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27 Stunning Tropical Birds (World List)

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There are dozens of stunning tropical birds that call Earth home. These birds are characterized by their colorful features and unique environments. While some tropical birds blend in with their environments, others are easy to spot because of their unique colors.

Seven images of stunning tropical birds.

Tropical birds usually live in tropical locations, have stunning colors, and enjoy warmer weather over colder weather. Estuaries that hold tropical birds are usually located in Florida or other tropical locations that don’t get very cold.

This tropical birds list explores 27 of the most stunning tropical birds around the globe. Read on to learn more about each of these stunning tropical birds.


What Is a Tropical Bird?

A tropical bird is any bird that resides in a warm climate and has bright, colorful feathers. Some of these birds are famous, like Parrots, Tucans, or Peacocks. Many tropical birds are well-known, but others might be more surprising than others.

For example, some may not be familiar with Quetzals, which look similar to Parrots but have defined features that set the two apart.

27 Stunning Tropical Birds

These 27 stunning tropical birds are some of the most visually appealing and will fill any bird enthusiast with joy. Read on to learn more about each of these fascinating tropical birds.

1. Golden Pheasant

A beautiful Golden Pheasant walking on green grass.

Golden Pheasants are a popular pheasant species and can be common when the conditions allow for this coloration. Golden Pheasants can have gold, red, black, and blue colors and are native to forests or mountains with warm conditions.

2. Parrot

An adorable green Parrot perched on a wooden railing.

Not all Parrots are tropical birds, but most of the 398 species of parrots out there prefer warm conditions. These birds are omnivores and can live up to 80 years, although they don’t grow heavier than 3.5 pounds.

3. Kingfisher

A beautiful Kingfisher with a small fish in a beak.

Kingfishers are easily identifiable by their stunning blue, red, and yellow colors. These birds will dive into the water for their meals and rely on fish for most of their sustenance. Kingfishers prefer warm climates and stick close to waterways.

4. Toucan

A beautiful Toucan perched on a wooden pole.

Toucans are among the most famous tropical birds. These birds make wonderful pets for families in tropical locations like Florida or islands off the coast. Toucans are colorful, playful, and loyal.

5. African Crowned Crane

Two beautiful African Crowned Cranes on a green pasture.

African Crowned Cranes are also called Grey Crowned Cranes. These birds can fly a short distance but will need plenty of rest. African Crowned Cranes have a flare of feathers about the back of their head and bear stunning grey, white, black, and red colors.

6. Harpy Eagle

A beautiful Harpy Eagle perched on a tree stump.

Harpy Eagles are large birds that are most active during the day. These birds have a stunning visual appeal with dark blue, black, gray, and white colors. Harpy Eagles are not afraid of humans and will gladly perch on a tree while watching the humans below.

7. Bali Bird of Paradise

A beautiful Bali Bird of Paradise perched on a branch.

The Bali Bird of Paradise is sometimes described as legless due to old legends about their pelts. These birds have many stunning colors, including red, yellow, green, and white.

8. Tropical Kingbird

An adorable Tropical Kingbird perched on a branch.

Tropical Kingbirds are yellow, grey, and white. These birds prefer to keep to tropical coastlines, where they have constant access to their food sources. Tropical Kingbirds enjoy trees, pastures, and home gardens.

9. Rhinoceros Hornbill

A beautiful Rhinoceros Hornbill standing on the ground.

The Rhinoceros Hornbill may look similar to a Toucan at first glance, but this bird differs because it has a stunning orange-yellow horn on its head that looks similar to its bill. These birds also have a set of long white and black feathers as a tail.

10. Lear’s Macaw

A beautiful Lear’s Macaw perched on a tree.

Lear’s Macaws are stunning blue birds that deserve a place on the tropical bird’s list. These birds have long blue tails that make them look mythical as they fly.

11. Kagu

A cool-looking Kagu standing on green grass.

Kagus are tropical birds with long, wide wings that bear white and grey stripes. These birds have a flare of feathers around their head and long legs that make hunting much easier for them. Kagus are flightless birds, like chickens.

12. Manakin

An adorable Manakin peched on a branch.

Manakins are small, tropical birds with long, thin tails and stunning blue-black coats. These birds have red legs and a red patch on their heads, along with a small bill that allows them to pick at insects and seeds.

13. Rainbow Lorikeet

A beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet perched on a bird feeder.

Rainbow Lorikeets are in the Parrot family, meaning they have similar colors. These birds famously have orange-red chests with blue, green, and red splotches on their body.

14. Roseate Spoonbill

A beautiful flying Roseate Spoonbill.

The Roseate Spoonbill looks similar to a Flamingo due to its pink color. This bird has a wide, long bill that allows it to scoop up foods from the swampy lands it frequents. Roseate Spoonbills are endangered due to habitat loss and pollution.

15. Australian Zebra Finch

An adorable Australian Zebra Finch perched on a branch.

Australian Zebra Finches are mostly grey with yellow, orange, white, and black splotches that help them blend in with the area around them. These tropical birds enjoy spending time with other birds but can be bossy with humans.

16. Peacock

A beautiful Peacock with a spread tail.

Peacocks are famous for the brightly-colored feathers they sport to attract mates and draw attention to themselves. These birds enjoy tropical locations and will thrive in a location with plenty of grain they can eat.

17. African Pygmy Goose

A beautiful African Pygmy Goose standing in shallow water.

African Pygmy Geese are native to the sub-Saharan region of Africa. This bird is small, but it has a stunning set of colors. An African Pygmy Goose may be brown, green, white, black, or red.

18. Yellow-Chevroned Parakeet

Two beautiful Yellow-Chevroned Parakeets perched on a wooden fence.

Yellow-chevroned Parakeets have a vibrant green coat of feathers that cover nearly their entire bodies, with a small yellow patch on the edge of their wings. These birds are small, but they can live for around 20 years.

19. Quetzal

A beautiful Quetzal perched on a branch.

Quetzals have stunning colors, and these colors can change drastically. Some of these birds can have a deep green color, while others might have a green and red combination. Quetzals are native to Bolivia and Mexico.

20. Greater Rhea

A tall Greater Rhea walking on a pasture on a sunny day,

Greater Rheas are relatives of ostriches and have a similar look. These birds have stunning black, grey, and white colors that help them draw in mates.

21. Savanna Hawk

A beautiful Savanna Hawk perched on a branch.

Savanna Hawks are large birds that enjoy swampy locations the most. This bird prefers warm locations and feeds only on other living things. Savanna Hawks have no problem swooping up small mammals and snacking on insects.

22. Wattled Jacana

A beautiful Savanna Hawkwalking in a swamp.

Wattled Jacanas may not look like anything special until they open their wings to fly. These birds have a yellow beak and a black set of feathers, but under their feathers is a reddish-brown color with striking white feathers.

23. California Condor

A majestic California Condor standing on a big rock.

California Condors look more like dinosaurs than birds. These birds have strange faces with plenty of wrinkles and a small beak for eating. This bird has a large wingspan and a flare of feathers about its neck.

24. Common Potoo

An adorable Common Potoo perched on a tree.

Common Potoos are famous for their loud and jarring call. These birds will often use this call at night, and it can be scary for those in the area. Common Potoos are notable for their brown coat of feathers and large, yellow eyes.

25. Hoatzin

Two adorable Hoatzins perched on branches.

Hoatzins are only one species of its kind. This bird prefers to frequent swamps, forests, and other foliage-dense places. These birds have a unique digestive system that allows them to survive solely on leaves, flowers, and other vegetation.

26. Scarlet Ibis

A beautiful Scarlet Ibis perched on a wooden log near water.

The Scarlet Ibis is a crane-like bird with stunning orange-red feathers with black tips at their wings. These birds have slender, curved bills that help them catch fish and critters from shallow waters, grass, and mud.

27. Hoopoe

A beautiful Hoopoe perched on an old tree branch.

Hoopoes are beige, white, and black with stripes that look similar to zebras. These birds have a crown of feathers on their head that has black and white spots. There are many types of Hoopoes, including Eurasian, African, Madagascar, and Saint Helena varieties.

Final Thoughts

Tropical birds may be hard to find for those who live in an area that gets cold. However, some estuaries and sanctuaries for birds may include a tropical or exotic bird display.

These birds reside on islands and in tropical locations like Africa and Florida. Additionally, these birds usually have stunning feather displays.

Each tropical bird has its own distinct personality and features. Browse each bird on this tropical bird list to see which is your favorite.

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