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Where to Place a Bird Feeder

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where to place a bird feeder

If you are a bird watcher, it is quite an achievement if you attract a lot of birds in your backyard. But one way to do it is to properly place the bird in the exact location that can attract the birds to your home. Meaning, proper bird feeder placement can make a massive difference in the attractiveness of the bird feeder both from the birds and the birders watching it.

But where to place a bird feeder in your backyard? There are different factors to consider when it comes to the right placement of the bird feeder. But the most important thing is to place your feeders where it is most convenient to the birds and you as a bird watcher. Doing this will provide an opportunity to provide good food for a lot of birds while letting you enjoy watching as many species of birds as you can.


Where to Put a Bird Feeder

When it comes to looking for suitable bird feeder locations, the main factor that should be considered is how it affects the bird and the birder. So, we need to study the right place that should be both beneficial to the birds and the bird watchers.

Placing the Feeders with the Birds in Mind

If you are looking for the right location for your feeder with the birds in mind, you will need to select a place that will affect how the birds will see and use the feeder. Important factors such as the bird’s safety, comfort, convenience, and access should be given importance. You will need to consider the following factors below:

Bird’s Activity

One factor to consider when choosing a location is to consider the bird’s activity. Choose a place that is quiet and has lesser disturbance. I always feel that more birds will come to a peaceful and quiet place compared to a noisy place with a lot of disturbing activities. For example, you need to avoid feeders in areas near chimes and other noisemakers.

Bird’s Natural Feeding Preferences

Another factor to consider is the natural feeding preferences of the bird. For example, if you want to attract ground0feeding birds, then you can put platform feeders in areas near shrubbery. For woodpeckers, you can put suet feeders in a location near trees or thick branches of trees. Meanwhile, nectar feeders are best situated near nectar-producing flowers.

Bird’s Safety

Another important factor is putting the bird feeder in a safe area. Most of the birds will not visit bird feeders that are unsafe or once they feel threatened. You can position the bird feeders from 10 to 12 feet possible shelters such as shrubs, brush piles, or trees to give the chance of the birds a place to retreat when there is a threat or predators nearby.

Feeder’s Visibility

Put the feeder in a place where they can easily see it. It is the nature of the bird to see the feeders before they will try to visit it. Putting it in an open sunny area will make it more visible to birds. It will also give the birds an excellent view to check on possible predators and other threats.

Placing the Feeder with the Birder in Mind

where to hang a bird feeder

As a birder, you can also take into consideration your personal view when it comes to choosing the feeder’s location. You will need to maximize the benefits of feeding those birds, such as seeing the birds closely, attracting more birds, and many more. You can consider the following factors in placing the feeders for your benefit:

Excellent View

You can also consider a place to put the feeder that will provide a clear and unobstructed view to you. You can also consider the area which receives enough sunlight from making it easy for you to see the bird colors for easy identification of the birds. However, it can be challenging if you like taking photographs of the birds in which a shaded area should be an excellent choice.

Sheltered Areas

If your place is prone to weather disturbances such as strong winds, snowfall, and heavy rains, you can consider placing the feeders in sheltered places. It will protect the feeder and the birds from the effects of food weather and make it easy for you to maintain and refill the feeder even with challenging weather conditions.

Refilling Bird Foods

You can also consider placing the bird feeder in an area that is accessible and easy to refill the bird foods. It will also provide you easy access for the maintenance of the bird to keep it in shape, which in turn can help in attracting more birds.

Where to Hang a Bird Feeder

When it comes to hanging your bird feeder, it is worth noted that your gut feels when it comes to the right place maybe not be the right place from the bird’s perspective. Birds are always looking for cover and shelter aside from looking for food. And the bird feeders are best hung in a place where the birds are not threatened and feel safe all the time.

If you have a place in your backyard where you can place a shepherd hook, this situation is excellent for the bird. The hooks that are designed for bird feeders are built to stand taller, which is excellent for the bird’s safety. But keep in mind that hanging the bird feeder may be safe for the birds, but there are birds who like to feed on the ground. So, this factor must also be considered.


If you are still wondering where to place a bird feeder in your backyard, reading this article will help you. There are so many factors that need to be considered in locating the right place for you. You can feel the bird’s welfare, and you can also consider your point of view when it comes to maximizing the benefits you will get in positioning the bird feeder. You will need to balance all the factors between you as a birder and the welfare of the birds in looking for the right location for the feeder.

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