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How to Attract Quail

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how to attract quail

Quail is different from the other birds you want to attract in the backyard because they can be bred for business. These birds are also an excellent source of meat and eggs for consumption. However, their fluffy plumage, round bodies, and cute appearance make them a unique attraction in the backyard.

So, how to attract quail? These birds are naturally shy, and it can be a challenge to attract them. But once they are, these birds can be regular visitors to your feeders along with the other birds because of their ability to get along well with the others.


Where Do Quail Live

Since they eat grass seeds and insects, quail can be found in cropland, grassy fields, and meadow habitats. This bird species also likes to live on the ground, where they will be seen foraging, nesting, and even sleeping on the grass.

In the United States, quail can be found everywhere, with at least six different species appearing consistently. Thes scaled quail can be found in states such as Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. The California quail can be found on the pacific coast, while the northern bobwhite can be found in the states located in the north and southeast. You can also attract these birds if you follow some of the tips we provide below:

Quail Prefers Secluded Bird Bath

As mentioned earlier, quail are generally shy, which means it can be a challenge to attract them. But one thing that can attract the birds is a water source that will be used for drinking and bathing. However, they like the water source to be private or hidden.

Ground Bird Baths are Perfect for Quail

With this requirement, quail will likely use a ground bird bath instead of the other types that are elevated and too exposed. A very private bird bath can make the birds take advantage of the water source you are offering.

The location of the birdbath is also essential. It must be in a secluded place such as a dense shrub or other areas in your backyard that are not exposed. You can also add a dripper to the birdbath to increase the chance of attracting their attention.

Quail Loves to Eat Seeds

Another way to attract quail is to provide them with the food they eat. Quail are seed eaters, which means you can provide them with commercial bird seeds in the yard. In particular, this bird species likes to eat millet seeds in their meal. They also have a preference for cracked corn.

Ground Feeders is Perfect for Quail

The shy nature of quail also makes ground feeders perfect for them. You can put the millet seeds and cracked corn in the feeder. Other seeds that you can feed them are oats, wheat, barley grains, and many more.

If there are a number of quail visiting your backyard, you can have the option to use low-height feeders to accommodate them. It will be better to attract a lot of them to make them feel safer and secure while they eat.

Making Your Backyard Attractive to Quails

quail loves to eat seeds

The shelter is also an essential factor for these birds to come into your backyard. So, if you can make your yard a place they prefered, the more chances they will visit your place. For quail, they will prefer a yard to make them safe and protected.

Making your backyard with many dense shrubs and thicket-like patches can give them the ability to take cover from predators. Planting evergreen plants will also help in providing daily shelter to these birds.

You can also do some arranging of logs or stumps in your backyard. This step will provide a space for the birds to rest or eat. You can put some shrubs around the logs to increase the bird’s interest to visit and use the space you provided.

It is also essential to create some corridors around your yard. This step will allow the birds to fly and move from one place to another without being seen by predators. Leaving a space underneath a brush pile or a deck can also attract the birds.

Provide the Best Nesting Site for Quails

You will not only need to make your backyard suitable for the quails to attract them. You will also need to provide the best nesting site to stay while they breed. These birds like to nest on the ground, which means making nesting materials available such as leaf litter, hay, dry grass, and straw.

It is also important not to trim or reduce the shrubs in your backyard during the nesting season. This part of your garden will give an additional cover to the birds when they nest. If you accidentally found a nest, it would be better to leave them alone and not disturb them.


How to attract quail? There are many things that you can do to lure these shy birds into your place. It can be a challenge but providing an adequate supply of food, shelter, water source, and nesting place can make them interested in your yard.

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