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11 Adorable Photos of Sleeping Baby Owls

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If you’re an owl lover, you may have noticed that there aren’t many photos of sleeping owls on the internet. Perhaps you have seen adult owls sleep standing up, but baby owls are not as coordinated and cannot do the same. So how do they sleep?

It may delight you to know baby owls sleep on their stomachs! Owlets sleep this way due to their adorably big heads–baby owls can’t support themselves if they sleep standing up. So they lay flat on their stomachs and put their head on the side to breathe. The result: cuteness overload!

Here are 11 adorable photos of sleeping baby owls for you to enjoy!


1. Floof on a Stump

A big brown owl sleeping on a wooden pole.
Image source: Ameblo

This owl looks so tuckered out it decided to fall asleep on its perch! Laying flat like this, it looks like it might be dreaming about flying off like a comet. And its fluffed feathers are the perfect ball of adorableness that is reminiscent of a loaf of bread.

2. Out of the Nest

A big brown owl sleeping on a tree covered by moss.
Image source: The Dusty Lane

Outside the nest, a juvenile owl settles onto a branch before falling asleep. The baby owl will grip its talons into a branch in these scenarios before settling down like this owl. In a natural setting, you might mistake it for a clump of moss, a pile of leaves, or even a strip of bark!

3. Sweet Dreams

A cute young owl sleeping on a black backpack.
Image source: Earthly Mission

This little owl looks like it’s having the kind of sleep we all want to have: comfortable and impossible to be disturbed. Though it doesn’t look like it’s in its nest, it looks so comfortable that I can’t help but envy it. And with such a soft background, you know that this owlet feels perfectly fine where it is.

4. Owl Legs

A brown owlet sleeping in a funny position on the ground
Image source: Facebook

You might have already seen this picture, as it has been the subject of many memes, but it’s worth seeing again. This owlet lying flat on the ground in front of its cage is what we want to do after a hard day at work! The fuzzy little legs sticking straight out make this photo even better. Whether or not this owl has passed out after partying all night, it is probably getting some much-needed sleep nonetheless.

5. Stick Legs

A young owl sleeping on a bed.
Image source: Earthly Mission

Owls have so many fluffy feathers that we rarely see their legs; it’s always humorous when we do. This owl looks like it uses stilts for legs, and with good reason. In the trees, owls can’t bend their legs while asleep, or they might risk falling out!

6. The perfect plank

A cute owl sleeping on a pillow.
Image source: Earthly Mission

While many owls tilt their heads to the side to breathe easily during sleep, this owl is perfectly content to keep its head perched on the edge of its pillow. Do owls have chins? If they do, this one wants to rest in a perfect spot! And to tie everything together, the tail feathers in the background make it look streamlined and cozy.

7. Never Too Old to Nap

A big adult owl sleeping on a big branch.
Image source: Earthly Mission

Owls grow out of sleeping on their stomachs as they get big enough to support their heads. But that doesn’t mean that they stop entirely! This adult great grey owl is very adorable, crashing on its branch. We also clearly see how owls grip branches while they sleep. Maybe it’s breezy, or maybe this owl needed to rest its head, but it’s getting a solid nap in.

8. Who, Me?

A cute brown owl waking up from a nap.
Image source: Twitter

This owl is another cozy specimen to envy. With a face like that, anyone would feel bad interrupting its sleep to give it some treats. But its expression has “Who, me?” written all over it. Minus its tail feathers, this little fellow is a sweet little loaf that looks like he wants to snuggle under the covers on a cold morning.

9. The Perfect Roll

A cute brown owl sleeping on a table.
Image source: Twitter

Something about animals lying like loaves of bread makes your heart warm. This owl is a great example of peaceful sleeping while looking adorable. You might mistake it for a loaf or bun if it were in a bakery!

10. Spread Eagle

A cute brown owl sleeping in a funny position in a cage,
Image source: Twitter

While this owl isn’t an eagle, it’s certainly splayed out like one! It looks like it face-planted the moment it walked back into its cage, another total mood we can relate to. Though its fuzzy legs are a total cuteness factor, its talons are quite impressive for a young owl!

11. Greet the Day

A big adult owl waking up from a nap.
Image source: Bird Advisors

Unlike the other owls on this list, this owl looks like it’s just waking up from a nice nap. While it’s on the ground, this fluffy little owl looks cozy and content to stay where it is. Not everyone can wake up looking this good!


Owls are quirky and endearing creatures that can get a smile out of almost everyone. These adorable photos of sleeping baby owls are sure to brighten your day–and perhaps send to a friend after a long day of work.

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