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The Best Macaw Food for 2022

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best macaw food

There is no doubt that macaw birds are popular among bird enthusiasts due to their intelligence, charm, and affection. But these beautiful creatures also need the most trustworthy macaw food for them to thrive in your home or keep coming back to your backyard.

This article will list the best food for macaws based on different factors we used in our testing process. We also ask birders and birdwatchers for their suggestions and recommendations for us to list the best macaw bird food available in the market today.


Best Macaw Food Reviews

1. ZuPreem FruitBlend Pellets Macaws Bird Food

zupreem fruitblend pellets macaws bird food

In the wild, macaws like to eat insects and fruits. But, if you have these birds in your home or want them to visit in your backyard, a bird food shaped similar to fruit can lure them to eat easily. This feature is why this macaw food from ZuPreem is a perfect food for these beautiful birds.

I can still remember the very first time I used this pellet on my birds, and what I noticed was its shape like these fruits from the wild. The shape, the colors, and even the natural flavors are similar to the fruits found in the wild, which makes the macaws like this food a lot.

The size of these fruity pellets is just enough for the macaws to eat quickly. The fact that this bird food comes in different colors and flavors, the more the birds eat them. I also try to combine fruits and vegetables in their meal to add nutritional value to the birds.

For me, this macaw food is one of the most common macaw diets you can feed on these birds. It is a very healthy and delicious smart pellet that provides nutritional value to the birds. Not only that, this bird food is actually made of whole grains that are full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which are essential to a bird’s diet.

I am also impressed by the packaging of this macaw food. The quality is top-notched and will help keep the bird food fresh all the time. Packaging is essential in making the food last longer, especially during storage. Overall, the packaging is secure, has no crumbs, and smells so fresh.

  • Built with unique colors and shapes that resemble a natural fruit
  • Provides excellent nutritional value; a great source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Develop with natural flavors for a healthy and delicious nutrition
  • Fruity pellet-shaped that macaw birds like to eat
  • Excellent and durable packaging to keep the foods fresh for a long time
  • It comes with sugar and fillers

This macaw food is for bird owners looking for nutritious bird food for their macaws. I am actually impressed by the excellent packaging of this product as it maintains the freshness and smell of the food even after prolonged storage.

2. Higgins Safflower Gold Natural Macaws Food Mix

higgins safflower gold natural macaws food mix

When it comes to giving a bird food, a responsible bird owner must also consider the nutritional value it provides to the bird while also making sure the bird likes it. And this situation is what this macaw food from Higgins gives your bird, excellent nutrition and taste.

What I like best about this macaw parrot food is it comes with an excellent mix of ingredients. It is specially blended for macaws because it contains most of the food that it likes. Among them are safflower seeds and a unique blend of legumes, grains, and other seeds.

In my years of using all types of bird food, I have seen different brands, and their quality has gone down through the years. This observation results in the food being wasted instead of being eaten by the birds. But this food is so different as the macaw was so interested in it, and the way the bird eats was a sight to behold.

I also like the smell of this bird food compared to others indicating its excellent quality and the nutritional value it gives to the macaws. And this macaw food is huge and weighs around 3 lbs. One pack should last longer, especially if you combine it with other types of food.

I also found the packaging of this macaw food of excellent quality. It is actually a resealable pack that helps maintain the quality of the food even after storage. It also comes with an easy-to-open tear strip which allows easy access to the bird food.

  • Develop with an excellent mix of ingredients which macaws like
  • Without artificial colors and preservatives
  • Provides excellent nutritional value to the birds
  • Amazing smell and freshness
  • Top-quality resealable pack
  • It contains peanuts and cashews, which the birds did not like

If you are a bird watcher or a pet owner, this macaw food is probably the freshest you can give to your bird. It comes with an excellent combination of ingredients and packs very well to maintain its freshness even if it is stored long.

3. Tropical Carnival F.M. Brown Macaws Hookbill Food

tropical carnival f.m. brown macaws hookbill food

Nutritional value and palatability are two important factors in choosing a bird’s food. Even if you give a nutritious meal but the birds do not like it, all your effort will be wasted. With that said, this bird food from Tropical Carnival makes on our list because it has the reputation of being macaws favorite food with its fantastic taste and excellent nutrition.

Based on what I saw in this bird food, I really like the perfect blend of protein and vegetables. It combines different ingredients that make the macaws happy once they eat it. This bird food has helped relieve cage boredom to all my birds once I started feeding them.

Since the mixture is full of nuts which the macaws like, the birds do not waste the food during mealtime. It also smells good, which adds to the overall taste of this bird food. The birds really appeared to enjoy this macaw food.

Also, the excellent mixture and variety of ingredients make this bird food an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for the macaws. This food is also an excellent source of fiber while protecting the birds from sickness with a healthy immune system.

Overall, this macaw food has everything that my birds like. It has a perfect blend of protein, vegetables, and other ingredients that the birds like. The macaw birds really enjoyed eating this bird food during mealtime.

The only issue I have with this product is the packaging. It is actually hard to open compared to the others I have tried before. It also does not come in a resealable bag, which will be a problem during storage.

  • It helps in improving the bird’s digestion
  • Excellent source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • It helps in enhancing the bird’s healthy immune system
  • Perfect mixture and blend of ingredients
  • It can relieve cage boredom
  • Packaging is hard to open and not resealable

This macaw food is excellent for bird owners looking for balance in their birds’ diet. This bird food provides a unique taste while giving excellent nutritional value. It also helps in boosting the immune system of the macaws.

4. Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Baby Macaws Food

kaytee exact hand feeding baby macaws food

The next product in our macaw food list is unique from the first three I reviewed earlier. This macaw food is formulated for those young and baby macaws. If you happen to raise a baby macaw, this formula is an excellent option for the development of the birds.

Having the on-hand experience in using this product makes me confident in recommending it to all of you. I was feeding this bird food for a pair of 4-month old baby macaws, and the result was simply excellent. Feeding them twice a day shows no sign of waste, and the birds really like it until they were ready to wean.

This macaw food was a big help in providing a balanced and high-nutrient formula that every baby macaw needs. This bird food really helps in making the small birds grow faster while developing a brighter and stronger plumage.

I always believe that you should stick to bird foods that work for your bird. And this situation exactly happens with my birds and this food. This macaw food comes with an exact hand-feeding formula that is formulated for baby macaws. The taste and the nutrients it gives to the bird were crucial in their formation as they developed and grew.

Also, the packaging of this product is of excellent quality and is resealable. This feature is beneficial in keeping the bird food fresh even during storage. This product has a weight of 5 pounds which is huge, and the resealing feature is essential for storage.

  • Provides balanced high-nutrient formula to baby macaws
  • Formulated with an exact hand-feeding formula to fit small birds
  • With probiotics that help maintain healthy intestines for the baby macaws
  • It will give increased energy to birds
  • Includes a high-quality resealable packaging
  • Size is a little bit bigger

Arguably the best hand feeding formula for all the little birds like macaws. This macaw food will give the small birds excellent nutritional value and make them healthier as they grow. If you are raising baby macaws, this bird food is a perfect choice.

5. Bird Street Bistro Parrot Food

bird street bistro parrot food

Macaws can be picky when it comes to the type of food they eat until you give them the proper meal for their taste. This situation is exactly what I experience with my blue macaw, who only eats seeds until I include this bird food from Bird Street Bistro.

This macaw food has converted my very picky bird into someone that eats anything. One massive factor behind it is the smell of this bird food which is so nice that it smells like food for humans. It was so good that I wanted to smell it. Since then, I have included this bird food in my blue macaw diet.

I was also impressed by the variety of ingredients that made up this macaw food. I am talking about organic millet, basmati rice, organic peas, almonds, barley, quinoa, and many more. All of these ingredients, when cooked, smell so good and all-natural that the macaws will love it once cooked.

I also like that this food is so easy to prepare. All you need is around 15 minutes of cooking, and you will be ready to provide bird food full of nutrients to your macaws. Also, this macaw food does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar, and fillers which usually reduces the quality of the food.

This bird food is also flexible for feeding different types of birds. It can nourish birds of all sizes. Be it macaw, parakeets, African grays, and many more. This product also comes with a special and resealable packaging that helps maintain the freshness of the food for a long time.

  • It provides numerous health benefits to macaws and other birds
  • Excellent variety of natural and healthy ingredients
  • Suitable for most birds regardless of size
  • Quick and easy to cook
  • High-quality and unique packaging
  • It contains lots of rice

This macaw food is for bird owners looking for a fresh meal that smells good. This bird food is perfect for those macaws that are picky eaters. They will surely like it with the variety of ingredients it provides. In addition, since it is very easy and convenient to coke, it will save you so much time.

6. SLEEK & SASSY nutritional diet Macaws Food

sleek & sassy nutritional diet macaws food

The nutrition factor is always important when it comes to looking for macaw food. You may find macaw food for sale and find it very affordable, but they will just ignore it when you give it to the birds.

But in this bird food from Sleek and Sassy Nutritional Diet contains all-natural ingredients which provide excellent nutritional value to small and baby macaws. It also comes with a unique blend of vegetables and fruits, making it a great source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

In my experience of feeding this macaw food, I was always confident that the birds would like it. You will really see the birds react once the meal is already in front of them. They will just bury their heads in the bowl as they eat almost everything leaving no waste.

I am really impressed by the mix of seeds and other ingredients, which I feel is the primary reason for the taste of this bird food. Also, it comes with no artificial flavor, which means no sweeteners and other mixtures that are not good for the macaws.

Another unique feature of this product is its special packaging. The company said that it’s actually oxygen-filled packaging that helps ensure the seeds rich in enzymes improve their nutritional value.

  • Formulated with an excellent mixture of natural ingredients
  • It is also blended with vegetables and fruits
  • Excellent source of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to provide health benefits to the birds
  • Developed with no artificial flavors
  • Unique but high-quality packaging
  • Size is too small for the macaws to hold and eat

This macaw food is for anyone looking for an excellent mixture of ingredients in a bird meal. The nutrition factor is also good as it provides nutrients for the macaws. The seeds also looked fresh and were very affordable, which is impressive.

7. LAFEBER’S Classic Avi-Cakes Macaws Bird Food

lafeber's classic avi-cakes macaws bird food

This macaw food from Lafeber takes pride in providing excellent nutritional value to all the birds, including macaws. As the company claimed, this bird food is formulated by top avian nutritionists and veterinarians, which is quite impressive.

In my experience using this bird food, I really find the packaging of top-notched quality. They arrive nice, and the seeds look very fresh, which is good for the macaws. It is also resealable, which is good to maintain freshness during storage.

Another unique character of this macaw food is its shape. It is developed in such a way that the shape is perfect for foraging. I noticed that it took a while for the birds to break the square shape. This situation is actually good for them for exercise and beak play. The action also helps prevent the bird from boredom and feather picking.

In terms of nutritional value, I can say that this macaw food has plenty of it. This bird food is actually a balanced diet full of omega 3 and antioxidants which helps improve the immune system and protect the skin and feathers of the bird.

Lastly, the ingredients of this macaw food are composed of natural ingredients. It is actually composed of non-GMO and human-grade ingredients, beneficial to the birds. Absent are the preservatives, artificial flavors, and artificial coloring.

  • It contains excellent nutritional value beneficial to the birds
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Unique shaped built for foraging to do the bird exercise while eating
  • Rich in omega 3 and antioxidants for a healthy bird
  • Unique but top-quality packaging
  • Not suitable for every meal

This macaw food gives nutritional value to the birds while making them forage while eating. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. But this macaw food takes pride in its freshness, and the all-natural flavors are beneficial to the birds.

What to Look For When Buying a Macaw Food

best food for macaws

When looking for Macaw food, it can be tricky since there are so many bird food options available in the bird shop and even online. But, you need to look into factors to make sure that you are purchasing the right food for your macaws.

Palatability and Nutritional Value

I feel that these two factors should go together because they are in any way related. Palatability is all about how the macaw birds like the food once they start eating it. You need to make sure that the birds will enjoy the taste of the food you are giving them, or else they will just ignore or leave it from the container.

The nutritional value is the primary reason we give foods to the macaws. The nutrients the food brings, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and many more, are necessary for the development of the birds. The nutrients are also essential to make them thrive and be alive all the time.

With that said, you need to make sure that the macaw food you are buying is the one that the birds like. It should also come with excellent nutritional value. If the birds want it but it does not come with the needed nutrients or vice versa, it will have some adverse effects for the birds.

Mix of Ingredients

Bird food consists of different ingredients, but you need to make sure that you have the right mixture of them. Unfortunately, there are brands that add unnecessary seeds and fillers which are not valuable to the birds. These fillers will just be ignored by the birds and will be wasted in the food container.

When looking for the right mixture of ingredients, check the label of the products and see the ingredients. An excellent bird food only contains ingredients in which the birds like. Check on reviews made by other people for you to get information about the quality of the ingredients in a particular brand.

You can also check the quality of the ingredients and what they are made of. Look for bird food with no artificial flavors and colors because they are not beneficial to the birds in the long run. These unwanted substances are just there to enhance the appearance and the taste of the bird food but do not contain any nutritional value.

Product Packaging

The packaging of bird food is also essential, especially when maintaining its freshness. Choose a brand that comes with excellent packaging that has resealable features. This feature is significant, especially during the storage of the product, because it helps maintain the freshness of the seeds even after a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

blue macaw diet

What is a Macaw’s Favorite Food?

In the wild, macaws like to eat insects such as snails, roaches, and even grasshoppers. They also want to devour fruits when they are hungry. Some of their favorites include fig and palm fruits. They also like apples, oranges, beans, carrots, broccoli, and spinach.

How Much Should a Macaw eat Daily?

According to avian experts, a healthy macaw can eat around 10 to 15 percent of its body weight every day. So, if a macaw bird has an average weight of around 925 grams, it is expected to eat around 125 grams a day on average.


The best macaw food are those meals that will give excellent nutrients and have the taste that they like. Macaws are picky eaters, which means giving them food that they like that contains excellent nutritional value can be a challenge. But, we have listed our recommendations above whom we think are the right food for these beautiful birds.

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