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The Best Solar Birdbath Fountain for 2022

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best solar birdbath fountain

This article will feature twelve of the best solar birdbath fountain that every birder wants to have in the garden. We all know how a solar powered water fountain for bird bath can help in attracting birds in the backyard. The water splashing will attract curious birds and make them relax while in your garden. Being solar also means it’s cost-effective, which is an excellent advantage to the birder.

We have researched the best bird bath solar fountain to find the best one in the market today. Each of the solar powered bird fountain kit was tested and examined as we came up with the twelve of the best solar bird bath fountain today.


Best Solar Birdbath Fountain Reviews

1. Mademax Solar Bird Bath Fountains

mademax solar bird bath fountains

Adding a solar birdbath fountain brings several benefits not only to your backyard but also to the birds. This solar powered bird bath fountain pump from Mademax does not need electricity as it operates automatically when exposed directly to the sunlight, making it cost-effective to birders.

This product is an excellent solar birdbath fountain that has exceeded my expectations. I am impressed that it can be used in multiple places. Whether in your yard or garden or using it on a small birdbath and pond, this solar-powered birdbath fountain will keep the birds entertained once they visit your place.

I also like that it comes with four different sprayer types that allow the user to select the fountain style preference. There are four nozzles included in the product packaging. Each of them comes with four different fountain patterns, which can easily attract the birds in the backyard.

This solar birdbath fountain also brings another dimension to your garden. In fact, I know someone who never got birds at the baths he owns until using this product. The sound and its motion will attract different types of bird species, which is impressive.

In addition, this solar bird bath fountain is so easy to use. All I did was take it out in the package while clearing the plastic sticker off the solar panel. Then, you can choose one nozzle for the fountain pattern then put it on. After that, put the fountain on your birdbath, and you are good to go.

  • Does not need electricity or battery
  • Includes four different water sprayer style
  • Built with safety protection feature to detect shortage of water
  • It can be used in various places such as a birdbath, pond, garden, and many more
  • Easy usage and installation
  • Work instantly under the sunshine
  • Not for tiny birdbath
  • No direction of movement

Every backyard birder will love this mini solar fountain for birdbath. This product can really shoot a long way in creating a fountain-like appearance that can attract birds in your garden. It is easy to use and install and provides four different fountain patterns to choose from.

2. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountains

biling solar bird bath fountains

The best thing about a solar birdbath fountain is it does not need electricity to have work. All you need is an excellent exposure to the sunlight, and it’s good to go, just like this product from Biling. Unlike the electric bird bath fountain pump, this product is cost-effective but comes in excellent quality.

But what caught my attention is the quality of this product’s solar panel. I have seen a few low-quality epoxy panels, but this product is quite different. It uses a top-notched solar glass laminate known for its durability and toughness. And its size is bigger, which means it can bring more power to the pump.

I also checked the pump and found out that it is superb quality. It is built with a high-quality motor and comes with a waterproof design. You will know that it’s high-quality when working very quietly when used. According to the company, the pump should last at least up to 10,000 hours of usage which for me is pretty impressive.

I also feel that there is a distinct advantage when the solar panel is separated from the pump as it allows you to place the sun anywhere. Also, the sprinkler of this solar birdbath fountain is lovely and does shoot the water too high. It also comes with a little bag that will be used to wrap the motor to prevent it from sucking leaves and debris.

You will know the effectiveness of the solar birdbath fountain when it increases the bird’s presence in your backyard. This product has done the same. Also, adding this water feature also added the length of time the birds stay in your place. It’s probably because of the moving water sound that makes them last longer.

  • Built with high-quality and sizeable solar panel
  • Large solar panel means more power to bring
  • The pump comes with a compact design and is easy to hide
  • The pump works quietly and comes with excellent longevity
  • The solar panel can be installed on the wall or inserted on the ground
  • Energy-saving and environment friendly
  • It tends to spray high and wide, which can empty a small birdbath

This product is one of the best solar fountain for bird baths that I have seen all these years. The fountain flow is excellent under the sun while slowing down to a trickle when it is cloudy. Just make sure that you have a deeper and bigger birdbath to prevent the water from spraying outside and emptying the birdbath.

3. VIVOHOME Polyresin Solar Powered Fountains

vivohome polyresin solar powered fountains

Using a solar-powered birdbath fountain is cost-effective in itself. However, you will save if you can get a birdbath and the solar birdbath fountain in one product package. This situation is what this product from Vivohome is offering, and this combo set will be an excellent addition to your garden, backyard, or any other space in your home.

The first thing that caught my attention is the birdbath which looks like a stone on the initial impression. But it’s actually made of durable resin or plastic, which is not a bad thing in my opinion. It looks durable and can withstand hot or cold temperatures.

The birdbath looks impressive to me. It is very light and can be moved from one place to the other depending on preference. If you want it more stable, you can put gravel or stones on the pedestal to enhance the stability.

On the other hand, the solar-powered birdbath fountain perfectly complements the birdbath. I have seen birds visiting the birdbath more often because of water splashing. It also includes multiple fountain heads, which can be used to change the water patterns in the fountain.

The only issue with this solar birdbath fountain is it does not stay still as it constantly moves on the birdbath. If you do not like it constantly moving, you can find ways to stop the movement. Putting some rocks around it will make it stop moving and make it positioned in the middle.

  • Combo set; one birdbath and one solar birdbath fountain
  • Durable birdbath and environment-friendly fountain
  • Built with lightweight design
  • It can be transferred to a preferred spot in the house
  • Quick and easy install
  • Energy-saving and environment friendly
  • Unnecessary movement of the fountain

This product is the best solar fountain pump for bird bath in terms of promotion. The combination of a high-quality birdbath makes the two items an excellent combo set. You can save money and make your garden beautiful by attracting all those cute little birds.

4. SZMP Solar Bird Bath Fountains

szmp solar bird bath fountains

It is always an issue for a solar birdbath fountain to constantly move around the birdbath while spraying the water to the outside. This product from SZMP is the best solar water fountain in terms of the uniqueness of its feature. This product comes with four innovative fixers, which will help position the fountain in the middle and prevent the water from spraying out of the birdbath.

The upside in having this feature is it helps the user to save time in constantly putting water into the birdbath. There are other ways to fix the fountain in the middle, such as putting rocks around it, but the fixer is pretty unique with this solar birdbath fountain.

The solar bird fountain really works well, but I feel that the solar panel does not store but utilizes the solar energy immediately to run the pump. So, it is essential to choose the spot where you will position your birdbath. If the panel gets full sunlight, the pump will produce a nice sprout. The placement and sin direction is very important when setting up the birdbath and this solar birdbath fountain.

I also like the filter protection of this solar fountain pump. It includes a built-in filter sponge and an extra three filters, which helps filter fine impurities, dust, and other forms of dirt. This additional feature will make the pump easy to clean, which also enhances the product’s longevity.

Finally, this solar birdbath fountain comes in six different nozzles, which gives the user options when it comes to the pattern of the fountain. These extra nozzles can be easily installed without tools. The pump itself works silently without disturbing the hummingbirds and other bird species visiting your backyard.

  • Includes fixer to position the fountain in the middle of the birdbath
  • With built-in filter protection, which makes it easy for cleaning
  • It contains six different nozzles to choose six different fountain patterns
  • Works immediately when exposed directly into the sunlight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Tends to work only under direct exposure to sunlight

Overall, this product is one of the best solar powered bird bath fountains I have seen in a while. It is small but mighty and superior. It is also easy to assemble and install, making it one of the most comfortable solar birdbath fountains you can use in your garden.

5. Sunlitec Bird Bath Solar Outdoor Fountain Kit

sunlitec bird bath solar outdoor fountain kit

A water fountain in your garden is a unique way to inject new life and energy into the garden. It also helps in luring the birds to stay more into your place. However, using the best solar pool fountain from Sunlitec is an excellent alternative to traditional birdbath fountains with its energy-efficient feature and cost-effectiveness.

Using this birdbath will give you a high-quality solar panel and a fountain pump. Having a separate solar panel will allow you to put it in a strategic spot that receives enough sunlight while placing the fountain in the place you like.

I also like the efficiency of the birdbath as it immediately works three seconds after exposure with enough sunlight. Installing this solar birdbath fountain into your garden will allow you to offer an excellent water source for the birds for drinking, bathing, and other fun activities.

This solar-powered birdbath fountain is also very easy to assemble and install. It also comes with four different types of spray heads, which you can choose to give different spraying patterns on the fountain.

As far as longevity is concerned, the company claims that this product can last up to 20,000 hours of usage, which is quite impressive. But, you must do your part in cleaning it regularly to avoid algae buildup and remove debris that can clog and damage the pump. It is also essential to wipe off the solar panel from dust to ensure optimum performance.

  • With high-quality and functional solar panel
  • Includes four spray heads to form different fountain patterns
  • Energy-saving and cost-effective solar-powered fountain
  • It can last up to 20,000hours of usage
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Environment-friendly
  • No ground stack for the solar panel

This product is the best solar hummingbird bath fountain that you can use in the backyard. They are easy to put together, and the four spray heads allow you to play with the fountain pattern. It will definitely attract birds for drinking, bathing, and other activities in your yard.

6. AISITIN Solar Birdbath Fountains

aisitin solar birdbath fountains

In many solar bird bath fountain reviews, you will notice that they are only reviewing and focusing strictly on fountains. In our own review, we also give space to excellent combo packages such as this product package from Aisitin, which combines a high-quality solar birdbath fountain and a top-of-the-line birdbath.

I find the birdbath very unique in its own right. It looks like it is made of metal but actually is built with high-quality polypropylene material with resin coating. To simplify, it is actually made of plastic, which is good because its lightness allows you to put the birdbath anywhere.

There is always an issue about stability when it comes to birdbaths made of resin and plastic. But with this product, you can have the option to make it stable by increasing the weight. You can put stones, soil, or water to increase the weight. You can even use nails to fix it on the ground to make it stable.

On the other hand, I am really impressed by the efficiency of the solar-powered fountain once it is exposed to sunlight. Installation and assembly were so easy and were pretty quick. I really feel that there was no installation at all. The birdbath fountain pump also automatically shuts off when there is no water. I find this feature equally impressive.

This solar birdbath fountain also comes with six different nozzles that allow the user to change the pattern of the spray. However, regular cleaning of the fountain is needed to avoid clogging with dust and help extend the pump’s longevity.

  • Combo package of solar-powered fountain and birdbath
  • The birdbath is built with durability and toughness
  • Birdbath stability can be enhanced by putting rocks, water, or soil in the hollow
  • Easy-to-use and environment-friendly birdbath
  • Quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Environment-friendly
  • Solar fountain tends to float

Overall, this product is an excellent combo that can make every birder save some money. But more than the saving, I am impressed by the overall quality of the birdbath and the fountain and their ability to attract birds in the yard. The lightness of the birdbath can give you a chance to position it anywhere you like without any issues.

7. Gexregel Solar Bird Bath Fountains

gexregel solar bird bath fountains

Any birder who uses a solar-powered birdbath fountain is always looking for all the benefits it brings to the user. The power efficiency and the cost-saving benefits are significant factors, but the ability of this type of birdbath fountain is also a big factor. This product from Gexregel is one of the best solar powered bird bath fountains that provide unique innovations and features to make the usage free from any issues.

The problem in using this type of solar birdbath fountain is its tendency to float around the birdbath, causing it to spray water to the outside. This brand has solved this issue by providing bumping strips that will help keep the fountain in the middle.

Another innovation that I am impressed with this product is the presence of a gauze filter. This unique feature is the answer to the constant clogging problem in the fountain. It helps block the dirt and dust and eventually make this solar birdbath fountain easy to clean and maintain. For sure, it also enhances the product’s longevity once it is cleaned regularly.

In addition, the fountain pump comes with six different nozzles, which allow the user to change the pattern of the spray of the fountain. But more importantly, this solar-powered fountain pump will attract birds and improve the water quality on your pond.

Installation is quick and very easy. It was very impressive that I had installed this solar birdbath fountain in less than a minute. And once it is ready, I immediately put it in the water and work instantly. You just make sure that it is properly exposed to the sun to work efficiently.

  • With upgraded solar panels that work instantly once exposed to the sunlight
  • It comes with bumper strips to prevent any movement in the birdbath while staying in the middle
  • Built with gauze filter that blocks dirt and dust for easy cleaning
  • Includes six different nozzles for different fountain spray patterns
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Poor filter design
  • Longevity issue

This product is unique with its creativity and added features. I feel that the feature was designed to solve typical issues that usually bother this type of birdbath. The company has successfully found a solution so that this product enhances its reliability. It is highly recommended for birders looking for an efficient solar birdbath fountain.

8. GOLDFLOWER Solar Powered Water Fountains

goldflower solar powered water fountains

This solar birdbath fountain from Goldflower provides distinct and advanced features that will enable the user to maximize its benefits. First, it uses a high-quality and durable solar panel that provides energy efficiency and can work in a harsh environment. The solar panel will let the fountain still work even in less than ideal sunlight.

I am also impressed by its water-shortage protection feature, where it automatically stops working when there is not enough water on the pond. Water shortage is the common cause of the fountain getting damaged and not working properly. But with this feature, this problem can be avoided.

Another feature that caught my attention is the presence of a filter box. This part of the solar birdbath fountain will block all forms of dirt and debris that can cause clogging on the fountain. The filter box will also make the fountain easy to clean and maintain.

The presence of six different nozzle heads will allow you to change the fountain pattern depending on your preferred choices. Each of the nozzles will also give you an extra water height, but if you want to prevent the water from moving randomly, there is a fixer that can do the job for you.

Lastly, the size of this solar birdbath fountain is large enough to be used in various applications. It can be used on a regular birdbath, small pond, pool, garden, and even fish tank. You can put this solar birdbath fountain in these places to make them lively.

  • Built with a high-quality solar panel that can work even in harsh conditions
  • It comes with a water-shortage protection that makes the fountain automatically stops without water
  • With filtration box that blocks debris to make the fountain easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes six different fountain patterns and one fixer to prevent the water from moving randomly
  • It can be used on multiple applications
  • Environment-friendly
  • Needs for exposure to sunlight to work properly

This product is an excellent fountain for a birdbath. It is easy to set up and comes with straws that help keep the fountain in the middle of the birdbath. This solar-powered birdbath fountain will undoubtedly attract birds to your backyard for drinking, bathing, and pure fun.

9. VINGLI Solar Fountain Antique Copper Birdbaths

vingli solar fountain antique copper birdbaths

This product is another combo set that includes a birdbath and a solar fountain and can be an excellent addition to your garden. I am totally impressed by the elegance and the antique look of this birdbath, which can be used as decoration in any yard.

But do not be fooled by the antique look since this birdbath is still made of a high-density resin material known for its lightness. The birdbath may look antique and heavy, but it’s light and allows you to reposition it in the backyard easily.

If you feel that stability can be a problem with the resin material of the birdbath, think again. A hollow stand can be filled with water, sand, rocks, or soil to have an added weight and eventually make the birdbath more stable.

On the other hand, the solar birdbath fountain will lure the birds to come into the birdbath. It is designed to attract birds as it comes with a rim with a slight oval cut-out to allow little birds to grab their toes and lean to drink the water. It is a pretty unique feature that will lure the birds from coming over into your yard.

In addition, the solar birdbath fountain also comes with three different sprinkler heads that allows you to change the pattern of the fountain. And it works immediately the moment it is exposed directly to the sunlight.

  • Includes a combo set of the birdbath and solar fountain
  • Birdbath is made with a high-quality resin material known for its lightness
  • Birdbath comes with a hollow stand that can be filled up for stability
  • The solar birdbath fountain is easy to use and install
  • Birdbath looks elegant with its antique appearance
  • The fountain keeps on moving and wasting the water to the outside

Overall, this product is light, easy to assemble, and looks very elegant. The solar birdbath fountain is easy to use and works immediately once exposed to the sunlight. This product comes with an excellent pair that can be a great addition to your garden.

10. GAIZERL Solar Water Fountains

gaizerl solar water fountains

The cost-efficiency of using a solar birdbath fountain is beneficial to every birder and backyard owner. But if you can get additional benefits from a solar birdbath fountain, the better for you. This situation is what this solar bird bath fountain with lights brings to any birder who wants to use this product in the backyard.

The extra lighting is in the form of 21 bright and colorful LED lights that will enhance the attraction of your garden during the night. With this feature, the solar birdbath fountain will attract birds during the day but will convert some kind of visual art during nighttime to make your garden more colorful.

But where does this product get the power that it needs for the lights? This product is the best solar bird bath fountain with battery backup. The backup is in the form of a built-in 900 capacity battery that stores energy to power the LED light for up to 6 to 8 hours during the night once exposed to sufficient sunlight.

Another important feature is the presence of four fixed sticks that will be used to prevent the fountain from floating or moving anywhere. This feature will also help prevent the fountain from squirting water outside the birdbath to avoid the water from running dry.

Then, there is the water shortage protection which gives the ability to the fountain to sense the presence of water. If there is no water at all, the pump will stop working to prevent it from running dry and eliminate the chance of being damaged.

  • Includes 21 LED lights that work during the night
  • With a built-in 900 capacity battery that can light up to 6 to 8 hours
  • With seven different nozzle heads to change fountain pattern
  • Built with solar water protection that lets the fountain automatically shuts off when there is no water to prevent damage
  • Anti-clog feature blocks debris and other dirt for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The pump will not work at night; only the LED lights

This solar birdbath fountain will work perfectly straight out of the box. The various patterns you can use on the fountain adds entertainment to the birds. The other features also help, especially the LED lights, which will make your garden vibrant and colorful during the night.

11. Ihoomee Solar Birdbath Fountains

ihoomee solar birdbath fountains

With so many options available, there is no doubt that choosing a solar birdbath can be a challenge. But this particular product from Ihoomee brings uniqueness in terms of its size and its features to the user.

I am impressed by the durability and the overall quality of this solar birdbath fountain, but its small size caught my attention. Its diameter of about six inches does not prevent the fountain pump from doing what it is supposed to do. It has six different sprayers that quickly provide different patterns that attract the bird in the backyard.

The durability of this solar birdbath fountain is also evident in its ability to last longer. The company claims that this solar birdbath fountain can last up to 10000 hours of usage, which is quite long for this very affordable product. To top it off, this solar birdbath fountain is also equipped with added features that will make this product last longer.

First is the water shortage protection feature that will make the pump automatically stop when there is no water. This feature will help avoid the pump running even when the water runs dry, which can actually cause damage to the pump.

Then, the filter box helps block the debris and other forms of dirt towards the pump. This feature will help avoid clogging and keep the fountain clean all the time. It also helps make the solar birdbath fountain easy to clean and maintain.

  • Excellent longevity; Built to work for a long time
  • With water-shortage protection feature that automatically shuts off the pump when there is no water
  • With filter box which prevents clogging and damage; make the cleaning and maintenance easy
  • Includes six different nozzles for various fountain pattern
  • It can be used on other applications
  • Only works strongly under direct exposure to sunlight

Overall, this solar birdbath fountain provides excellent value to the user. The pump has just enough strength to make an ideal fountain in a birdbath. But make sure to use it in a large-sized birdbath to prevent wasting the water outside.

12. ZETIY Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains

zetiy solar powered bird bath fountains

This solar birdbath fountain from Zetiy takes pride in its efficiency and ability to work instantly the moment it is exposed to the sunlight. This product is environment-friendly and does not need any electricity to work, And it’s affordable too, which is suitable for birders on a budget.

There are four different nozzles that you can use in this solar-powered fountain pump. This feature will allow you to use four different patterns on the fountain while adjusting the height of the water depending on the nozzle you use.

I am also impressed by the flexibility of this solar-powered fountain pump for a birdbath. This product will allow you to use it in different applications aside from birdbath. In fact, this product can also be used on gardens, pools, small ponds, and even patios.

Installation and usage are very easy. Installing this solar birdbath fountain only requires three steps. Once done, you will let the pump float in the water and see it work immediately once it is directly exposed to the sunlight.

The only issue I have with this product is its tendency to float and move around the birdbath. This movement will cause the water to squirt outside and make the birdbath run out of water if you fail to replenish it.

  • Works immediately once exposed in the sunlight
  • Includes four different nozzles for various fountain patterns
  • It can be used on other applications apart from the birdbath
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Environment-friendly and cost-efficient
  • Tendency to float and move in the birdbath causes the water to splash outside

This solar birdbath fountain comes with a very simple design but works efficiently for a small birdbath. It works perfectly when it is exposed directly to the sunlight. It is a low-cost product that is a perfect addition to your garden.

What to Look For When Buying a Solar Birdbath Fountain

solar powered bird bath fountain pump

As I have been saying earlier, choosing a solar birdbath fountain can be overwhelming with all the options available. But there are factors that you can consider that will serve as your guide in selecting the right product for your garden. Please see the list below:

Pump Dimension and Size

The size of the pump should be related to the size of your birdbath. Meaning, you must consider the available size of your birdbath once the fountain pump is already installed in the birdbath.

There have been many instances that the birdbath is too small which makes the fountain squirt the water outside the birdbath.

This situation will result in drying of the birdbath from water which means you need to fill it up with water constantly. If the birdbath is large enough in relation to the size of the pump, the water will just recycle, and the birdbath will not be dried up with water.

Solar Panel Quality

The next factor to consider is the quality of the solar panel. There are two types of solar panels that you will encounter in a solar birdbath. One is already built-in together in the fountain. The other one is separated from the pump of the fountain.

The advantage of having a separate solar panel is that it allows the user to find a location that is directly exposed to the sunlight without sacrificing the location of the fountain and the birdbath. It gives you the ability to position the solar panel in the best way possible under direct exposure to sunlight.

The quality of the solar panel also includes its size. The larger the solar panel is, the greater the capacity to absorb and store energy from the sun. It will result in more power and the ability of the fountain to work without any issues.

Spray Styles

Although not as important, having different spray styles will allow you to change the pattern of the fountain as it blows the water into the air. The more patterns the fountain has, the better in my opinion. Each pattern will have a different effect on the birds but rest assured that they will be attracted once they see the fountain in the garden.


You will also need to consider the added features that a particular solar birdbath fountain gives to you as a user. An excellent extra feature such as LED lights that provides additional lighting during the night is impressive.

Then, the filter box helps block the debris and other forms of dirt from coming to the pump. This feature will make the fountain easier to clean, which helps in enhancing its longevity.

Another extra feature to look at is the fixed sticks that prevent the fountain from floating and moving in the birdbath. Once the fountain will be stabilized in the middle, it will prevent the water from going out outside the birdbath, thus avoiding the birdbath from being out of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

best solar powered bird bath fountains

How to Clean a Solar Birdbath Fountain?

Cleaning a solar bird bath fountain is not hard to do. The key is to clean the birdbath pamp regularly to avoid clogging on the inside. You can use a stiff-bristled brush made for a birdbath to remove all the debris or dirt that clung to the pump and the fountain. If the dirt is overwhelming, use a cleaning solution to help you remove all the dirt, then rinse and clean after.

How to Assemble a Solar Birdbath Fountain?

Overall, assembling a solar birdbath fountain varies from one brand to another. However, I know most of the solar birdbath fountains are easy to assemble and can be finished immediately by simply following the instruction manual given.

The assembly includes sliding the clear tubing into the pump. Then, connect the other end of the tubing to the central canal on the underside of the fountain. Then, take the pump’s power cable and plug it into the receiver. Then, insert the nozzle to the top side of the fountain. Once done, put the fountain in the middle of the birdbath.


The best solar birdbath fountain will provide power-efficiency and cost-saving measures to the user. The most important thing when using this type of fountain is access to sunlight every day. Your place should have constant exposure to the sunlight for the solar birdbath fountain to work perfectly.

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