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How to Attract Mockingbirds

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how to attract mockingbirds

If you are a passionate bird watcher, there is no greater satisfaction as a birder than to attract mockingbirds in your backyard. These birds are probably one of the most entertaining species of birds you can have in your garden. Even if they are not the flashiest, they are the most talkative, and they constantly sing, copying the songs of the other birds and other insects as well. They can provide entertainment as they can sing non-stop in your backyard.

But how to attract mockingbirds? If you are interested in birds that sing non-stop, then attracting mockingbirds in your garden is the best way to go. These birds can uniquely entertain you because of their ability to sing non-stop while copying the sounds of the other birds and insects. In this article, we will share different methods we used effectively to attract mockingbirds in your area.


Attracting Mockingbirds to your Garden

There are different ways you can attract mockingbirds into your backyard. But in general, all you have to do is provide them all the essentials they need to survive, which are food, water, and protection. If you can do all of these factors in your backyard, then there is a big chance that the mocking birds will be singing in your garden in no time.

Giving Foods that they Like

The mockingbirds like to feed berry-producing shrubs, which means if you can have a blackberry, elderberry, juniper, pokeweed, and mulberry, among others, in your backyard, then you can have the best chance to attract these birds. Depending on your location, there are a lot of options available on what type of bushes grows well in your garden. In fact, growing plants that can bear fruits and seeds are the quickest way to attract birds such as mockingbirds.

In addition to having plants they like, you can also put some structures that provide food for them, such as installing a hanging bird feeder. If you can set up this feeder with suet or other seeds they like, there is an excellent chance of attracting them to your backyard. You can try putting bird feeders in different locations in your backyard, but having them near bushes or trees will allow the birds to get down to the ground and look around.

Apart from plans and seeds, you can create your own mockingbird food to attract them into your garden. For example, you can use unsalted peanuts, which should be chopped very fine using a food processor. I have used this on several occasions, and I have seen the birds feed them once they see the food in the feeding station. You can also provide them with sliced fruits such as oranges and apples.

attracting mockingbirds to your garden

Give them Water

A mockingbird will be knocking at your doorstep if you will provide them with all the elements they need to survive. One way to do it is to have a birdbath which should be positioned in a tree, in your yard, or even a branch of a tree near your house. Do not forget that these birds need water to thrive and survive, and having a source of water in your backyard will make them visit your place.

Having a water source is an excellent way to attract the mockingbirds in your garden. Apart from the birdbath, putting up a fountain in your backyard that is full of fresh water can also generate a huge amount of interest in this bird. You can even put up nesting boxes installed on trees to assists in attracting not only mocking birds but also other bird species.

Provide them with Protective Shelter

Mocking birds can also be attracted to a place that can provide them shelter and protection. So, if you can leave a few brush piles and snags in a part of your backyard, the birds will likely be attracted to them. These brush piles and snags can provide shelter to different types of insects, which can draw the mockingbirds.

These brush piles can also provide can help in protecting the mocking birds away from harm. You can also experiment in growing different types of plants like shrubs below trees if you have them in your backyard. Doing this step will give an excellent way to provide them with habitat and protection from their predators.

Other Ways to Attract Mockingbirds

If you choose to have a bird feeder in your backyard, you can also add two or more perches to it—these mockingbirds like open areas, especially those with trees and bushes. So, if you have perches installed, that will increase the birds’ chances from coming along. Another option is to set up a bird feeding station scattered in your backyard. If you have other types of birds in your garden, they will also entice the mockingbirds from going into your backyard as they like to be with other birds.


Birders like you need to attract different types of birds. And one of them is the mockingbird which is known to sing non-stop and has the ability to mimic the voice of other birds and insects. Having these bords in your backyard provides a unique satisfaction as a bird watcher as they provide unique entertainment once they enter your backyard.

Attracting these birds are relatively straightforward. We do not have to work hard to have the mockingbirds in your yard because they are everywhere. Offering them what they need to survive, such as food, water, and suitable habitat will eventually attract them to go to your home immediately.

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