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How to Feed a Baby Mockingbird

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how to feed a baby mockingbird

If you are into backyard birding for a long time, chances are you have seen a baby mockingbird lost and was abandoned by his parents. Seeing a helpless fledgling bird is a chance for you to save an animal who wants to survive and grow with nature. Having said that, taking care of a baby mockingbird can never be easy as it involves many works, including feeding it on your own.

But how to feed a baby mockingbird? To the more experienced birder, providing a baby mockingbird will be easy, but it can be difficult and odd at first to those unfamiliar. The unusual feeling can be understandable, but once you know the basics and you will be used to it, things will be easy and exciting at the same time. This article will show the proper ways to feed a baby mockingbird and help the bird survive despite being abandoned by his parents.


Why Feed a Baby Mockingbird?

A baby mockingbird needs to be feed if the animal is abandoned by his parents. If you happen to see a fledgling bird alone and feel abandoned, do not pick him immediately. Wait for some hours from a distance and observe to see if her mother will return. If it does not, then it’s time for you to rescue the baby bird while finding a wildlife organization that can take care of the small bird.

If your place does not have a wildlife organization, then it’s time for you to take care of the bird on your own. You can place the small bird in a small covered box, but please built small holes on the cover and kept it warm. Make sure to put the box in an excellent location but do not give him food just yet.

As I’ve said earlier, finding a wildlife rehabilitator is the best way to help an abandoned baby mockingbird. If you cannot do so, you need to learn how to feed a baby mockingbird and prepare food that provides similar nutritional value to its natural food.

Feeding a Baby Mockingbird: The Right Way

making a baby mockingbird formula

Knowing what to feed to a baby mocking bird is essential for you to provide the food that the bird needs. Honestly, baby mockingbirds have a very demanding and challenging diet. Depending on their species and age, the birds can consume food every 10 to 20 minutes for 14 hours a day. They are very active while consuming foods which is full of protein source that ensures healthy growth.

Of course, a mockingbird has different dietary needs compared to the other birds. Should the time come that you cannot connect with wildlife rescue, the need to feed the mockingbird and serve for emergency rations should be considered. In connection with this situation, it is essential to know that baby mockingbirds have different needs than their adult counterparts. You cannot just feed them the same way you do an adult bird in your backyard.

Foods that I recommend for baby mocking birds are hard-boiled eggs, moist dog food, raw liver, moistened dog biscuits, and moistened dog or cat kibble. You might also avoid foods that are still inappropriate for the bird’s age, such as water, milk, pet bird food, worms, kitchen scraps, bread, and other bread products. It should be noted that as the bird will become mature, the more adult food it can eat without affecting or harming its tiny body.

Making a baby mockingbird formula and feeding them

I always feel that feeding a baby mockingbird is easy if you know what to do. They have this character of quickly learning and familiarizing that you are actually there for them and to give them food. Hand feeding them means that you might need to pry their beaks open at first while putting the food carefully.

For a baby mockingbird food recipe, try to create a food formula that includes a hard-boiled egg, dried cat food, and half of the eggshell. The eggshell should be grounded, and two teaspoons are enough for the mixture. At first, you will need to mix the hard-boiled egg and the cat food until the mixture becomes powdery but not slushy. If you want to do some varieties, adding other ingredients is doable such as grated carrots, cooked ground beef, apple sauce, cooked chicken, and other allowed foods.

The food formula should be kept refrigerated all the time. Should you want to feed the tiny bird, set aside a few amounts and let it dry. You can use the oven for less than five seconds to eliminate the coldness. But please, do not serve the food cold, or else you might kill the cute little one. Feeding can be challenging for the first time, but I feel that this is an easy thing to learn based on my experience before.

Feeding a Baby Mockingbird

During the early stage of the feeding, you might want to pry those cuttle little beaks apart to put the food. You must be very careful and gentle when doing it since you are dealing with a tiny bird that is just starting to grow. Patience is the key during the early days; as time goes by, the baby bird will get the idea of your presence as the one who is feeding him. You can even develop a routine of creating a sound every time you give food to the baby bird.

The frequency of the feeding should be every two hours or so. There will also be a time that he will create a signal and inform you that he is hungry. As time goes by, you will create a connection with the bird, and both of you will create a routine to make it easy for you during the feeding. After that, wait for them to mature before eventually release them to the outside.


Learning how to feed a baby mockingbird can be an excellent skill to learn as a birder. If you happen to like watching these birds in your garden or have a passion for these animals, feeding them can be a worthwhile experience. But, it is the chance of giving them the chance to live that offers complete satisfaction in rescuing and providing a baby mockingbird.

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