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The Best Bluebird Houses for 2022

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best bluebird houses

This article will feature ten of the top-notch bluebird houses that you can install in your backyard to attract bluebirds to your area. We all know that attracting bluebirds will not only bring color into your backyard but also helps in controlling insects as they are natural insectivores.

Our team decided to check on different birdhouses while looking for the best bluebird house design. From there, we listed the top bluebird houses based on our research and recommendations from experienced bird watchers.


Best Bluebird House Reviews

1. Natures Way CWH4 Cedar Bluebird House

natures way cwh4 cedar bluebird house

There are many reasons behind using cedar wood in making a birdhouse. Cedars come with weather-resistant ability, resistance to rotting, and natural durability that can make the birdhouse last for years. All of these features are what we can expect from this bluebird viewing house from Nature’s Way.

I also like the overall design of this bluebird house in making the birds comfortable in their stay. First is the presence of air vents which provides maximum air ventilation inside the birdhouse with openings in the wall and the floor. In addition, the doors provide easy access to the owner for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

Also, this bluebird house is built with an elevated mesh floor to protect baby bluebirds from being attacked by flies and other insects. The entrance of the birdhouse is also intentionally extended for protection against predators.

In terms of the overall quality, this bluebird house is sturdy, well-built, and looks very attractive. This bluebird house will also let you open the side panel for you to monitor the birds from the outside. The depth of the birdhouse is precisely what the bluebirds like because they prefer a shallow nest.

In terms of installation, there are different ways to mount this bluebird house. Unfortunately, mounting hardware is not included in the product package. You can mount it in a pipe or pole, wooden fencepost, or even a tree. You can mount the birdhouse by screwing through the backboard above and below the nesting chamber of the birdhouse.

  • Made of cedar which is known for its durability and longevity
  • Built with air vents to provide maximum air ventilation
  • Doors allow easy access for cleaning
  • The entrance hole is extended to protect young birds from predators
  • Made with an elevated mesh floor for the protection of baby birds
  • Installation hardware is not included

Overall, this bluebird house is well-made and durable. It is expected that this birdhouse will last longer, especially if you properly maintain it. It also has all the features needed to attract bluebirds and make them comfortable during their stay.

2. CEDAR ALPHA Bluebird House

cedar alpha bluebird house

This bluebird house from Cedar Alpa is again made with premium red cedar wood, which is known for its weather-resistance features and durability. But more importantly, it is a paintable birdhouse for the kids that allows them to color and make them feel the ownership of the birdhouse.

The product’s design is a traditional bluebird house with side vents that provide proper air circulation inside. This feature will allow the bluebirds to be comfortable inside the bird house. In addition, the flooring of this birdhouse can be removed and is built to allow easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

I also like the entrance of this bluebird hose which is enough to fit in their size. The actual size of the entrance hole is 1.18 “, which should be enough to accommodate bluebirds while preventing other bigger birds from using it.

As far as quality is concerned, everything is impressive from the manufacturing aspect and the materials used. The side door latches open quickly, while the thickness of the wood is perfect for the bluebirds to be comfortable and insulated all the time.

There are many ways to do it when it comes to installation, but this birdhouse is built to be hung. Included is a stainless steel wire hanging cable, making it easy for you to install it in the right location in your backyard.

  • Made with premium red cedar wood known for its durability, longevity, and excellent insulation
  • A paintable birdhouse makes it perfect for kids
  • Excellent manufacturing quality
  • The thickness of the wood is perfect for excellent insulation
  • The base panel can be open for easy cleaning
  • Hanging cable is not included

In looking for the most beneficial bluebird houses for sale, it is essential to consider all the features it brings to the birds. And this product provides all the amenities needed to make the bluebird safe and comfortable. Impressive is the side opening, as it allows you to clean the birdhouse inside easily.

3. NATUREYLWL Bluebird Hanging Birdhouse

natureylwl bluebird hanging birdhouse

This bluebird nesting box is made of natural wood and comes with an elegant handcraft design. The natural wood provides durability and longevity to the birdhouse, while the elegant craftsmanship will provide a unique but lovely appearance.

In terms of the design, the beautiful craftsmanship stands out in this bluebird house. The roofing feels like shingles, while the light wood-burning makes the grain stand out. The door opening is very simple, but it allows the user to clean the inside part of the birdhouse. And the overall design is just an excellent addition to your backyard.

I also like the freshness and the smell of the fragrant wood used in this product. Apart from the beautiful craftsmanship, I am also impressed by how it is built and the style that is beneficial to the bluebirds.

The entrance hole is built in such a way that it fits nicely to the bluebird’s size. The measurement is 1.57 inches which is exactly what the bluebirds need. Beside the entrance hole is the pole where the birds can perch to feed or guard the small birds inside.

The mounting of this bluebird house is very easy. You can easily hang this bluebird house on a sturdy branch of a tree or anywhere where the location is perfect for bluebirds. Use a nail to mount it in the proper place.

  • Made with natural wood, which provides durability and sturdiness
  • The size of the entrance hole is enough to fit the size of the bluebirds
  • An extra pole is built near the entrance hole to allow older birds to guard or feed the small one
  • With a small door on the left side that can be open for easy cleaning
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ventilation needs to be improved

This bluebird house is small but sturdy. The beautiful craftsmanship and the overall appearance will make this birdhouse fit in your backyard. And it’s easy to install too, which makes it ideal for bird watchers wanting to attract bluebirds quickly.

4. JIAYIWU Outdoor Bluebirds Houses

jiayiwu outdoor bluebirds houses

At an initial glance, this bluebird house from Jiayiwu looks colorful and bright. But what makes it unique is the durability and the sturdiness apart from its color. This product is made with resin which is known for being strong and has the ability to resist the effect of wind and rain.

Furthermore, this birdhouse will provide shelter and comfort to the bluebirds once they settle in. The most unique feature that I saw is the drainage holes below the flooring, which prevent water accumulation inside the birdhouse, allowing them to be comfortable on the inside.

Also, this birdhouse comes with a hole plug added at the bottom of the birdhouse. What is the use of the hole? This feature will allow the user to quickly clean the inside part of the birdhouse at the start of the season to welcome a new family.

There are also other details that you can look up to with this beautiful bluebird house. The six windows will provide excellent ventilation inside the birdhouse. Then, there are designs for both pink and large lilac flowers strategically located all over the birdhouse. The colorful details and accents will make this birdhouse an excellent addition to your garden.

Furthermore, installation of this bluebird house will be easy. It comes with a black chain and a hook that will be used to handle the bluebird house. All you have to do is find an excellent location where you can hang it easily.

  • Built with colorful accents and details to be an excellent addition to your garden
  • Made with three drainage holes which provide excellent ventilation
  • With a hole plug that provides easy access inside for easy cleaning
  • Built with a resin material to ensure durability and longevity even in the most challenging weather
  • Includes iron chains for easy installation
  • The stick for perching is a little bit short for the birds

This bluebird house looks lovely with all the nice colorful accents and details. This product will provide shelter and excellent decoration for your backyard. It will enhance the overall appearance of your garden and make it more lovely.

5. Woodlink Outdoor Bluebird Nesting House

woodlink outdoor bluebird nesting house

This nesting box from Woodlink is built to attract bluebirds to your garden. This bluebird house comes with a very simple yet elegant design and is made of cedar wood known for its excellent insulation and ability to resist the effects of the weather, such as rotting.

This bluebird house is built with an entrance hole with a 0.5 inches hole. The size is enough for the bluebirds to fit and be protected during their stay in the bluebird house. In addition, the entrance hole is equipped with a predator guard, which extends the entrance to protect the bluebirds from the attack of possible predators.

I am also impressed by the overall quality of the birdhouse in terms of its durability and toughness. Apart from the cedarwood, known for its anti-rotting features, this birdhouse is also assembled using rust-resistant screws to ensure that it will not give up even if exposed to bad weather.

This bluebird house also comes with an easy-to-open latch which will allow you to check on the condition of the birds. Or, you can use it to gain access to the inside part of the birdhouse for cleaning purposes once the birds finish using it.

Mounting or installing this bluebird house is relatively easy. You have to screw it in a post or any other location that will fit the birdhouse. It can be installed in a tree as long as the place is accessible to the bluebirds.

  • It uses cedarwood which is known for being durable, especially in outdoor
  • Built with rust-resistant screws for durability and toughness
  • It comes with a protection guard in the entrance hole for the baby bird’s safety
  • Made with an easy-to-open latch to allow bird monitoring and cleaning
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Ventilation needs improvement

This bluebird house is well-made and lovely. Its simple design and the metal roof are unique but give the birds equal protection. The size is enough to provide the bluebirds with the comfort and safety they need during their stay.

6. Kingsyard Wooden Bluebird House

kingsyard wooden bluebird house

This bluebird house from Kingsyard probably has the most elegant design of all birdhouses on our list. The color blue roofing and the well-crafted design will attract bluebirds once installed in the backyard.

Very impressive is the overall design of this bluebird house. It comes with several air vents found in the opening of the floor and walls to give maximum ventilation inside the birdhouse. This feature will make the bluebirds comfortable and safe during their stay.

Another impressive feature is the presence of a predator guard in the entrance hole. It is actually a hole extension that protects the birds, especially the young ones, from possible attacks of predators.

Also, the side of the birdhouse can be open and is equipped with plexiglass covering that will allow you to observe what is happening on the inside. The plexiglass also serves as an additional layer of protection for the birds inside.

Meanwhile, installation and mounting of this bluebird house are quick and easy. All the installation hardware is included and is of excellent quality. Once this product arctic\ve, it is ready to install or amount to a place of your preference.

  • Made and crafted with high-quality natural wood
  • Built with several air vents to allow maximum ventilation
  • Made with safety extension predator guard at the entrance hole to protect baby birds from predators
  • One side of the birdhouse is equipped with plexiglass and can be open to allow bird watching or cleaning
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Requires mounting assembly

This bluebird house is very impressive. The overall design is well-planned to meet the needs of the bluebirds and the bird watchers. Using natural wood provides durability and longevity, while the other features provide comfort and safety to the bluebirds.

7. SISTERBIRD Bluebird Houses

sisterbird bluebird houses

This bluebird house from Sisterbird is one of those birdhouses made of cedar wood. This type of wood is an excellent insulator and has the ability to resist weather-related damage coming from external conditions.

But more importantly, this bluebird house is built with an entrance hole measured at 1 and a half inches. The hole size is perfect for bluebirds to come and use during the breeding season. It will also deter bigger but unwanted birds from coming into the birdhouse.

Taking a closer look at the entrance hole will also let you see the predator guard. It is like an extension of the entrance hole that makes it difficult for predators and eventually protects the helpless baby birds on the inside.

The front of the birdhouse is also constructed as a bigger door secured by a metal door latched. If the user wants to open it for monitoring or cleaning the inside, unlocking the latch will be very easy. Five interior grooves are at the back of the door, considered a ladder that will help young birds from going outside the birdhouse.

When it comes to mounting, there are many possible ways to install it in your backyard. The easiest way is to put it in a tree trunk or put it on a wall somewhere in the garden. You can also use a pole or mount it on a fence if you want to do so. The location is very important when mounting because you want it inaccessible to predators and other unwanted birds.

  • Made with premium cedar wood known for its resistance to rotting and excellent insulation
  • Built with a clean-out door at the front to allow checking and cleaning
  • The entrance hole is created to fit bluebirds
  • Built with grooves that will serve as a ladder for small birds to get out of the birdhouse easily
  • Made with seven different air vents for maximum ventilation
  • Assembly can be a challenge

Overall, this product is a well-made and attractive bluebird house. It is very light but in premium quality. All the other features in the birdhouse are built to make the birds more comfortable in their stay. This bluebird house will be an excellent addition to your garden.

8. NC BIRDGUY Bluebird Duplex House

nc birdguy bluebird duplex house

The bluebird house from NC Birdguy is probably the most unique of all of the birdhouses we are presenting in this review. This birdhouse comes with a unique design. Then, the materials used are quite different from the cedarwood or the natural wood used by many manufacturers.

I am impressed by the look of this birdhouse but what makes it totally unique is the copper roof. The roof looks good, but its removable feature will allow the user to easily check the inside or clean it after the breeding season.

The materials used in this product are PVC and vinyl, which are different from the usual premium woods because these materials will not decay, rot, or even split. More importantly, the entrance hole’s size is 1 ½ inch which is the correct measurement for bluebirds.

In addition, this bluebird house also has two compartments but can also be converted into one compartment if you want to. More importantly, many air vents and drainage slots are strategically constructed in the birdhouse to ensure proper ventilation.

Lastly, mounting can be very easy, but the 4×4 post will not be included. But, it should be easy to mount with all the included screws already included in the product packaged. But you need the no. 1 square bit if you used the mounting screws provided.

  • Uses weather-resistant materials such as PVC and vinyl
  • Built with a removable copper roof for easy checking and cleaning
  • Made with substantial air and drainage slots for maximum ventilation
  • Includes a proper-sized entrance hole and a predator guard
  • It can be easily mounted in a 4×4 post
  • Post not included

This bluebird house will be an excellent addition to your garden while providing a lovely home for the bluebirds. The unique materials ensure that this birdhouse will last long in your garden. The removable roof will allow easy cleaning, while the several air vents and drainage allow maximum ventilation to make the birds more comfortable during their stay.

9. JCs Wildlife Eastern Western Bluebird House

jcs wildlife eastern western bluebird house

Another unique bluebird house is built by J’s Wildlife and uses recycled poly lumber to build this premium birdhouse. I really like the coloring of this birdhouse as it enhances the backyard once this birdhouse is mounted.

In terms of durability, I do not have any complaints whatsoever about this bluebird house. The poly lumber material is known for its durability. It is guaranteed it will not fade, crack, or split when exposed to outside conditions. This birdhouse also uses an all screwed construction using stainless steel screws and routed edges to ensure durability and sturdiness.

The entrance hole is measured at 1 ½ inches for the features, which is ideal for bluebirds. Then, there is a predator guard in the entrance hole to protect the baby birds from predators. On the inside, the presence of a stainless steel mesh riser keeps the nest elevated to provide ventilation and make the nest safe.

The sides of the birdhouse are doors which are built for different purposes. One door is made to allow the user to clean it quickly after the season. One side is for viewing and is built with an acrylic viewing window to let someone see what is inside without disturbing the birds inside.

The bottom of the house comes with many holes intended for different reasons. There are holes in the corner for ventilation, while the larger circular holes are used for drainage to make the inside always clean. The smaller circular holes are pre-drilled holes which will be used for mounting.

  • Built with recycled poly lumber, which is known for its resistance to weather damage
  • Made with entrance hole fits for bluebirds and predator guard for protection
  • Built with two side doors for viewing and cleaning
  • Made with several air vents for proper ventilation
  • It comes with a stainless steel mesh riser to protect the nest and provides air circulation
  • Mounting post not included

Overall, this product is a top-quality birdhouse with a heavy-duty and thoughtful design. This birdhouse is also built with several features that allow more comfort and safety for the bluebirds during their stay. And it is easy to clean too, which is beneficial to the birder.

10. STARSWR Wooden Bluebird House

starswr wooden bluebird house

This bluebird house from Starswr feels very underrated but is a little gem once installed in your garden. This beautiful birdhouse comes with everything that the bluebirds need during their stay in the birdhouse.

More importantly, this bluebird house is built of high-quality natural wood, which is known for its durability and longevity. The ability to resist the effect of the weather will make this birdhouse last longer once it is correctly installed in the backyard.

The design of this birdhouse is unique, including the entrance hole around 1 ½ inches, an ideal size for the bluebirds. The presence of a platform near the hole will allow the birds to perch for feeding or protect the small birds inside.

Air circulation will also not be a problem in this birdhouse. Apart from the entrance hole, there is also a vent at the top to make the inside part of the house more ventilated for the bird’s comfort. The side of the bluebird house comes with a door that can be used to clean the inside of the bluebird house.

In terms of mounting, this bluebird house is very flexible and can be hung to any location you like. You can hang it on a tree, a wall, or anything you prefer. Just make sure to use a screw when hanging to make it stable and safe for the birds.

  • Built with a unique design perfect for bluebirds
  • Made with enough vents for proper air circulation and ventilation
  • Uses natural wood with excellent craftsmanship
  • Built with a platform for the birds to perch for feeding and protecting the small birds
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Platform is short

This product is a lovely little bluebird house built with excellent craftsmanship. The presence of a nesting screen will make the nest safer and provide air circulation below. The side door allows easy cleaning to prepare it for the next occupant.

Things to Consider in Looking for a Bluebird House

best bluebird house design

It can be challenging to select the right bluebird house specifically for your backyard with all the options available. But there are factors you may want to consider to serve as your guide as you choose suitable bluebird houses for your backyard.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is an essential factor in determining if the birdhouse is of excellent quality or not. You will need to check on the type of materials used to make the bluebird house. It is highly recommended to look for a bluebird house made of wood.

In particular, cedarwood is highly recommended, and natural wood is the primary material. These woods are known for their resistance to damage from the weather. Cedarwoods are also great insulators that add to the bird’s comfort inside.

But there are also other materials needed that you can look up. We have recommended a product made of PVC and vinyl as the primary material. A resin material is also perfect for making a bluebird house. These materials also provide excellent durability if used to create a birdhouse.

Quality is also about craftsmanship. If the bluebird house is built using screws. You will need to make sure that the screw is stainless steel. Otherwise, these screws will just develop rust once exposed to the rain, and other environmental factors once installed outside.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is extremely important in looking for a birdhouse because it is one of the primary requirements to make the bluebird comfortable inside the birdhouse. When looking for a birdhouse, you need to check on the air vents or holes built to provide proper air circulation for the birds.

Look for ventilation and drainage holes as it prevents the inside part of the bluebird house from overheating. There should be holes strategically located on the floors or at the top of the birdhouse to ensure proper air circulation and ventilation.

Security Features

The bluebird house is built to protect and provide a haven for birds. If the birdhouse fails to prove these security features, it is not the right bluebird house. First, the entrance hole of the birdhouse would be built ideal for the bluebirds. The ideal measurement will be discussed later.

Then, it should have a protective guard near the entrance hole. This feature is very important to prevent predators or the other big birds from attacking the helpless baby birds living inside the bluebird house.

Another security feature that you need to look at is the presence of an extra door. This extra door will provide easy access inside the bluebird house for different reasons. The door will let you see and observe what is happening inside and allow you to do general cleaning once the birds leave.


You will also need to consider the installation process of a bluebird house. Some are easy to assemble and install, while others are unfortunately difficult to mount. Some bluebird houses only need a screw to mount in a tree, wall, or any other place.

But others will require so much time in the assembly and mounting processes. Unfortunately, there are also some bluebird houses where you need to buy a mounting post separately. This downside can be inconvenient for you. So, make sure to check on a bluebird house that is easy to mount in the backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

bluebird nesting box

What Size Hole for the Bluebird House?

The ideal size of the entrance hole of a bluebird house must be 1 ½ inches in diameter. This measurement is enough to deter other birds from coming inside a bluebird house. It also helps prevent bigger predator birds from attacking the helpless baby birds inside the bluebird house.

Which Way do you Face a Bluebird House?

When it comes to the direction where the bluebird house is facing, these birds prefer their nests facing – in order of preference – east, north, south, then west. Most birds prefer the east direction, but others may choose another direction as well. It all comes down to the safety, food, convenience, and protection of their nests which influence their preference where the birdhouse is facing.

What Color should a Bluebird House be?

Bluebirds like earthy colors such as brown, gray, or green. These colors also reflect the types of colors they are living in the wild. More importantly, these types of colors are generally safe from exposure to predators. Bright-colored bluebird houses may attract unwanted attention from predators and risk the bluebirds’ safety.

How High do you put a Bluebird House?

When mounted into your backyard, the ideal height for a bluebird house is from 2 to 50 feet. However, please note that it can be easy to check when you mount it at eye level, but the bluebird house will be an easy target for predators.

You can also have the option to raise the mounting location, but it can be challenging to check regularly. Your preference is always considered but make sure to consider the safety and protection of the bluebirds.


The best bluebird houses are built to provide the required shelter, safety, and protection for the bluebirds. These birdhouses are built with several features that will make the bluebirds comfortable inside while also having the best protection from predators and challenging weather conditions.

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