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Can Wild Birds Eat Chia Seeds

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can wild birds eat chia seeds

Chia seeds are gaining popularity with their superfood stature that provides substantial benefits to any individual. Thanks to this tiny size, mild taste, and versatility, this seed can be an excellent addition to any person’s diet. Besides, chia seeds provide omega 3 acids and an ideal of antioxidants. It can also be an added mixture to different foods and smoothies in enhancing its feature.

With all its benefits mentioned, have you ever wondered if this seed can also benefit birds? Can wild birds eat chia seeds? Birds can indeed eat chia seeds as it provides substantial nutritional value to these cute animals once it is part of their diet. Just like humans, chia seeds can be incorporated into the bird’s diet to get excellent nutritional benefits to the birds.


Can Birds Eat Up Chia Seeds?

As I have said earlier, birds can definitely eat chia seeds. The nutritional value it provides, such as vitamins and minerals, will benefit the bird’s health. The seeds from chia are also an excellent source of protein, so high-level athletes are incorporating the seeds into their diet. It also contains amino acids, which help breaking down the protein to allow the birds to quickly absorbed it into their body.

In addition, chia seeds come with antioxidants and calcium, eating the seeds is actually good for birds that are suffering from calcium deficiency. Chia seeds also contain a good amount of fats, which is excellent for the bird’s brain, while fiber is excellent for digestion. Meanwhile, chia seeds will also provide excellent energy as it helps in lowering the cholesterol level, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease of your beloved animals.

The Bird’s Benefits in Eating Chia Seeds

the bird benefits in eating chia seeds

The list below are just some benefits that a bird can get from eating chia seeds:

Provides Energy

Often, the food we choose will also determine the level of energy in our bodies. This situation is similar to most of the animal’s particular birds. If you want them to be active and full of energy, then give them foods that will provide them with the needed energy. One of which is chia seeds. This seed is an excellent energy boost for animals since this food is a healthy raw food without any other ingredients.

Other foods you give to your pet bird may be processed, which is why having the chia seeds in the bird’s diet is an excellent option. Even with the seed’s small size, the seeds will give the birds excellent nutrition and the energy they need every day. So, if you want your pet birds or the bird visitors in your backyard to have full of energy, I suggest giving them chia seeds.

Excellent Addition to Bird Recipes

There are many ways that you can prepare chia seeds in feeding your bird pets. You can use them as toppings on any meal to boost the nutritional benefits of your bird. You can also make foods made of chia seeds, such as pudding. All you have to do is soak all the seeds for an hour or two until such time that the seeds will have a gelatinous texture with a pudding-like consistency. You can also add fruits, milk, and nuts to produce a mixture that will definitely entice the birds to eat.

This pudding texture produced when the seeds are soaked for a few hours will be appetizing to the birds visiting in your backyard. You can even add these seeds to a smoothie while also adding healthy fruit pops for birds. The possibility of the chia seeds in creating nutritious foods for the bird is unlimited, and it can be a great source of many nutrients once it is included in the bird’s diet.

Provides Nutritional Windfall

Chia seeds will provide a lot of nutritional value to wild birds. When a bird eats it in high quantities, it can be an excellent source of omega 3, amino acids, and several other nutrients. Below is the list of nutrients that a bird can get when eating chia seeds.

Amino Acids

Chia seeds should be an excellent source of amino acids, especially in relation to the birds’ diet. It contains glycine, which is essential in growing bird hatchlings. Amino acids also help in improving the growth rate of birds.


Did you know that 25% of the bird’s protein is found in the feathers?

This situation means it is essential for the bird to have an excellent source of protein to keep their feathers healthy, and this is what the chia seeds provide. It also contains around 16.5 grams of protein for every 100 grams of chia seeds. The seeds can also be an excellent source of protein for your birds as they need extra insulation in growing strong and healthy feathers.

Fatty Acids

The chia seeds can also provide fatty acids to all the birds. It is an excellent source of omega 3 and omega 6 acids to help enhance the bird’s immune system and its ability to respond to disease.


It is a fact that birds need calcium in different amounts at every stage in their life cycle. The problem is that most bird foods lack calcium in high doses. This problem is where these seeds from chia are of great help since they are an excellent calcium source. The birds need calcium to strengthen and grow their bones and feathers, especially when the female birds are laying their eggs.


These seeds are also an excellent source of fats which is needed in wild birds for color feather discoloration. When a bird is eating foods that are low on fat, it can lead to defective and deformed feathers and discolorations. These types of deformities can affect the ability of the birds to find mates, which means eating foods that can provide the birds with fats is essential.

Other Nutrients

Apart from all above mentioned, there are other nutrients that chia seeds can give to the birds, such as phosphorus, folic acid, manganese, fiber, and antioxidants. All of these nutrients can help in making the birds active and healthy all the time.


Can wild birds eat chia seeds? Yes, birds can eat chia seeds as it provides substantial nutritional benefits to the birds. The seeds from chia are good for birds as they can help in improving the bird’s health. Another upside with chia seeds is that they can easily be prepared and combined with other bird recipes to enhance their nutritional value. But make sure not to overfeed them as the seeds should only be 10% of the bird’s total diet.

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