended conure foods.

Then, fruits and vegetables should also be a part of the conure’s diet as it gives excellent nutritional value to the birds. You can also offer foods that are an excellent source of protein, such as hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and many more.

Can Conures eat Parrot Food?

Yes, conure birds can eat parrot food because conures are practically part of the parrot family. These foods include commercial bird seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, and occasional treats. So, technically, conures are parrots which means they like to eat and share similar foods.


The best conure food can keep the birds healthy and active. There are a lot of foods which are perfect for conure birds. It is all about finding the right one that will fit the taste of the birds and the one that can give excellent nutritional value every day and keep them away from sickness.

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