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The Best Food for Doves for 2022

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best food for doves

There are many reasons why it is nice to have a dove as a pet in your home. These birds are well-mannered, mellow, quiet, smart, and social. But what are the best food for doves that can make them thrive and be healthy while at home?

Our team conducted thorough testing and product research on different bird food for doves. From there, we listed the five best bird foods which can give these birds nutritional value and other benefits that will make them healthier and full of life.


Best Food for Dove Reviews

1. Hagen Pigeon Dove Seeds

hagen pigeon dove seeds

Traditionally, doves like to eat grains and seeds in the wild. So, providing them with similar foods they like outside will make them eat their meals. One of these products is this bird food from Hagen, which provides an excellent dove food mix that the birds like.

For one, I am impressed by the mixture of ingredients in this dove food. The Hagejn’s mix of seeds includes whole wheat, canary grass seeds, oats, peas, corn, whole wheat, safflower seeds, and many more. These ingredients are all preferred by doves when they eat their meal, and I am pretty sure your birds will love it similar to mine.

Not only that, these ingredients are enriched with vitamins and minerals, which will play an essential role in making the birds healthier and alive. I am confident this dive food will provide balanced dietary nutrition to all the doves coming in your backyard or for those captives in your home.

I also like the quality and the freshness of this dove moment when you open it. It is so clean you will never see anything not related to bird food. I used to find twigs, bugs, and other nasty debris from other brands that I used before, but this dove food is so different because it is so clean.

It is probably because of the quality of the packing which makes this dove food clean and fresh all the time. The company uses high-quality airbags for this dove food, making it secure and keeping it fresh.

  • Excellent mixture of ingredients which the doves like to eat
  • Provides properly balanced diet and excellent nutritional value
  • Excellent source of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the birds
  • It comes in clean and very fresh
  • Uses airbag for a secured and tight packaging
  • Size is a little bit large

Overall, this is excellent bird food and one of the best dove food you can give to the birds. It is well-packed and looks fresh. The mix of ingredients consists of seeds that the dove likes to eat in the wild.

2. Kaytee Supreme Blend Dove Food

kaytee supreme blend dove food

The Kaytee Store is known for producing high-quality bird food, and this wild dove food is no exception. Since I started using this dove food, it has become a staple to the meals of my birds for the simple reason that they love it and eat it like there’s no tomorrow.

I am really impressed by the high-quality mixture of ingredients which is composed of doves favorite food. No wonder the birds were always happy when I tried to provide them with this fresh and nutritious food.

When I say that this dove food is nutritious, it really is, as shown on my healthy birds. This product uses natural seeds, pellets, and grains which provide a healthy diet to the doves. This dove food is an excellent source of natural protein, fiber, and nutrients to make the doves healthy.

Another reason that I like this dove food is its natural ingredients. It is composed of natural seeds and grains which are suitable for the birds. You will never find fillers and other artificial flavorings which are not ideal for the bird’s health.

More importantly, this bird food is clean and fresh when you open it in the package. Packaging has a unique and cute design but, more importantly, is very sturdy and durable. It also comes with a resealable feature which makes the seeds fresher all the time, even during storage.

  • It uses natural seeds and grains and no artificial flavor
  • Excellent mixture of ingredients which the doves like
  • It provides a well-balanced and nutritional diet
  • Seeds are naturally preserved to keep their freshness
  • It uses a high-quality resealable pack to secure and maintain the seeds fresh
  • Some seeds are too big for small doves

I am really impressed by the seed mixture of this product as it contains all the seeds the doves love. In terms of nutritional value, just see in the packaging label to know all the nutrients that your birds will be getting from eating this dove food.

3. Morning Song 11974 Dove Ground Feeding Food

morning song 11974 dove ground feeding food

If you are a passionate bird watcher, seeing a dove in your backyard brings a lot of excitement and fulfillment. But how do you lure these birds for them to keep coming in your place? One way is to give this bird seed for mourning doves from Morning Song because this product is specially made for mourning doves and other kinds of doves.

This dove food is specifically developed for doves and other ground-feeding birds. If you like luring these types of birds in your backyard, putting this food on a table feeder or sprinkling it on the ground for the birds to eat will undoubtedly attract doves and other ground-feeding birds.

Since I like mourning doves, I was looking for a mourning doves food that could attract these beautiful birds to my home. What I did was scattered the seeds under the tree, and in a concise time, I saw the doves keep on coming back in my backyard. This dove food was heaven sent because of its effectiveness.

I am also impressed with the product’s huge size. A single pack is very affordable but weighs more than 7 pounds which should be enough to feed these beautiful birds for a long time. All you can do is sprinkle a small number of seeds daily to provide the doves. With its large quantity, expect a single pack to last for a long time.

This dove food also comes with an excellent mixture of seeds which the doves and other ground-feeding birds like. I am talking about the white millet, red milo, and the black oil sunflower seeds. All of these seeds are preferred by doves and the other ground-feeding birds.

  • Specially made for doves and other ground-feeding birds
  • Nice mixture of seeds which the doves love to eat
  • It comes in large quantity
  • Pack in excellent quality and smells so fresh
  • No food colorings and no preservatives
  • Subpar packaging

If you want the dove to visit your place, this food for doves is an excellent option. The combination of seeds is specifically selected for doves and other ground-feeding birds. It is the best feed for mourning doves and other types of ground-feeding birds.

4. Wild Delight Dove Quail Food

wild delight dove quail food

This bird food from Wild Delight is specifically developed and formulated for doves and quail. So, if you are birder like me, using this bird food which is probably one of the best seeds for doves, will definitely lure them to your place.

I can still remember the first time I used this dove bird seed as I sprinkled it in my backyard. From there, the doves have not stopped dropping by every day. And I am not talking with a few numbers because there are so many birds passing by in our place the moment I start feeding this bird food. It sounds crazy, but this bird food is very effective in luring doves and even quails.

Another impressive feature of this dove food is its high quality and cleanliness. The moment I open the pack, the cleanliness and the quality of the seeds is very obvious. They look so fresh and natural. These traits are probably the reasons why the doves eat every bit of it.

When looking at the ingredients, I also like the variety and the mixture of seeds in this dove food. The ingredients include millet, safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, sunflower kernels, wheat, popcorn, and many more. All of these ingredients are dove’s favorite, making them devour every inch of the food you will give to them.

Packaging is also of top-notched quality. It is actually a resealable pack that will help secure the seeds from unwanted organisms. It will also help keep the freshness of the seeds even during storage.

  • Made and blended with a variety of seeds which doves and quail love to eat
  • Uses all-natural seeds
  • It comes very clean and fresh
  • Provide excellent nutritional value for a healthier dove
  • Top-notched packaging
  • Some seeds are too large for the doves

This bird food is for birders wanting to lure doves and quail in their backyard. These birds love to eat this food for doves, and it is really enjoyable watching them devour all the seeds. The birds will also keep returning to your place once you feed them.

5. F.M. Brown Dove Pigeon Quail Blend Food

f.m. brown dove pigeon quail blend food

Next on this dove food list this dive food from F.M. Brown. This bird food takes pride in being the perfect fit for birders looking for year-round food for the doves regularly visiting in the backyard. It is a very effective dove food which makes them keep on coming back to your place throughout the year.

The first thing I notice in this food for doves is the excellent mixture of ingredients. It comes with a great mix that lures doves and other birds. I even see the squirrels also interested in the seeds of this bird food.

The ingredients include safflower seeds, red and white millet, green peas, popcorn, canary seeds, and a whole lot more. All of this combination of grains and seeds are carefully selected and was chosen because most of them are loved by doves.

In addition, this mixture of seeds and grains will lure doves to you and will be beneficial to the bird’s health. It will surely provide excellent nutritional value to the doves and other birds to help them become healthier and fit.

Lastly, the packaging of this bird food is just average, in my opinion. It looks durable, but I discovered one issue after opening the pack. The bag has a tear line that never works and has the tendency to cut beneath the seal line, making the reseal feature unusable.

  • Formulated for year-round feeding
  • Specifically made for doves, pigeon, and quail
  • It uses all-natural ingredients; no artificial color and preservatives
  • Excellent mixture of ingredients
  • It will provide exceptional nutritional value to the birds
  • Bag needs improvement

This dove food is perfect for bird watchers looking for year-round food for the visiting dives in the backyard. It is composed of high-quality seeds and grains and is an excellent source of nutrients to make the dove healthier.

What to Look For When Buying a Food for Doves

best seeds for doves

With all the options available in the market, looking for dove food can be a challenge to anyone. However, there are certain things and factors that you need to look at when buying food for the doves. Please see below.


I am not telling you to taste the dove food but make sure that it should be tasty enough for the doves to eat when getting one. Doves like to eat grains and seeds, which means you should look at the ingredients of a dove food and make sure that everything inside is tasty to the birds. Or else the dove will just ignore it, and you end up wasting your money.

Nutritional Value

You will also need to check on the nutrients every dove food will bring to the birds. Checking on the label to find out the different nutrients it can give to the dove is an excellent option for you. Look for the vitamins, minerals, and other good bacteria that the dove food brings to your bird. It should contribute to improving the bird’s overall health once they eat them.

Mix of Ingredients

Every dove food comes with a variety of ingredients inside the pack. Make sure to check on the composition of ingredients of every dove food. Look for ingredients that the dove likes to eat. Another thing to look up to is the filler seeds. If there are too many filler seeds, avoid the product immediately. You need a mixture that can be eaten by the doves and not avoided.

Quality and Freshness

Choose a dove food that is of excellent quality and looks fresh. In my years of buying bird food, I have experienced seeing old products and looking worn out. It even reached a point where I saw bugs in it. You need to make sure that every dove food you bring is fresh and new for the doves to eat once you feed it.

Packaged Quality

Look for a dove food that uses top-notched packing. It should use a durable bag and be of high quality. Another feature that should be in the pack is the resealable traits. The bag must be sealed right after opening it. This feature is essential to protect the seeds from outside threats such as bugs and other insects. Sealing it again also helps maintain the freshness as you put it in storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

dove food mix

What do Doves Eat in the Wild?

In the wild, doves eat a combination of so many foods. I have emphasized that doves like to devour grains and seeds for their meals. However, they also want to eat insects, fruits, berries, and vegetables.

What Should you not Feed Doves?

Doves may eat anything, but they can be choosy at times. If you have a dove as your pet, avoid giving them pale vegetables with a high-water composition, such as lettuce and celery. This vegetable does not have any nutritional value that will help improve the birds’ health.

Also, avoid giving avocado to the doves. This fruit is reportedly toxic to birds, including doves which means you should avoid feeding it to them at all cost. Human food is also dangerous to these birds because it can introduce harmful bacteria, which is hazardous to their health.


The best food for doves is combinations of grains and seeds, which they liked. They can also eat vegetables, fruits, and berries from time to time. Also, in giving commercial dove food, it is important to consider the mixture of the ingredients. It should be composed of seeds and grains that they like for them to devour all of the foods once you start feeding them.

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