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21 Birds with Orange Beaks

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There is no shortage of beautiful birds swirling through the skies, skimming along the water, and even running on the land. Some of the most radiant birds of all are the ones with luminous orange beaks–and whenever you need to lift your mood, you can bask in the wonderment of these 21 birds with orange beaks.


1. Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

A beautiful Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher standing on a tree branch.

The first bird on our list is the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher. The bird stands out for its radiant plumage, which splashes azure, violet, and sunburst yellow next to a bright orange beak.

2. Northern Cardinal

A beautiful Northern Cardinal standing on a tree branch.

With a far greyer appearance than the oriental dwarf kingfisher, you might think that the Northern Cardinal is drab, but looking at its watercolor red feathers and beaming beak will tell you otherwise.

3. Masai Ostrich

A big Masai Ostrich walking in savannah.

The Masai Ostrich is certainly not a beauty queen like the previous birds on our list, but it is one of the most distinctive.

4. Peruvian Pelican

A big Peruvian Pelican swimming in water on a sunny day.

The Peruvian Pelican is a beak-forward bird, to put it lightly. Like other birds in its family, this pelican has a large bill that it uses to catch fish–and impress viewers.

5. American Robin

An adorable Peruvian Pelican standing on a wooden pole.

The next bird on our list is the world-famous American Robin, who loves to flash its bright plumage, black feathers, and bright beak as it tours migratory paths around the world.

6. Malachite Kingfisher

A beautiful Malachite Kingfisher standing on a wooden branch.

We included a second kingfisher on this list because we just can’t get enough of them. The Malachite Kingfisher– so named for its glimmering green feathers on its head- is recognizable by its blue, yellow, and white feathers and neon orange bill.

7. Zebra Finch

An adorable Zebra Finch standing on a tree branch.

Not to be confused with the finches that Charles Darwin saw in the 1830s, the Zebra Finch is native to Australia and Indonesia. Orange beaks are more common the females, as compared to red-beaked males.

8. Surf Scoter

A beautiful Surf Scoter standing on a rock near water on a sunny day.

The Surf Scoter is a sea duck with a remarkable multicolored bill patterned in orange, white, and deep red–making it an unforgettable sight, to be sure.

9. American Oystercatcher

An adorable American Oystercatcher standing on a beach.

The American Oystercatcher has a name that matches its favorite activity–eating scrumptious shellfish with the aid of its thick crimson beak.

10. Eastern Great Egret

An adorable Eastern Great Egret walking in a swamp.

The Eastern Great Egret belongs to the heron family (Ardeidae), and its name is quite accurate: the bird shows its bright orange beak throughout Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

11. White Stork

A big White Stork looking for food in a backyard on a sunny day.

Despite the famed folklore, the White Stork is not in the business of delivering newborn babies to their parents–it’s too busy using its deep crimson-orange bill for hunting prey.

12. Atlantic Puffin

An adorable Atlantic Puffin standing on shore on a sunny day.

The eponymous cereal doesn’t lie–the Atlantic Puffin has a remarkable multi-colored beak, which includes a mottled pattern of black, yellow, and orange. When you look close, you can also see the flower-shaped bud of flesh, which allows the bird to open its mouth wide enough to hold multiple birds.

13. Toco Toucan

A beautiful Toco Toucan standing on a metal feeder.

Though breakfast cereals and animated series have widely popularized the Toco Toucan, the real-life toucan and its large orange beak are even better.

14. Spectacled Eider

A beautiful Spectacled Eide swimming in water on a sunny day.

The next bird on our list is the Spectacled Eider, so named for the white circle around its eyes–though equally remarkable for its tucked orange beak.

15. Orange-billed Sparrow

An adorable Orange-billed Sparrow standing in a wooden feeder.

As its name suggests, the Orange-billed Sparrow boasts a beak the color of American cheese, and we can’t stop staring at it.

16. Common Blackbird

An adorable Common Blackbird standing on a ground.

The Common Blackbird is sometimes confused in name with New World blackbirds–though if you pay attention to its macaroni-and-cheese beak, you won’t fall for it.

17. King Eider

A big King Eider splashing water.

Like the bespectacled eider featured above, the King Eider displays a multicolored orange beak with splashes of yellow, white, and pale blue.

18. Pied Oystercatcher

An adorable Pied Oystercatcher standing in a shallow water.

As the poem goes, this bird is truly a “Pied Beauty.” The Pied Oystercatcher’s black-and-white coat strikes a nice contrast with its flaming orange beak.

19. Elegant Tern

An adorable Elegant Tern standing on a beach on a sunny day.

A relative of the gull, the Elegant Tern truly lives up to its name: its black-streaked wings allow it to soar high into the sky and hunt for fish.

20. Embden Goose

A big Embden Goose sitting on a green meadow with tiny flowers.

Also called the Embden Goose, this goose is of German origin, and it packs a punch–with the heaviest weighing over 25 pounds.

21. Ridgway’s Rail

An adorable Ridgway’s Rail walking in a swamp.

The final bird on our list is Ridgway’s Rail, a chicken-like bird commonly found in San Francisco Bay. While it faces the prospect of depopulation, dedicated conservationists are helping the bird come back.

Final Thoughts

All 21 birds on this list are truly special specimens, and there are many more beyond them! Which one is your favorite?

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