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How to Attract Baltimore Orioles

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how to attract baltimore orioles

As a birder, it is a different feeling for a birder when you attract Baltimore orioles in your garden. These birds are known to be the shy type, making them very uncommon to see in the backyard. But seeing them in your garden is definitely a sight to behold. But how to attract Baltimore orioles in your backyard? Check some tips in the list below.

Using the Right Feeder

If you want to attract Baltimore orioles, you need to learn how to attract orioles to feeders. Having a bird feeder which is made specifically for these birds can significantly help. Also, using other types of bird feeders may not suit their physical features, such as their beak and tongue.

Usually, oriole-specific feathers come with large perches and drinking ports which they like. Also, these feeders typically come in yellow and orange colors because these birds like these types of vibrant colors.

baltimore colors feeder

In addition, feeders made for Baltimore orioles also comes with additional features that will help in luring them into your place. I have seen one where you can put an orange fruit in it, which the birds will like because these birds love oranges. This feature will also let you put other treats for these birds.

The location of the feeder is also very essential. Since Baltimore orioles are treetop birds, you will need to place the feeder in the open for the birds to see it easily when they fly above or sit on the perches. Keeping the feeders in an area where human activity is lesser to make them more secure and peaceful is also good.

Giving Them the Right Food

You may wonder how long it takes to attract orioles; it will probably take time. The nature of these birds makes them very uncommon to see in public places. However, if you start giving them foods that they eat early, you will probably get some results sooner than later.

However, these birds are not similar to those birds that like seed mixes which we usually give to other birds. They have entirely different food preferences, and seeds are not one of them. We have listed some food below that the Baltimore orioles will love to eat.


baltimore orioles love berries

Baltimore orioles love to consume varieties of fruits. I am talking about oranges, bananas, grapes, berries, and many more. In particular, these birds like oranges because these birds are naturally attracted to the orange color. You can start slicing oranges and start putting them on the feeders for you to start drawing these beautiful but shy birds.


Baltimore orioles also share similar traits like the other birds in their food preference. For example, they like to drink nectar or sugar water for them to have a boost of their energy. But in giving this particular drink, you will need to have an oriole-specific nectar feeder for them to drink well.


Jelly is also a food that Baltimore orioles love to eat. The best thing about this food is it’s readily available in your nearest grocery store, which means it is very accessible. But, do not be confuse jelly with jam because they are entirely different. It is also better to look for jelly in a squeezable bottle to avoid being messy when you put it on the bird feeder.


The first three choices of foods are perfect for Baltimore orioles during the spring and fall season to give them the energy they need during migration. However, you can change the food during the summer months by providing the birds with mealworms.

Baltimore orioles change their diet to foods rich in protein during the summer. Meaning, they like to consume insects to give them additional protein in their body. In the meantime, you can put mealworms on the bird feeder during the summer for them to have the much-needed protein boost during the summer.

Give Them Water

how to attract orioles to feeders

One way to attract Baltimore orioles is to provide them with an excellent water source. A clean and consistent water source will not only lure them but will make them keep on coming back because they love the sight and the sound of moving water.

To have a water source in your garden, putting a birdbath is necessary. If the birdbaths come with a bubbler, mister, or dripper, these birds will be attracted more. It is also essential to keep these birdbaths maintained and clean all the time for the safety and health of the birds.

Planting the Right Trees and Flowers

baltimore in maple tree

If you want to learn how to attract orioles to your yard, you will also need to start planting trees and flowers that they like. Planting native trees and shrubs at the earliest will be able to lure these birds as the trees grow. Some of the trees that the orioles like are maple, oak and elm trees.

Also, planting native plants and flowers can also help in luring Baltimore orioles in your place. In particular, the flower is an excellent source of nutrition to attract different birds. Planting flowers can also help provide these birds with the insects they need for their meal.

Adding Orange Ribbons and Other Decoratives

Earlier, I said that Baltimore orioles usually are attracted to bright and flashy colors. Specifically, these birds are usually attracted to the color orange, which means putting some decoratives such as tying orange ribbons in your backyard can lure them to go to your place.

You can also use other decoratives that use bright and vibrant colors to attract the birds. For example, you can paint the benches in your garden orange or any different vibrant color. You can also put some colored garden flags and other decoratives to attract Baltimore orioles to your garden.


Learning how to attract Baltimore Orioles is an excellent knowledge to have. Unfortunately, with the nature of these birds, it may take some time for these birds to start visiting your garden. The key is to start early by putting the feeders at least a week or two ahead of their spring migration.

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