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Why Do Birds Peck at Windows

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why do birds peck at windows

Many people are annoyed to see birds pecking at the windows of their house. But so many of them are wondering why do birds peck at windows and usually find it irritating when it happens.

Please note that it is normal for this situation to occur during the mating season. Accordingly, there are no scientific-based reasons for this behavior to occur, particularly during the breeding season.

But in theory, the birds sometimes attack windows, especially with tinted glass, because they think that their own reflection is a rival for their territory. The birds will try to lure their supposed-to-be rival away through pecking.

This situation is also the reason why do woodpeckers peck houses but may also happen to other bird species. The good thing about it is that there are things that you can do to stop the bird or prevent the action from happening. These actions can also help prevent the birds from sustaining an injury from the attack.


How to Stop Birds from Pecking House

If you want to stop the birds from pecking in the windows of your house, there are things that you can do to stop them. Please check some of the methods below:

Changing the Lighting Situation in the House

The initial step is to check the lighting situation outside your house. What I am talking about is your home’s light and shade situation. If it comes with bright lights and shade, it is probably the reason why the birds are pecking through the windows.

To correct this situation, you need to change the light and shade in the house. You can try to add some shade or trim some foliage to remove any forms of reflection found on the windows.

Removing the Launching Pad

When a particular bird starts to peck the window in your house, the bird is likely using a launching pad before attacking the window. This launching pad is in the form of a branch of a tree or a railing on your porch. The bird will use this launching pad to start attacking the window.

Once you identify the bird’s launching pad, you can immediately remove them. If it is a branch, you can easily cut it to prevent the bird from using it again. If it is a railing on the porch, make it inaccessible to the birds by putting anything that will prevent the birds from using it.

Blocking the Flight Path

Once you have identified the launching pad, you can also specify the bird’s flight path when attacking the windows. So, what you do is block the flight path to disrupt the bird and prevent it from attacking the windows again.

The initial thing to do is block the path by placing anything that will prevent the bird from using the path again. You can hang baskets or place hanging potted plants at the front side of your windows.

If your window comes with a blind, you can immediately close it if the birds start attacking again. This action will eliminate the flight path and possibly prevent the bird from attacking the windows again.

Removing the Reflections

Another way is to completely remove the reflections so that birds will not see their own image. You can do this step by putting colored papers or even newspapers to remove the reflection. If the bird is attacking several windows, you have no choice but to cover everything the bird is attacking.

Another way is to temporarily put a piece of cloth, preferably a curtain, fabric, or towel, at the outside surface of the window. The aim is to reduce the bird’s interest from pecking in the window. Remove the cloth you put on once the bird has already stopped pecking at the window.

Another way is to put temporary paint in the window during the mating season to remove the reflection. You can easily remove these temporary paints when the breeding season is over. You can also add anti-glare screens and shutters over the windows to prevent the birds from coming.

Using your Creativity

Sometimes, our creativity can be used to prevent the birds from attacking in the windows. You can use your full imagination in finding ways to make the birds scared and prevent them from coming back in the window.

A good example is to cut an image of prey that will scare the birds once it is put on the window. You can cut an image of an eagle, falcon, or possibly a hawk and put them near the window so that the bird will be scared from coming in the window again.

Another option is to buy a window decal that has an image of bird prey. This decal can be put on the window to scare the birds and prevent them from coming back again. You can do many things to prevent them from coming back and pecking the windows. All you have to do is be creative about it.


Why do birds peck at windows? For the simple reason that they think that the reflection of their image is a competitor of their territory. Constant pecking of these birds is annoying but can be stopped using the method we have presented above. It is also a must to prevent the birds from doing it again to prevent any injury through constant pecking.

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