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17 Birds That Chirp in the Morning (With Photos)

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Whether living in a rural or urban setting, you’ll likely hear birds chirping in the morning. Birds chirp for several reasons, including attracting mates, protecting their shelter, or warning other birds about danger.

This article highlights 17 birds that chirp in the morning.


1. Gartered Trogon

A beautiful Gartered Trogon perched on a branch.

The gartered trogon is a vibrant bird that chirps in a long series of quick and hollow sounds.  These birds have yellow-ringed eyes that enable them to see clearly in low light and are usually among the first birds to participate in the dawn chorus.

2. Song Thrush

A cute Song Thrush perched on a rock.

The Song thrush usually chirps about one hour before daybreak, just after the blackbirds. The birds repeatedly produce short and fluty sounds with pauses in between. Generally, the chirps sound more chatty than musical.

3. Mockingbirds

An adorable Mockingbird perched on a thin flowering branch.

Mockingbirds are members of the Mimidae family and usually come in various sizes and colors. What differentiates these birds from others is that they can mimic any bird call or sound. However, they still have their unique sound.

4. Common Chiffchaff

A cute Common Chiffchaff perched on a branch.

The Common chiffchaff belongs to the leaf warbler species. Generally, chiffchaff birds are tiny birds. Their morning chirps consist of two notes repeated several times, usually in descending or reverse order.

5. Eastern Bluebirds

A pair of beautiful Eastern Bluebirds on an old broken branch.

Eastern bluebirds get their name from their vibrant turquoise feathers. They like building their nests on ledges of rocks, in natural crevices like woodpecker holes, or even in boxes. When singing, they produce a twanging sound.

6. American Robin

A beautiful American Robin standing on the ground.

The American robin is a small bird that produces loud and strong chirps with different phrases. If you listen keenly, you’ll realize that the birds pronounce around ten whistle-like syllables in a row, “cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.” They occasionally make repeated chirps that resemble a chuckle.

7. Tufted Titmouse

An adorable Tufted Titmouse perched on a dried branch.

The Tufted titmouse bird features a crown of gray feathers on its head. The birds have a distinct echoing voice that produces a clear, whistled sound reverberating through the atmosphere. Despite being morning chirpers, these birds usually start singing once there’s light.

8. Goldfinches

A beautiful Goldfinch perched on a branch.

You’ll find Goldfinches in Asia, Europe, and North America. These birds are famous for being agile singers that fill the sky with their songs in the morning before sunrise.

9. Common Pheasant

A beautiful Common Pheasant standing on a meadow.

Also known as, Ring-necked pheasants, Common pheasants, are generally large birds. During spring, the males chirp at dawn or even throughout the day. The Common pheasant chirps resemble a truncated version of a rooster’s crow.

10. Red-Winged Blackbird

A beautiful Red-Winged Blackbird perched on a branch.

Red-winged blackbirds are another bird type that starts chirping early before dawn. Their chirps usually begin abruptly and end with a trill. They like staying in marshes and other wetlands.

11. House Sparrows

A cute House Sparrow perched on a chair.

House sparrows are the loudest among all birds that chirp in the morning. You can find them in almost all places except Antarctica, but they like the Northern hemisphere more.

12. Baltimore Oriole

A beautiful Baltimore Oriole perched on a branch.

Orioles are colorful birds with a rich, loud whistling tone. They usually receive the first morning light since they live on the topmost part of tall trees, enabling them to join the dawn chorus. They typically make chirps by pairing together a brief sequence of sounds that may last one to two seconds.

13. North Cardinal

A beautiful North Cardinal perched on an old broken branch.

Cardinals are renowned morning singers in the Eastern United States. In some regions, the male North Cardinal birds usually sing all year long. The birds have strong morning songs and calls, but the most common is a series of two-parted whistles that end in a leisurely trill.

14. American Woodcocks

An adorable North Cardinal drinking water.

The American Woodcock is also known as the timberdoodle or bog sucker. You can find these birds in most parts of North America, especially during spring. Their vocal chirps begin a few minutes before sunrise, which resembles a whistling sound. Identifying the birds is easy since they have large beaks and straight tail feathers.

15. Common Chaffinch

A beautiful Common Chaffinch perched on a moss-covered tree log.

If you repeatedly hear a cheery morning song, that’s probably the Common Chaffinch. The birds also chirp with a downward rattle of notes, stopping quickly and suddenly. According to some people, the Common Chaffinch chirps signify rainfall.

16. Chipping Sparrow

An adorable Chipping Sparrow perched on a wooden log.

The Chipping Sparrow produces a long, evenly spaced trill that sounds almost mechanical. These birds chirp loudly in the early morning to protect their territories against invading birds. If you hear the sounds later in the day, they’re likely mating.

17. Yellow Warbler

A cute Yellow Warbler perched on a branch.

Most birds in the warbler family, including the Yellow warbler, sing in the morning. The birds whistle in a succession of six to ten notes with a pleasant tone that accelerates and ends on a rising note. They occasionally produce chirping sounds with a buzzing or metallic quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about birds that chirp.

What is the first bird to sing in the morning?

Birds start to sing at different times in the morning. The birds that usually sing first include Robins, Blackbirds, and Thrushes.

How long do birds chirp in the morning?

Birds can chirp for several hours. However, the amount of time birds chirp depends on the species.

Why do birds chirp in the morning?

The reason why birds chirp in the morning is a bit of a mystery. However, since it’s mostly male birds that do it, a leading theory is that they’re asserting dominance over a territory and calling out to females.

Do birds chirp when they are happy?

Birds chirp for many reasons, including when they’re happy.

Wind Up

There is no denying that the dawn chorus by birds is a beautiful sound. It can calm your heart, help you appreciate nature and start your day in a cheerful mood.

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