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21 Types of Sparrows in Texas (Facts & Photos)

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Many types of sparrows call Texas home. Many of these sparrows use Texas as a perfect place to relax when they aren’t breeding or migrating north. Sparrows are famously small birds that make a mystical chirping sound when they attempt to communicate with each other.

Seven images of types of sparrows in Texas.

Read on to learn about the different types of sparrows in Texas.


How Many Different Kinds of Sparrows Are in Texas?

Around 50 types of sparrows are spotted in Texas during the breeding or nonbreeding seasons.

Are Sparrows Native to Texas?

Sparrows may not be native to Texas, but they are common in Texas and use the state as a living location during the non-breeding season.

What Kind of Sparrows Are in Texas?

Nearly every Sparrow type may visit Texas and enjoy the famously warm weather in the state.

Are Sparrows Protected in Texas?

Sparrows, along with every other wild bird in the state, are protected by state and federal laws that prevent the hunting and killing of these birds.

21 Types of Sparrows in Texas

Dozens of sparrows call Texas home, and the following list showcases a few of the most common sparrows that visit or reside in the state. Many of these sparrows have distinct calls, personalities, and habits.

1. Canyon Towhee

A cute Canyon Towheeperched on a metal fence.

Canyon Towhees are larger than a typical sparrow and have long tails that make them easily identifiable. Unsurprisingly, Canyon Towhees choose to live in foothills or canyons in the Southwest United States. This type of sparrow will make a two-part chirp that lasts around one or two seconds.

2. Clay-Colored Sparrow

A cute Clay-Colored Sparrow standing on rocky soil.

The Clay-Colored Sparrow gets its name from its ruddy brown colors. This bird can be recognized for its long tail and stunning ruddy colors. These birds prefer shrubs, fields, and thickets to nest and breed, making Texas a perfect location. Additionally, Clay-Colored Sparrows rely on plants, shrubs, and buds for their meals.

3. Henslow’s Sparrow

A cute Henslow’s Sparrow perched on a dried flower head.

Henslow’s Sparrows are tan and spotted with little black smudges that make it easier for these birds to blend in with their surroundings. This bird is easy to miss since its yellowish-brown color allows it to hide among foliage easily. These birds have lost much of their habitat, making them endangered.

4. Brewer’s Sparrow

A cute Brewer’s Sparrow perched on a branch.

The Brewer’s Sparrow is one of the most common birds in Texas. These birds have long necks, unlike some of their cousins. The Brewer’s Sparrow has an easily distinguishable song to communicate with its fellow sparrows. These birds [refer to stay in the flats or basins of Texas.

5. Black-Chinned Sparrow

A cute Black-Chinned Sparrow perched on a thin branch.
Image source: Dominic Sherony

Black-Chinned Sparrows are unique because only the male of this species will have the iconic black chin. The females of this species have a silver color that encompasses their heads and faces. These birds have brown streaks that coat their wings and backs, making them easy to identify.

6. Green-Tailed Towhee

A cute Green-Tailed Towhee perched on a rock.

Green-Tailed Towhees have rich colors, including a green tail and wings, which earns it its name. These birds have dark brownish-red plumage on its head along with their gray bodies. The Green-Tailed Towhee relies on insects and seeds. Additionally, this bird has a cat-like mewl for a call, making it unique and easily identifiable.

7. Chipping Sparrow

A cute Chipping Sparrow perched on a branch.

The Chipping Sparrow is a slender bird with a long tail and a small bill. You can identify the Chipping Sparrow by the dark brown feathers on the top of its head. This bird has a clean look with gray, white feathers that make it look frosted.

8. House Sparrow

A male and a female House Sparrows perched on a branch.

House Sparrows enjoy making homes from man-made objects. You can spot House Sparrows in street lights or nest boxes set up for them by humans in the area. These birds are common and famously friendly.

9. Grasshopper Sparrow

A cute Grasshopper Sparrow perched on rocky soil.

The Grasshopper Sparrow has brown and tan plumage that includes light-colored streaks going through its feathers. Although their bellies have white colors, their chest is likely to have a solid tan or brown color. This bird earns its name from its stunning call, which sounds like a grasshopper buzzing.

10. Baird’s Sparrow

A cute Baird’s Sparrow standing on the ground.

Baird’s Sparrows are common sparrows who prefer to stick to the tallgrasses and prairies in Texas. These birds rely on insects like moths and grasshoppers, spiders and seeds. You can identify these birds by the small brown streaks along their wings and body.

11. Lark Sparrow

A cute Lark Sparrow standing on the ground.

Lark Sparrows have long tails with stunning black, grey, and white blocked colors. These birds also sport thin necks and round heads that make them easily identifiable. Lark Sparrows have streaks going from their beaks to the back of their head, making them look stunning and dangerous.

12. Dark-Eyed Junco

A cute Dark-Eyed Junco perched on a branch.

This medium-sized sparrow had a blunt, round head and a set of short legs, and a tail. This sparrow type is one of the most common in North America, and you can often spot them eating off the ground. These birds prefer grains and seeds instead of insects, spiders, or other living things.

13. Savannah Sparrow

A cute Savannah Sparrow perched on a branch.

Savannah Sparrows are medium-sized birds with barely any tail at all. These birds are most easily noticed by their lack of tails and their round bodies. A Savannah Sparrow has a small plume of feathers atop its head, making them look regal.

14. Snow Bunting

A cute Snow Bunting perched on an old branch.

Snow Buntings are stunning sparrows who enjoy cold temperatures. These birds have a white and gray-black set of feathers that help them hide from predators in snowy locations. Snow Buntings are rare in Texasbut may be seen in the most northern regions of the state during winter.

15. Seaside Sparrow

A cute Seaside Sparrow standing on the edge of a curb.

The Seaside Sparrow can be found in coastal regions, including the coasts of Texas and Florida. These birds enjoy freshwater areas and marshes. Seaside Sparrows are considered endangered since their habitat is being reduced by human pollution and climate change. This bird can be seen eating seeds, insects, and spiders in trees or from the ground.

16. Swamp Sparrow

A cute Swamp Sparrow perched on a branch.

You can easily identify a Swamp Sparrow from its small bill that contrasts with the size of the rest of its body. These birds have long tails that jut out and can have red, dark brown, and black in their feather coat.

17. LeConte’s Sparrow

A cute LeConte’s Sparrow perched on a branch.

LeConte’s Sparrows are sneaky and mischievous birds who know how to elude dangers and can blend in with their environments. These birds have a pumpkin-colored blush on their face and chest, making it easier for them to hide among leaves and trees. This bird sometimes sticks to the ground and forages for meals.

18. Song Sparrow

A cute Song Sparrow perched on a wooden log.

The Song Sparrow is one of the most easily recognized sparrows in North America. These birds have strips along its body and wings. These birds have a set of gray and brown feathers that help them blend into the surrounding foliage in North America. Another way to identify the Song Sparrow is by its white chest and belly.

19. Fox Sparrow

A cute Fox Sparrow perched on a branch.

Fox Sparrows have a similar reddish-brown color to their feathers that foxes often have. These birds prefer cold climates, which you may see in Northern Texas. A Fox Sparrow is common, but you may need to look high in trees or mountain foliage to spot them.

20. American Pipit

A cute American Pipit perched on a big rock on a sunny day.

American Pipits are slim and small birds who have short bills that can make eating difficult. These birds are easily identifiable by their medium-long tails and the silver colors of their feathers. These birds prefer cold temperatures and will stick to northern Texas in the winter.

21. Olive Sparrow

A cute, curious Olive Sparrow standing on the ground.

Olive Sparrows are lesser known than other types of sparrows in Texas. These sparrows enjoy hopping along the ground but never wander too far from a hiding spot among the foliage. This type of sparrow is gray and relies on a steady diet of seeds, insects, and spiders hiding in the leaves.

Final Thoughts

Sparrows are some of the most common birds in North America, and there are around 50 types of sparrows that visit or reside in Texas. Although each of these types of sparrows is unique, they can be identified by their plumage, call, and habits.

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