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The Best Food for Lovebirds for 2022

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best food for lovebirds

Lovebirds are known for being affectionate, social, and intelligent. These birds are perfect for bird lovers who want to interact with their birds and constantly cuddle them. But how do you feed these birds? What are the best food for lovebirds?

This article listed seven of the best lovebird food you can give to these awesome pets. Our recommendations are based on our research, suggestions coming from professional veterinarians and ornithologists, and our personal experience in feeding lovebirds. Please see our recommendations below.


Best Food for Lovebird Reviews

1. Birds Love Natural Garden Blend Bird Food

birds love natural garden blend bird food

In the wild, lovebirds love to eat seeds, fruits, berries, and vegetables. With this information, one must consider giving similar food when having these birds as pets in your home. This bird food from Birds Love is what you need for your birds to be healthy all the time.

What impresses me the most in feeding this love bird seed is its natural ingredients. It is blended with high-quality natural seeds, fruits, nuts., and veggies which will keep the lovebirds happy. I really like the quality of the seeds and the other ingredients found in this bird food.

Speaking of quality, the moment you open the packaging, you will immediately see the fresh and very clean seeds. It smells so nice and fresh that every time I feed it to my lovebirds, they anticipate the moment I will put it in their bowl. They definitely love the taste and the freshness of the ingredients.

Since this product is composed of natural ingredients, it is expected that this product is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and even carbohydrates. The nutritional value it gives makes it the love birds favorite food.

The natural ingredients also mean no artificial flavoring and artificial coloring. All are just natural blends that can help catch the bird’s attention during mealtime. There are no added sweeteners and preservatives but all-natural ingredients that help make the birds healthy and active all the time.

  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • It comes very clean, fresh, and has a very nice smell
  • Does not use artificial coloring, sweeteners, and preservatives
  • Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and even preservatives
  • Excellent mix of ingredients
  • Subpar packaging

Overall, this food for lovebirds is high-quality bird food and an excellent source of nutritious ingredients. It provides a unique taste that the lovebirds like to eat all the time. It also reduces waste since the lovebirds consume almost all of the seeds.

2. Kaytee Exact Rainbow Lovebird Food

kaytee exact rainbow lovebird food

This baby lovebird food from Kaytee is all about the nutritional value it gives to your birds. When I first heard of this bird food, the company claimed that this product is highly-recognized by many avian nutritionists, experts, and breeders because of the excellent nutritional value it gives to all the birds.

True enough, the moment I started using this bird food for my lovebirds, the result was visible to my little pets. All of the birds I owned produced better feathering while having brighter colors and healthier skin. More importantly, they were very healthy and active.

But what are the nutrients it gives to the birds? First is omega 3, which helps make the brain and the heart of the brain healthy. Prebiotics and probiotics help in keeping the digestive system healthy. Meanwhile, vitamins and minerals will help keep the bird healthy all the time.

I also like the combination and mix of ingredients in this bird food. Apart from the fresh seeds, it also has pellet food for lovebirds, which allows birds to choose between eating seeds and pellets depending on what they like to consume.

This lovebird food also comes very fresh and clean, making it one of the highest-quality bird food I used for my pets. However, it also has a strong odor which makes my bird hesitant when I give them the first time. But once they are accustomed to the smell, they eventually like it and eat everything I offer.

  • Excellent source of nutrients to help maintain the overall health of the birds
  • Made with an-all natural seeds and other ingredients
  • Naturally preserved to maintain the freshness for a long time
  • It comes in high-quality and is very clean; no shells or seed hulls
  • Excellent mix of natural ingredients
  • It comes with a strong odor

When getting these treats for lovebirds, you will be confident that it gives the nutrients they need every day. It is also very palatable since the lovebirds will consume almost all of the seeds once you put them in their respective bowl. There will be less waste and no seeds falling on the ground that should be cleaned after the birds eat.

3. SLEEK & SASSY Garden Hookbill Lovebird Food

sleek & sassy garden hookbill lovebird food

Lovebirds like to eat a combination of seeds, berries, vegetables, fruits, among others. More importantly, they want variety when choosing the food they’d like to consume. With this information in mind, this food for lovebirds from Sleek and Sassy Nutritional Diet comes with an excellent seed mixture that will make the lovebirds interested during mealtime.

For me, this bird food has one of the best seed mix for lovebirds that I have used in a while. It all comes with all-natural ingredients and a blend of human-grade fruits and vegetables that the lovebirds love to eat.

In terms of quality, I can say that the seeds inside the bag are top-notched. In fact, the seeds are very clean and look so fresh. In addition, it also comes in excellent variety while no filler seeds can be found inside. The seeds also smell so lovely, which adds to their freshness.

Also, having this bird food for your lovebirds means they are getting the nutrients they need to thrive daily. More importantly, this product is enriched with vitamins, minerals, and even amino acids, which helps in keeping the lovebirds healthy all the time.

Finally, I am also impressed by the packaging of this product. It comes with a durable and resealable bag which helps in keeping the bird food fresh the moment it is packed until it arrives in your home. The packaging also helps in keeping it fresh during storage.

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Excellent mix of ingredients; blended with fruits and vegetables
  • Excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Pack fresh and clean; smells very nice
  • Excellent packaging which helps in keeping the seeds fresh
  • Some seeds are too small

This bird food’s natural ingredients make a perfect fit for the love birds. In addition, the added human-grade fruits and vegetables will enhance the nutritional value this bird food gives to your lovebirds. All of these benefits are the reasons why many bird breeders are using this bird food as their go-to food for their lovebirds.

4. ZuPreem Smart Selects Lovebirds Food

zupreem smart selects lovebirds food

Proper nutrition should always be considered in giving food to lovebirds. Healthy and delicious bird food can be a form of pellets, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. What is important is it provides excellent nutritional value, just like this food for lovebirds from ZuPreem.

This love bird pellet food is developed with an excellent mix of ingredients, making it a perfect foundation for your lovebird’s balanced diet. In my experience, feeding the birds daily with this bird food will bring essential nutrition to help achieve an excellent health condition.

I am also impressed by the quality of this bird food. It is so clean and does not come with dust in it. You can really tell the freshness as it smells wonderful. It is probably one reason why the birds eagerly anticipate when I put the bird food in their bowl.

This bird food is more palatable than the other bird food I used previously. I feel that this food is formulated to be tasty in every bird bite. It also involves different colors, sizes, and forms, making it more likable to the lovebirds.

Apart from all the nutrients it gives to the birds, the freshness of the bird food comes from the fact it also has high-quality packaging. It also has a resealable feature that helps make the seeds fresh even during storage. The packaging will help make the bird food last longer but still maintain freshness even during storage.

  • Specially made for lovebirds and other small birds
  • Developed with an excellent blend of nutritious pellets, seeds, vegetables, and fruits
  • Pack fresh and clean with a very nice smell
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals for healthy lovebirds
  • Includes a durable and resealable packaging bag
  • Some seeds are too small

My lovebirds love this food so much that they eat almost everything I put in the bowl. There is not too much waste as the birds want to consume everything. Also impressive is the freshness of this bird food and the nutritional value it gives to the love birds.

5. LAFEBER’S Nutri-Berries Lovebird Food

lafeber's nutri-berries lovebird food

This bird food from Lafeber’s is different from the other products I reviewed earlier because of its shape. If other bird foods are in the form of seeds or pellets, this product is shaped like foraging balls which the birds need to break while eating.

The way it is developed is unique since it will allow the birds to use their foraging skills while eating. You can also have the option to break it apart into small pieces to make it easy for the bird to eat.

I also like that this bird food comes in very fresh, which is very important when we are talking about this type of bird food. More importantly, something in the smell attracts them because they already knew this food when I put it in the bowl. The freshness and the cleanliness of this bird food have some positive impacts on the interest of the birds.

Meanwhile, its packaging is also impressive, which I feel is very durable and rugged. It also comes in a resealable feature that allows you to still close it after use. This feature is essential to help keep the bird food fresh all the time, even if you store it for a while.

Finally, this bird food comes in two different flavors, which can be given alternately to the lovebirds. These two flavors will add variety to what you are giving to your lovebirds. Combining this treat with other bird food can also be done if you want to.

  • The unique shape and form will let the birds use their foraging skills while eating
  • Pack fresh and clean
  • Easy to break apart if needed
  • Available in two different flavors for a variety
  • Pack in a durable and resealable bag for easy storage
  • Tendency to smell rancid if not stored properly

This baby lovebird food is unique and can be an excellent treat to the lovebirds. It also comes in different flavors, which means you have the option to give different tastes to the birds. It is also freshly packed and smells very lovely, which also helps in attracting the attention of the lovebirds.

6. Volkman Avian Science Super Lovebird Seed

volkman avian science super lovebird seed

There is always a reason why a bird will not eat some of the seeds you give them. Apparently, they only eat what they like and tend to leave those seeds or pellets, which are not suitable for their taste or smell. With this situation in mind, finding food for lovebirds should be based on the ingredients or what is inside the packaging bag.

This lovebird food from Volkman comes with an excellent mix of seeds, berries, fruits, and vegetables that the lovebirds love to eat. The ingredients are carefully selected to meet the taste of the lovebirds so that they can have a full meal every time they eat.

I also like the freshness of this bird food for lovebirds. It is freshly packed and smells lovely when you open the packaging bag. It is so clean without any dust in it or any organisms such as bugs or molds. It indicates that this bird food is new and fresh for the birds to eat.

The taste is also one factor that makes this bird food perfect for lovebirds. In fact, the lovebird loves this mix based on what I see whenever I give it to them. The birds get visibly excited when opening the container. This situation has never happened for other bird food, making it a perfect food for the lovebirds.

Meanwhile, this bird food also comes in an excellent packaging bag. It comes with a resealable zip lock which is very useful in securing the bag even after closing. It will help keep the seeds fresh while also keeping the seed moths and other organisms away.

  • Excellent mix of seeds and other ingredients made for lovebirds
  • Freshly packed and smells lovely
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals
  • Durable and resealable packaging bag helps keep the freshness of the seeds
  • Good variety of seeds
  • Some seeds are too small in size

I am impressed with the zip lock feature of the packaging bag, which helps keep the bird food fresh and free from moths and other unwanted organisms. Also, the variety of seeds will keep the birds busy but feed them well.

7. Sunseed 49030 Vita Prima Sunscription Lovebird Food

sunseed 49030 vita prima sunscription lovebird food

Quality is an understatement when it comes to describing this bird food from Sunseed. This lovebird food is one of the most high-quality bird food I have ever given to my lovebirds. From the quality of the seeds to the packaging and many other factors, this bird food stands out from the many bird food brands you can feed to your lovebirds.

First, I really like the smell of this bird food the moment I open it in the bag. It smells so good it’s probably the reason why the lovebirds like it. The smell is like fresh fruits and nuts, which are fantastic and unique.

Apart from the lovely smell, the seeds are also very fresh and clean. There is no dust or any unwanted organisms found in the packaging. This bird food is freshly packed right from the get-go, making it ideal for picky birds such as lovebirds.

I also like the nutritional value it gives to the birds. This bird food is an excellent source of high nutrients, which helps enhance well-being and overall health. It is also enriched with Omega 3 and probiotics which helps in the metabolism and digestion of the birds.

The packaging of this bird food is very impressive as it comes with resealable features. It helps keep the seeds fresh all the time, even during storage. Also, it is made in the USA, which means it is indeed a high-quality food for lovebirds.

  • Excellent mix of high-quality ingredients
  • Smells very lovely, which helps attracts the lovebirds
  • Freshly packed and very clean inside; free from dust
  • Excellent source of nutrients for healthy lovebirds
  • Uses durable and resealable packing bag
  • Some seeds are big

There are many reasons why lovebirds like to have this bird food in their meals. First, it’s very fresh and tastes so good, which makes them want to eat more. It is also freshly packed using a durable and resealable bag which helps in keeping it fresh even after storage.

What to Look For When Buying a Food for Lovebirds

best seed mix for lovebirds

Looking for food for lovebirds can be overwhelming with all the options available. However, it should not be as demanding as you may think if you know some things to look for before buying a particular lovebird’s food. Please see below some of the things you need to consider in looking for the right food for lovebirds.

Seeds Variety

Lovebirds love to eat seeds, but the product you’ll be considering should contain the seeds which the lovebirds like. Doing this action will enhance the attraction of the birds to eat the food. Different birds come with other preferences, which means it is up to you to look for the right seed mix which will make the birds entirely eat their meal.

But you also need to find a balance between having the right seed mix and the nutrients it gives to the bird. The reason for it is that most commercial foods are also a source of fats and additives, which may not be suitable for the birds’ health. So, finding an appropriate variety of seeds is crucial for the satisfaction and health of the bird.

Nutritional Value

Apart from looking for the right seed mixture, you also need to consider the nutrients a bird’s food will give to your lovebirds. But how will you do it? The first is to check on the labels of every product and see what nutrients it will give to your beloved pets.

Then, you can also check on reviews from other people using the bird food. Look for results and the positive impact of the food on the birds. This impact includes the physical aspect and the overall health status of the birds.

Quality of the Seeds

The quality of the seeds is all about the freshness and the cleanliness of the seeds once you open them from the packaging. Does it look new, fresh, and clean? Does it have dust or even molds? Does it smell good and look fresh? All of these questions must be answered to determine the quality of the bird food.

Quality Packaging

The packaging of bird food is also essential because it helps secure the seeds from the moment it is packed from the manufacturer until they reach your place. Check on the packaging and see if it is resealable or not. This feature is very important because it allows you to close the bag even after opening it. It also helps in keeping the seeds fresh, even during storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

love bird pellet food

What do you Feed Baby Lovebirds?

When looking for a love birds baby food, it is all about giving the baby bird the proper foundation of food. You can include seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables in the bird’s diet. Also, it is essential to give these foods every day.

Corn is also an essential part of a baby lovebird’s diet and other foods which can give the proper nutrients as the bird develops. Do not forget to let the bird drink fresh water and give fresh fruits additional nutritional value.

Can Lovebirds eat Cockatiel Food?

Yes, you can give cockatiel food to lovebirds. In fact, you can feed the same pellets to both species because they have the exact nutritional requirements. In providing food to both species, the formulation is basically the same. The only probable difference is the amount of food to be given.

What not to Feed Lovebirds?

Lovebirds love to eat, but certain foods should not be given to them. Avocado, onion, and garlic should not be given to lovebirds. In addition, you should not provide foods containing caffeine to these beautiful birds. Soda, coffee, and tea are known to contain caffeine. You should not give these to lovebirds at all costs since it can cause cardiac malfunction to those little birds.


The best food for lovebirds are those that can give them the taste that they love while also giving them the correct nutritional value after eating. We have presented several recommendations for anyone taking care of lovebirds. All of which can bring the right taste and the nutrients needed to make the birds thrive in your home.

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