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The Best Heated Bird Baths for 2022

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best heated bird bath

This article will list the best heated bird bath that will come in handy during the winter season. We all know that the food and water supply gets very scarce for the birds during the winter season. As responsible bird watchers, we must provide them with their needs while also continuing our hobby of watching them in our backyard.

We have tested several bird baths to find out the best bird baths for winter that every birder can use effectively during the colder months. Based on the result of our testing process, we have listed eight of the top heated bird baths for you to consider in the winter.


Best Heated Bird Bath Reviews

1. Vantiorango Upgraded Outdoor Heated Birdbath

vantiorango upgraded outdoor heated bird bath

This heated water bowl for birds will allow you to easily take care of the birds during the colder months without spending too much effort. It comes with a water heating element that prevents the water in the bowl from freezing.

Also impressive are the three different ways you can mount this heated birdbath, depending on your preference. You can easily put it on the ground and make it accessible to the birds. Or, if you have a birdbath pole, you can easily mount it on the deck. The last way is to use the clamp to mount anywhere you want as long as the clamp works. The best thing about it is that all the accessories needed in the installation are included.

I also like the maintenance aspect of this product. If you want to clean it up, you have to detach it from its mounting structure and then clean and remove all the dirt from the bowl. Since this deck mounted heated bird bath is very shallow, cleaning will not be a problem. You can easily clean it without removing the entire setup.

Meanwhile, the built-in thermostat used by this heated birdbath will only work when needed. If the temperature is not too cold, it will automatically shut off. This feature is beneficial to minimizing the use of electricity and makes it easy for you not to check the birdbath every time.

This birdbath also takes pride in its all-seasonal usage. This feature means that you can use this birdbath quickly regardless of the time of the year. But during the colder months, when heated water for birds in winter is essential, this heated birdbath is very useful.

  • The shallow design makes it easy for small birds to use
  • The heating element is enclosed and sealed safely on the inside
  • It provides three different mounting options for easy usage
  • It can be used in all seasons or at any time of the year
  • The detachable feature makes it easy to clean
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Water evaporates quickly

Overall, this is excellent bird food and one of the best dove food This electric heated bird bath will make your work easier in taking the birds during the winter. But the best thing about this product is its easy usage and effectiveness. It comes with high-quality construction and can be used throughout the year. But during the winter season, this product works best with its heating mechanism that prevents the water from freezing. can give to the birds. It is well-packed and looks fresh. The mix of ingredients consists of seeds that the dove likes to eat in the wild.

2. Hugeneroy Heated Bird Bath

hugeneroy heated birdbath

This heated ground bird bath from Hugeneroy comes with a high-quality heating device that allows it to be very effective during the winter season. It prevents the water from freezing, making it easier for the user not to replace the water in the birdbath frequently.

But the unique feature of this product is its unique design and appearance. It is a customized look that will make it perfect and fit when installed into your garden. It also comes with a screw that serves as a post which prevents the bowl from touching the ground. This feature will prevent the product from getting dirty and stained once installed in the garden.

The heating device also has a constant temperature safety feature that automatically lets the bird bath warmer turn off when the birdbath is empty with water. This excellent feature is very economical because it saves the user from consuming too much electricity.

I also like the large capacity design of this heated birdbath that enables the user to put a large volume of water. When you are away for a few days, you will not worry about replenishing the water or the bowl getting empty because the depth of two and a half inches can carry a large volume of water.

Lastly, this heated bird bath also works throughout the year. The heating device will prevent the water from freezing during the winter season to provide the birds with enough water supply during the colder months. In the other months, the heating device will stop working and work just like a normal bird bath.

  • It comes with a unique design and appearance which fits the garden’s environment
  • Built to carry a large volume of water
  • Made with screw posts that raise the birdbath a few inches away from the ground
  • The heating device automatically turns off when the bowl is empty to save electricity
  • It can be used all year round
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Look awkward when raised from the ground

This heated bird bath with stand is what you need during the colder months. It comes with a screw-type leg that raises it from the ground. It will also allow you to transfer it easily anywhere in your backyard to make it accessible to your feathered friends.

3. API Mounting Heated Birdbath

api mounting heated bird bath

The API heated bird bath takes pride in having the best quality and effectiveness in preventing the water from freezing during the winter season. It is built with a unique heating element that is well-protected and enclosed to protect it from the weather and the birds.

Impressive is the overall manufacturing process of this birdbath. It is made of high-quality plastic, bringing durability and sturdiness to the product. You will not feel any flimsiness or brittleness in any part of the bowl.

Furthermore, I also like the overall design of this birdbath. The rim’s shape is built so that the birds can easily perch on the side while taking a bath or drinking water. Another alternative is to put a brick in the center to add an additional perching place for the birds to use.

Included in the product is an adapter that will allow you to mount the birdbath on different surfaces, bases, and stands. If you have a deck railing at home, you can easily install and make it a heated bird bath for deck railing,

The only issue with this product is that it needs a stand or a deck to be attached to because it is not included in the product package. But if you already have a place to mount this heated birdbath, then it should not be an issue.

  • Built with a high-quality and enclosed heating device
  • Made with high-quality plastic to promote sturdiness and durability
  • Excellent design built to fit small birds
  • It can be mounted in different places
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Does not have a pole or pedestal in the product package

Overall, this heated birdbath is a perfect winter birdbath as it can be easily maintained and clean. It is also very easy to use, and the design will entice the birds to come into the backyard even during the cold months.

4. Farm Innovators HBC-120 Heated Birdbath

farm innovators hbc-120 heated bird bath

This heated bird bath from Farm Innovators has probably the most innovative design on our list. The design is actually a compressed molded scallop that looks pretty impressive and provides durability, stability, and longevity to the product.

But what impresses me the most is how it is easy to use this heated birdbath. This heated bird bath comes with a built-in connection on the bottom side of the unit. All you have to do is plug the connection cord at the bottom so that the heating element works immediately. It is actually a hidden electrical connection which is well-secured and protected.

Once the heating element works, the water will not freeze even at the coldest temperature outside. I also like that the bowl is not too deep, allowing even the smallest birds to perch easily to drink water or take a bath.

Maintenance and cleaning will also be easy with this heated bird bath. The basin can be easily pulled and removed from the “twist on” deck mount. It is very convenient, and cleaning regularly will be accessible to anyone.

On the other hand, the installation will be quick and easy. There are thumb screws that will secure the wooden railings of your home. If you have a pedestal or a post, you can also install it easily using the mounting accessories included in the product.

  • The unique scalloped design provides stability, durability, and longevity
  • It comes with an easy-plug built-in connection for easy usage
  • It can be easily removed from the deck mou8nt for easy cleaning
  • Builts with a well-sealed and hidden electrical connection for safety
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Water evaporates quick

Overall, this heated bird bath effectively provides water to birds during the winter season. It is well-designed and robust. The size is huge and shallower in the middle part to allow the bird to use it for quick bathing and drinking.

5. MOLANEPHY Thermostat Heated Birdbath

molanephy thermostat heated bird bath

This heated bird bath from Molanephy is another product which is best used during the winter season. It comes with a heating element which is secured and hidden to make the bird safe while enjoying the warm water even in the coldest months.

But what makes this heated bird bath unique is the presence of highly durable metal poles and anchors, which provides excellent support for the basin. The pole is made up of weather-proof and rust-proof steel to ensure durability. It also comes with a powder-coated finish which keeps the rust from damaging the surface.

With this feature, expect this bird bath to be used all year round and not only in the winter. The heating function is handy in the winter and even in the spring. But during the summer, you can easily keep the wirings under the basin because it has special storage below.

The basin is also well-designed and is built to fit small birds. In fact, the rim is very shallow to allow even the small birds to perch easily while taking a bath or drinking water. The birds can stand on the edge easily to enjoy the water or the food you offer.

Flexibility is also an excellent feature that many users do not know about with this product. Apart from being a bird bath, you can put seeds and other bird food in it for the birds to eat. You can interchange placing water and food to make the bird come back into your garden.

  • Provides constant heating to keep the water warm
  • The heating element is safely enclosed and sealed for the bird’s safety
  • Includes a high-quality pole and anchors perfect for a garden installation
  • Built and designed to fit small birds
  • All-year usage
  • Cleaning can be a challenge because you need to disassemble

If you are a passionate birder who lives in a cold location, this heated bird bath is highly recommended for your garden. The durable pole will be perfect in a garden setup. The basin is well-designed and is ideal for small birds.

6. Soundfair Heated Bird Bath

soundfair heated bird bath

This heated bird bath from Sounfair is probably the most flexible product on our list. First, this heated birdbath can be used not only in the winter season but also in the other seasons. Second, it can be converted into a bird feeder if you want to.

Flexibility also means that this heated birdbath can be mounted in three different ways. First, you can mount it on the ground. Another option is to use the clamp to mount it anywhere accessible to the birds. You can also use it to mount in a deck if you have one.

But what impressed me the most was the overall quality of this product. It is made with high-quality plastic, which makes it durable and sturdy. The attachment bracket is built with a strong coating that prevents rust from forming for a long time.

Another impressive feature that makes this product is the thermostatically-controlled heating element. This feature lets the heating element work only when necessary or when the bowl is with water. This feature will save electricity and reduce your effort to constantly pull the electrical plug on and off.

Lastly, this large heated bird bath is easy to maintain and clean. It can hold more food or water but is not difficult to clean. All you have to do is remove the birdbath from the setup and clean it thoroughly.

  • It can be used use all-year-round
  • Provides three different ways of mounting
  • Using high-quality materials for manufacturing to provide durability and toughness
  • The heating element only works when needed to save electricity
  • It can be used as a birdbath or bird feeder
  • Built with large capacity but can be easily clean
  • The shallowness of the bowl makes the water dries quickly

This product is one of the most effective heated bird baths you can use in winter. It is easy to set up, clean, and works effectively, especially during the winter. It can be converted from a birdbath to a bird feeder is also a bonus.

7. API Heated Stand Birdbath

api heated stand birdbath

This heated bird bath from API is one of the few bird baths that make it into our list with a stand. It is one of the most effective heated bird baths I have seen, working even in the coldest temperature and heavy snowstorms.

The heating element provides 150 watts of power which is enough to prevent the water from freezing during the winter. In addition, it is well-sealed and fully enclosed, which not only protects the device but also makes the birds safer.

As a result, the heating element gives an amazing service to all the birds, especially during the winter. The water will never feel heated, and it also will not freeze, making it ideal for the birds for their bathing and drinking. This heated birdbath will provide consistent access to water throughout the winter.

The quality of the metal stand is also very impressive. Its metal properties provide anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties to make this stand withstand all forms of threats coming from the outside. The presence of metal clips to be used to hold the stand into the soil and make it stand firm is equally impressive.

Lastly, the bowl is very light but is built with a textured plastic that provides the birds with a better grip without slipping. The overall weight of the bowl is very light, and the depth is just enough for small birds to use it. You can put bricks or stones at the center to give the birds an idea of how deep the water level is. It can definitely help them.

  • The heating element is well-sealed and protected to make the birds safe
  • Stands come with metal clips to provide additional support
  • The bowl is very light but comes with a textured surface to give the birds enough grip
  • Large capacity and easy to clean
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The instruction manual is very poor

This heated bird bath will work as expected. It is very light but does not need a lot of energy to work. The heating element effectively provides a water source for the birds during the winter. The stand comes with additional support to make it very stable.

8. Songbird Essentials Heated Birdbath

songbird essentials heated birdbath

There are many reasons why cedar wood is being used as the primary material in making heated bird baths. This wood has excellent insulation properties that allow the bird to perch comfortably and stay warm during the colder months.

This heated cedar bird bath from Songbird Essentials is built to last using cedarwood. First, it comes with a durable red cedar frame which looks good and a post which allows you to place the bird bath anywhere in your backyard.

I also like the way this heated bird bath was built. The design is well-planned from top to bottom. In fact, the hollow post can be used to place the cord when it is not in use. The double ring heater looks very impressive but also protects the heating element.
This heated bird bath with pedestal looks sturdy once it is mounted in your backyard. The stand seems durable and provides stability on the ground. Assembly was a challenge but not difficult. It will probably take you around an hour to do the job, but you need to ensure that everything is level after the installation.

Also, the various parts were all wrapped separately to avoid damaging each other. You will find guide holes which can help in the installation process. The legs in the holes and the bath are pre-drilled to allow you in the installation process, but you need to have a drill with a Philip head or an automatic screwdriver to drive the screws on the cedar post.

  • Built with an excellent and unique double ring design
  • Cedarwood provides insulation for birds during the winter
  • The heating element only works when needed to have electricity usage
  • Long-lasting, stable and durable post
  • Assembly can be a challenge but manageable
  • It needs a drill during installation
  • No detailed manual for assembly

This product is one of the most solid and attractive heated bird baths you can mount in the backyard. The calendar provides excellent insulation for birds aside from being durable and long-lasting. It will definitely give value to the birds and for your entertainment as a birder because birds will be attracted even during the winter season.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Heated Bird Bath

best bird baths for winter

With all the options available, selecting the the most suitable heated bird bath for your usage can be a daunting task. However, we have listed several factors that you can consider to guide you in choosing a suitable heated bird bath for your backyard.


The primary factor you need to consider is the power wattage of the heated bird bath you will be using in the future. In general, most heated bird baths run from 50 watts to 150 watts of power, which should be enough to prevent the water in the bird bath bowl from freezing.

But the capacity of the bird bath must also be considered when choosing the amount of power. If it has a large capacity, you must select the one with bigger wattage because of the bigger capacity. Not enough power will just allow water to freeze under below-zero temperature.
The amount of power in your bird bath can also directly affect your electrical consumption. If you do not want to increase your electricity bill, choose a bird bath with low power wattage. Just make sure that its power is enough to prevent the water from freezing when it is used. Otherwise, your heated bird bath will be useless.

Types of Mounting

Another factor to consider in looking for a heated birdbath is how it can be mounted. There are three possible ways to mount a heated bird bath but depending on your preference, you can choose a bird bath depending on the type of mounting.

If you want the bird bath to lay flat on the ground, there are heated bird baths that work best on the ground. There are also bird baths which can be mounted on decks, while others can be mounted using a clamp.

Each of these three mounting types provides unique benefits and the ability to attract birds depending on location. However, there are heated bird baths which we have presented in the review which offer three different ways of mounting in a single product. This feature is perfect for birders who like flexibility in a heated bird bath.

Construction Quality

The quality of the manufacturing process is essential in determining the durability and longevity of the heated bird bath. When choosing a particular product, you need to look for quality.

For example, a plastic-made bird bath must use high quality to ensure that it will last long. If the heated bird bath comes with a stand, it should be a metal that can prevent rust or corrosion because the metal will be subjected to cold conditions during the winter season.

Generally, look for heated bird baths manufactured with high-quality materials. Those high-quality bird baths are built from high-quality materials such as plastic, fiberglass, and many more.

Size and Depth

The size and depth of the bird bath are also worth considering depending on how many birds you want to attract in the backyard. The bigger the bird bath size, the more birds will be given a chance to bathe, even in colder months.

The basin’s depth is also crucial to allow the birds to bath and still walk around while bathing. A 2-inch depth bird bath basin is enough for small birds to bath easily while still walking around.

Thermostat Control Feature

Another unique feature of some heated bird bath that you need to consider is the thermostat control. This feature will let the heating element of the heated bird bath work when required. The heating device will work if it has water and prevents the water from freezing. If there is no water in the bird bath, the heating element will automatically shut off.

This unique feature is essential because it brings significant benefits, particularly energy consumption. It will save so much energy when the heating device automatically stops when it is not needed. It will also make it easy for the user not to keep on pulling the plug every time the heated bird bath is not used.

Frequently Asked Questions

bird bath warmer

How does a Heated Bird Bath work?

A heated bird bath is a type of bird bath perfect for the winter season. It comes with a heating element which is under the control of a thermostat. This thermostat, when turned on, will prevent the water from freezing despite the cold temperature. The heated bird bath provides a sufficient water supply for the birds even during the colder months.

What Temperature should a Bird Bath be?

Many birds like the water to be at room temperature or lukewarm. The room temperature is around 20 degrees celsius. This temperature is what the birds enjoy the most when they are bathing. During the winter season, when the temperature can come up to the freezing point, the heated bird bath will be responsible for keeping the water temperature acceptable to the bird’s preference.


The best heated bird bath will provide the water supply for the birds for bathing during the colder months of winter. There are many types of heated bird baths as presented, but the most important thing when having this bird bath is the excellent fit in your preference regarding power usage, capacity, and other factors to provide comfort to the birds during the winter season.

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