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The Nutty Birdwatcher offers information on birdwatching, backyard bird feeding, Eastern US Birds, comprehensive bird feeder preference chart, suet receipes, what are the natural foods of birds which includes insects, mammals, etc., spring and fall bird migration timetables, maps of the North American Flyways, the do’s & dont’s of building bird nestboxes, comprehensive guides to identifying birds with checklists, identification by Behavior or where seen. Learn about bird habitats and their breeding and nesting habits, galleries which include Paintings and Pictures of birds with species accounts, facts and hard-to-find information such as bird group names, predators to birds, feeder facts, etc. And, for the person who likes to read old birding articles, selected 1897-1907 birding articles from the magazine Birds and Nature.”

Check out the “Birds and Nature” Magazine from 1897-1907!

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